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Captain Britain

Before taking the role of Moon Knight in a ‘Secret Avengers’ game I played Captain Britain. I modelled him on the ‘Captain Britain and M13’ series written by Paul Cornell.

This is Captain Britain shortly after his rebirth during the ‘Secret Invasion’. What I liked about this version is that they toned down the ridiculous muscles and jutting jaw. This was an optimistic Captain Britain, given a second chance at life by the will of his people.

From what I’ve read of ‘Secret Avengers’ they have revised him, complete with magical armour and helmet. I feel this is a shame since the UK has so few heroes there was nothing wrong with making Captain Britain more powerful.


Captain Britain has pretty standard super powers (strength,flight, invulnerability) all of which fall into the D10 category. What makes him special, and what I’ve tried to reflect, is that he has been mystically reborn to represent Britain, as well as be its guardian.

His distinction ‘I’m Captain Britain, I can do anything!’ shows that he will do whatever he needs to in order to protect the country. This can also make him over-confident, walking into traps because he feels invulnerable.

‘I feel the turn of the world’ ties into the fact he is attuned on a mystical level to the UK and hence the world. He knows when something is amiss with his country. I felt this was a better way to represent this gift rather than a super power (since enhanced senses isn’t really a big thing for his character, just a mystical link).

It also ties into his dedication to the UK. He owes everything he is to his country and he isn’t about to let his people down.

‘No more speeches’ represents that Captain Britain is a man of action. He isn’t a spokesman or a politician. He inspires through his heroism. This also reflects that he can act before he thinks.

With the SFXs I picked ‘Invulnerability’ to allow Captain Britain to stay on his feet when it really matters. ‘Second Chances’ fit the idea that he brings hope, that he will succeed.

His abilities are based on his confidence so his Limit reflects that, emotional trauma reducing his powers to the point where they can turn off completely. In order to reactivate his powers his confidence must be built back up by removing the trauma.

For his affiliation I gave SOLO D10 because much of the time he’d deal with the big threat on his own, while the rest of M13 handled other matters. D8 for TEAM seemed appropriate given that he has spent a lot of time as part of Excalibur.

I had good fun playing Captain Britain. His raw power allowed him to carry out some very heroic deeds, with his invulnerability allowing him to shrug off any damage he might take. He survived being stepped on by Giganto, the monstrous whale with legs.

By using his distinctions in a negative way, usually rushing head long into battle rather than thinking things through, I was able to accumulate Plot Points which came in very useful towards the end of scenes. This let me carry out some very impressive actions.


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