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Marvel Boy: 2: 001!

The Cube

At the end of the 6 issue run of ‘Marvel Boy’ Noh-Varr has been captured by SHIELD and placed in the Cube. It is described as the ultimate prison, located three hundred miles from anywhere and surrounded by desert. It was designed to hold Dr Doom and break even the most hardened of criminals.

In recent years the Cube has only been seen briefly, although it did serve as the base for Norman Osborn’s Thunderbolt team during the Dark Reign. It still makes a good location to put super-powered criminals during an adventure.

A group of heroes might be assigned to escort prisoners to or from the facility. They could find themselves on the wrong side of the law and incarcerated in the Cube or they might have to go undercover to investigate the prison population or the staff.

The Cube could be the seen of a prison riot that requires a team of heroes to rescue staff and contain the criminals. It can serve as an alternative location for the ‘Breakout’ Event or have a similar jail break at the same time.

During Events based around ‘Civil War’ may use the Cube to hold unregistered heroes before the Negative Zone holding facilities were established. This could be a very tense time, especially if the villains in the Cube haven’t yet been removed and the two populations are allowed to mix.

The Cube gives the games master a lot of freedom to decide exactly what security procedures are in place and why it has such a fearsome reputation. Do they use power suppressors? Are the inmates brain washed or implanted with explosive devices?

Coming Soon


Above is the final panel of the ‘Marvel Boy’ series. Clearly there was more to this story to come. Although this didn’t become a reality this puts us in the perfect position to continue what Grant Morrison started.

Even captured Noh-Varr was still defiant, vowing to turn the Cube into the capital of the New Kree Empire. His sort of girlfriend, Oubliette, was making headlines by attacking Disney Land and declaring a cosmic jihad until Noh-Varr was released.

Marvel Boy was even gaining a following on the internet, with followers believing him to be a Star-God who would upgrade humanity. There is a suggestion that this is due to a living meme, similar to Hexus, infectious ideas that would sway people to the Kree way of thinking.

SHIELD had gained possession of both the Marvel and Plex. From these sources they were gaining a greater insight into Noh-Varr’s background and other pieces of alien knowledge.

This then is our starting point for further adventures with Marvel Boy. The most obvious thing to focus on initially is Noh-Varr in the Cube. I believe that we’d see him get to know the prison population, possibly coming into conflict with some Big Name Marvel villains who were incarcerated there at the time.

Adventures could be built around this, with one person playing Marvel Boy while the rest of the players take the roles of villains who could potentially work with him later. If you don’t want to restrict the action to the prison the inmates might be sent on dangerous missions. This could include travelling to other dimensions, something that Marvel Boy would be ideally suited for.

Once the inmates, staff and daily life have been established in the prison Marvel Boy can begin to plan his uprising. He need to either persuade other inmates to follow him, through whatever means necessary, or eliminate them. All this would need to be done without raising suspicion amongst the guards.

He could be aided during this time by Plex, who has managed to regain some independent thought and tap into the SHIELD technology. He could then take control of the security systems in the Cube to make Noh-Varr’s life easier.

While this is happening Oubliette could continue her acts of terrorism, in her crusade to ruin the holiday season for children everywhere. I would imagine she’d use the Midas Foundation to finance her activities.

This would inevitably put her in conflict with not only SHIELD but other hero groups. This could form the basis of an adventure for PCs, with theme parks acting as an unusual backdrop. This could be a good way to make them aware of Marvel Boy and the possible threat he poses.

All the while the Kree philosophy would continue to spread, despite the authorities best efforts. Soon even SHIELD and the Cube prison staff would have members who secrelty followed Noh-Varr.

This would culminate with Marvel Boy initiating his uprising, taking the Cube for his own. This is another opportunity for groups of heroes to come into conflict with Marvel Boy. Ultimately I think the authorities would withdraw, having decided that if they can’t recapture the Cube they can at least contain the prisoners.

Now in charge of a city Marvel Boy would have to think how he would change the world. Living up to his role as Star God he would give his followers Kree technology in the hopes of making Earth better. His disciples could break the security cordon to be welcomed at the Cube.

I’d like to see Noh-Varr start to mellow here, as his exposure to normal humans increases. No longer a rebel he’d have to be a leader, making hard choices. If there was someone for him to bond with, say a plucky reporter, then Noh-Varr might not hate humanity.

He could be persuaded to perform acts of heroism, to increase the popularity of the Kree way of thinking. If this resulted in Noh-Varr working alongside other superheroes the public perception of him as a terrorist might change and return Marvel Boy might realise people like Captain Glory exist on Earth.

This phase of the story would also allow for some cool science fiction ideas that effect the way people live and how they treat the environment. We’ve heard Noh-Varr tell us was the problem is, can he show us the solution?

Having the whole of the planet fall under Marvel Boy’s spell is too big a status-quo change so a major Event has to crush his empire. I would do this by introducing the Kree of Earth 616.

Seeing the opportunity to use the Cube as a base of operation for the conquest of Earth the Kree arrive and demand that Marvel Boy aide them. Repulsed by the philosophical difference between these Kree and those of his home dimension Marvel Boy rebels.

He now fights for Earth, alongside other heroes. During this on-going conflict Plex and later the Marvel would be destroyed, sacrifices to hold back the invading armies. Around the same time a jealous Oubliette would murder the person  Noh-Varr was bonding with. This would cause Noh-Varr to reject her and turn away from the casual violence that he was prone to.

At the climax of the story Marvel Boy would seemingly sacrifice himself to free Earth, his last message making him a martyr for the Star-God religion but freeing people from his influence, to a degree.

Marvel Boy would be reborn as the new Captain Marvel, the Kree who betrayed his people for his adopted planet. This reinvention of identity would free him from the weight of his earlier actions, making it all the more important for him to protect his secret identity.

Alternatively Marvel Boy’s own people would locate him and decide to incorporate Earth 616 and the rest of the universe into their Empire. Again Noh-Varr would rebel, with the stakes much higher this time because they really are his own people.

In this version of events Noh-Varr’s sacrifice requires him to leave the dimension, to protect it from his people and continue his war. This could lead to an epic storyline in which he travels from dimension to dimension, dismantling the Kree Empire piece by piece.

A similar outline can be used for Events in which Marvel Boy is a villain. The PC heroes would have to fight an ever more challenging battle to prevent Noh-Varr gaining power and spreading his influence.

This could develop into a ‘Civil War’ situation with sections of the hero community becoming followers of the Star-God. Can the remaining heroes find a way to eliminate Marvel Boy and free others from his spell?

The Skrull could act us unlikely allies, since they have no interest in seeing Earth fall under the influence of a Kree. This could be used to foreshadow ‘Secret Invasion’ as the Skrull infiltrate his followers disguised as various heroes and villains.


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