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Review: Young Avengers/Runaways Event Supplement

youngrunawayContinuing the release of supplements for the main ‘Civil War’ event book we are provided with a solid collection of datafiles, focusing mainly on the younger generation of heroes in the Marvel universe.

One of the biggest draws for anyone wanting to run ‘Civil War’ is the information provided on the New Warriors and the incident that triggered the Stamford tragedy. With data files provided for both the heroes and villains involved this is a chance to play through that event and see if history can be altered.

A short section explores some different ways that this event could play out, with either Microbe or Namorita emerging as the only survivors and changing the nature of the Civil War as a result. These are both grim in the fashion of most ‘What-If’ comics.

Datafiles are provided for previous and subsequent versions of the New Warriors which will please fans of the group and allows them to be used in numerous time frames. This will increase the use of this supplement.

Both Young Avengers and the Runaways not only get a brief overview but advice on how they can be integrated into the Civil War. Not only is this a good way to get good use out of the characters it is useful to see how heroes can be linked into events.

A mini-event for both teams is centred upon the Cube and Noh-Varr. This was interesting for me having done a datafile for the character myself (here). The version presented in the supplement is designed to be a villain rather that the misunderstood anti-hero I tried to reflect.

To counter the relative lack of villains provided in the Event books so far we get a good selection of criminals and unregistered heroes that groups might clash with. Although mostly B and C list characters it is good to have write ups for Stilt Man, Hammerhead and the bizarre Headmen.

The full datafiles at the back of the book provide details of popular characters including The Power Pack and Amadeus Cho amongst others. Of course the current (at the time) members of both Runaways and Young Avengers get full write-ups.

Having recently run through an Event based around the ‘Children’s Crusade’ I wish we had this book at the time. Characters are well described, with distinctions and milestones that fit perfectly.

My only disappointment is that while the Runaway section provides a datafile for the god-like Gibborim, there aren’t write ups for the Pride. Given that they were the antagonists for the Runaways early on it is a shame they weren’t provided so that games could be based early in the groups career or to allow other heroes a chance to try and take them down before the events of the comic.

Overall this supplement continues the tradition of focusing on the less well-known but popular characters. For their fans this is a real treat but those looking for big names will need to look elsewhere.

This is far from essential but continues to widen the selection of characters players can draw from.


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