Moon Knight

I’ll be playing in a Secret Avengers adventure and I’ve decided to play the role of Moon Knight. In preparation I read ‘Vengeance of the Moon Knight’ and the recent series written by Brian Michael Bendis in order to put together a datafile that would reflect the current version of the character.


Moon Knight has long since lost his super powers and link to the moon. He is now just a man in a costume, albeit with serious mental issues. The trick would be to make Moon Knight an effective character without any obvious powers.

In the Brian Michael Bendis series Moon Knight adopted the personas of Spider-Man, Captain America and Wolverine, having weapons made to match the identities he adopted.

I’ve chosen not to represent this. This seemed rather specific to that storyline and Moon Knight doesn’t appear to be troubled by these additional identities. I also have a feeling that the Secret Avengers game will take place prior to this.

Either way I decided to concentrate on the Moon Knight persona, in particular how he relates to the Secret Avengers team. Hence I didn’t include the vast number of vehicles and support crew that Moon Knight uses when he is on his own.

For his distinctions I picked ‘Servant of Khonshu’, ‘Crazy Like a Fox’ and ‘This Isn’t My First Time To The Rodeo’.

The ‘Servant of Khonshu’ distinction both pays homage to his origin, acts as a source of strength and a temptation to disfigure and kill his enemies. How long can he resist the call of his god?

This could be used positively when Moon Knight needs to prove his dedication or demonstrate strong will power. His is a holy crusade. The same distinction could be used negatively when Khonshu demands lead him astray or distract him from his mission.

‘Crazy Like a Fox’ obviously represent his unstable frame of mind which can leads to acts of genius or lunacy. Used positively it could be used to outwit or confuse opponents. Negatively it could reflect erratic or disturbing behaviour.

‘This Isn’t My First Time To The Rodeo’ is a phrase Moon Knight frequently repeats, indicating that he has a lot of experience at the superhero game, no matter what people think. When used positively it can reflect his experience with the current situation. Used negatively it could be a situation in which he has failed.

The TOO MANY VOICES powerset touches upon his madness, specifically giving him some resistance to psychic attacks. There is an issue in the recent ‘Vengence of Moon Knight’ where a villain who is able to ‘read’ people just sees gibberish when looking at Moon knight. I wanted to represent this by making him difficult for psychics to get a lock on.

I also gave him a bit of Enhanced Strength should he choose to turn back to his god. Combined with the SFX he has the option of going berserk in combat and doing a lot of damage but with a high price, represented by the growing dread limit.

I’ve also included a SFX based on the Healing SFX, specific to emotional trauma. When things get too much for Marc he can let another personality take over, freeing him from the stress and trauma (since it happened to someone else) but this could led to him slipping further into madness and ties into his Identity Crisis milestones.

The VESTMENTS power set covers his weapons and gadgets. To be honest Moon Knight has a lot of these but I’ve tried to limit them to the ones he seems to use a lot in the recent comics.

His costume is made of Carbonadium, as resistant as adamantium but much more flexible. This gives him a lot of durability and in one issue he was able to lock his costume in place to hold up a building while he continued to fight in just his underwear. The cape allows him to glide.

His Crescent Moons can act as close combat weapons or ranged attacks. He also has a tripwire gun that can trip up opponents or entangle them. Both have been used to perform area attacks. They’re also made of silver, which might be useful if he has to fight werewolves (Moon Knight was once an enemy of Werewolf Jack Russell) 

Moon Knights skills let him compensate for lack of power. He has a long history as a mercenary. He is more than capable of taking on multiple opponents and fighting above his weight class. He has impressed others with his martial art skills and is proficient with numerous weapons. For this reason I gave Moon Knight the Combat Master.

He also is able to sneak about despite his bright white costume. Despite his attempts to reform Moon Knight is still feared by the criminal community, of which he knows much about.

The Mile Stones represent his quest to redeem himself for his past actions and his battle to maintain his sanity. This should lead to character traits normally associated with Moon Knight naturally emerging during the game.


5 comments on “Moon Knight

  1. Any chance to see the clssic Moon Knight?

  2. I might get round to reading some of the earlier issues and doing a write up. What issues do you think best represent ‘classic’ Moon Knight?

  3. Nice write up. One of the great things about MHRP is the ease with which it supports different interpretations. Marvel Plot Points also did a nice write-up of Moon Knight (http://marvelplotpoints.wordpress.com/2012/05/08/hero-datafile-moon-knight/), and both write ups work. I expect we will see another version in the Civil War Event books. The thing is, this really mirrors what happens in the books too. A different writer comes on, and though there are braod parameters that the character has to fit, they may do something really different as far as the details of the take on the character (like Bendis’ 12 issue run with MK having major multiple personality disorder (internally and externally). This is a great site, thanks for sharing so much work and so many ideas!

  4. Thank you. I’m glad that others can get some use from this blog.

    I do think one of the great things of the system is the ability to make lots of different versions of the same character, capturing the spirit of which ever period you wish to play.

    For example, making a version of Moon Knight based on the latest Bendis run would be interesting. The Distinctions could be ‘Captain America’, ‘Spider-man’ and ‘Wolverine’. Powers would include Captain America’s energy shield, web shooters and claws.

    Perfect for the player who wants a variety of powers and abilties. You coudl even expand upon this and have Moon Knight adopt other characters identities, complete with their own set of appropriate gadgets.

  5. […] A write-up of Moon Knight can be found here […]

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