Actual Play: Civil War, Part 4

mistyknightFor this section of our campaign we switched sides to the Pro-registration side. This is one of the great advantages of troupe play. Not being tied to one particular character allows you to explore much more of the story.

We would be playing members of the Thunderbolts, captured criminals tasked to hunt down enemies of the state. In my continuing quest to play diverse characters I selected Misty Knight.

I wasn’t keen on playing a villain so I took the role of someone put in charge of keeping the Thunderbolts in line. I had my job cut for me as both Bullseye and Slapstick were assigned to her.

In order win the hearts and minds of the public our first mission was to capture Nitro, still wanted for the incident in Stanford. In the opening transition scene we got to introduce our characters where Misty made it clear she didn’t agree with the program but didn’t trust anyone else to run it. She also viewed the Thunderbolts as mad dogs who she would keep a tight leash on.

Our best was a trailer park in Arrowhead, Kansas. Misty scouted the area out, creating an asset for the others called ‘Locked on Target’. This would turn out to be my main strategy, improving the other players chances by co-coordinating their characters.

Nitro was nowhere to be found but we did discover a Kick drug operation, run by Mr Hyde. Kick was a drug that enhanced super abilities, explaining how Nitro’s powers had been boosted.

Bullseye attempted to use his background to make contact with the villain but Slapstick blew his cover when he set fire to Mr Hyde. He got a huge success, knocking the villain out before the scene had a chance to get going.

A consequence of this attack was that the drug factory in the trailer was now in flames. Misty Knight grabbed some of the evidence before it went up in smoke, creating an asset that ultimately didn’t pay off but plot wise made sense.

It was then just a matter of taking out the Kick Head addicts that had been working for Mr Hyde as they opened fire with automatic weapons and tried to escape. This was an occasion where Misty’s successful attack was turned into a failure due to the Watcher spending dice from the Doom Pool.

This shows the power that the Watcher has to influence the pacing of the adventure. While it can be frustrating I try to remember that the smaller the Doom Pool the easier things will be later. In fact, since the Watcher can get extra Doom dice anytime a 1 is rolled, you’ll want them to spend dice just to stop it from getting too big.

Afterwards we had enough information to track Nitro to a Mutant Growth Hormone dealer in Bir Sur, California. This would be an ambush, allowing us to show that we could succeed where the New Warriors failed.

We were accompanied by SHIELD agents and given a device that would prevent Nitro from using his explosive powers to turn to gas and escape. Misty managed to sneak up to the targets house without being noticed, earning everyone a ‘Surprise!’ asset to use.

This proved to be key to taking down Nitro swiftly as he exited the house. Although quick I didn’t find this scene anti-climatic. There is something satisfying from executing a plan well.

Things were complicated by the unexpected arrival of Atlantians who demanded the surrender of Nitro for the murder of Namorita. Misty wasn’t going to allow that and told these intruders in no uncertain terms that there was no way they were going to take her prisoner and that any attempt to do so would be an act of war against the US. This could have turned into another combat scene but the emotional trauma inflicted on the Atlantians made them wisely back down.

I enjoyed playing a character who was very different from the Invisible Woman in both power sets and attitude. The other players did a great job in their respective characters, from the psychotic Bullseye who almost respected Misty’s attitude to the unhinged Slapstick who didn’t realise just how brutal his actions were.

Now we much see how the Anti-Registration heroes react to the news of Nitro’s capture.


3 comments on “Actual Play: Civil War, Part 4

  1. How did Slapstick end up a Thunderbolt? He was never a villain prior to this point, and even in canon nobody ever found out about his assault/attempted murder on Gauntlet. Did he resist registration and get funneled into the Thunderbolts program on that basis?

    • In the backstory that Slapstick’s player created, he completly lost his grip on reality. In the process of stopping a bank robbery Slapstick assumed the form of a lumberjack and chopped one of the robbers in half with an axe, in an attempt to get at his ‘maple syrup’. When the police arrived they found Slapstick drinking his blood and complaining that his syrup had gone off. He was arrested for murder and put in the Thunderbolt program. All the while Slapstick didn’t know what he had done wrong.

      This did pay off at the end in the campaign as Slapstick realised all the dead SHIELD agents weren’t sleeping but dead. This snapped him back to reality and allowed him to realise it wasn’t a cartoon and there were consequences for violence.

  2. Wow! Nice background, I’m really enjoying these actual play reports

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