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New Warriors (V3): Issues 1-6

The flashpoint of ‘Civil War’ is the incident in Stamford. The blame would be placed squarely on The New Warriors. In ‘Civil War: Issue 1’ they are represented as inexperienced vigilantes, hungry for fame. As part of my coverage of ‘Civil War’ I read the New Warriors mini-series that preceded this storyline. Written by Zeb […]

SPIDER-MAN: Mr Parker Goes To Washington

The events of ‘Amazing Spider-Man Issue 529 – 531’ are covered on pages CW49 & 50 of the ‘Civil War: Essential Event Book’. I was very pleased to see that they also provided a new write-up of Spider-Man on page CW204, representing the Iron Spider Armor. The three part story, written by J Michael Straczynski, […]

Fantastic Four: The Hammer Falls

The events of ‘Fantastic Four: Issue 536 & 537’ are detailed in the ‘Civil War Essential Event Book’ on pages CW50 to CW 53. It does a good job of giving an overview of events and provides us with datafiles for Doctor Doom, his Doombots and a power set for Mjolnir, should a hero prove […]

Illuminati: Issue 0

I’ve already given high praise to the ‘Civil War Essential Event Book’ but there is only so much depth that it can go into. I thought it would be interesting to examine the tie-in books in greater detail, which should be useful to anyone using the Event book. To begin with I’ll be looking at […]

SHE HULK: The Big Picture (Part 1&2)

The Big House Built just off the coast of New York this prison was the brain child of Hank Pym. Officially it was called ‘Pym Experimental Penitentiary Number One’ but more it was more commonly referred to as the Big House. It gained its name through the radical idea of shrinking the inmates, thus allowing […]