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D8 D6 D10















SFX: Multipower. Use two or more ENERGY FORM powers in a single dice pool a –1 step for each additional power.

SFX: Versatile. Split INTANGIBILITY or ENERGY BLAST into 2d at –1 step, or 3d at –2 step.

SFX: Immunity. Spend 1 PP to ignore stress, trauma, or complications from Gas attacks.

Limit: Growing Dread. Both 1 and 2 on your dice count as opportunities when using ENERGY FORM power.

Limit: Uncontrollable: Change any ENERGY FORM power into a complication and gain 1 PP. Activate an opportunity or remove the complication to recover the power.













1 XP when you ask about someone’s problem or tell them to stop complaining.
3 XP when you reduce another Avenger’s Emotional Trauma or have your own Emotional Trauma reduced by another Avenger.
10 XP when you inspire senior Avengers to overcome their issues and find a solution.


1 XP when you reveal information about a person, place or thing that you have learnt from reading the Avenger files.
3 XP when you ask someone to provide further information about themselves to update their file or you spend time researching the Avenger files.
10 XP when you add a new file to the Avenger database about a person, place or event.



A full history of Captain Marvel can be found here.

This write-up uses ‘The Amazing Spider-Man Annual’ issue 16 and ‘The Avengers’ issue 227 to 238 as its source.

As one of the pre-made characters provided in the ‘Marvel Superhero RPG TSR’ box set Captain Marvel is one of the most recognisable new characters from the 1980s era Avengers. Since then she has received a resurgence of interest thanks to ‘Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E’ and is currently a member of the ‘The Mighty Avengers’.

This write-up is for her first year, when she is still new to her powers and earning her place on the Avengers.This is reflected in the ‘Avenger In Training’ distinction. Monica is shown to be putting a lot of effort in, reading files and practicing with Captain America and can be used positively to reflect this. Used negatively it can illustrate that she is still a rookie and prone to mistakes.

While she is will the Avengers Monica defers to senior members, making her appear meek. The truth is that she is a very determined person, declaring at one point that only challenging things are worth doing.

The ‘I’ve Made Captain On My Own’ distinction, said when she resigns from the police because they won’t promote her, shows this important wilfulness that defines her. Used positively it can be used to show her willingness to strive for better and challenge those who would oppose her. Used negatively it can illustrate her stubbornness and refusal to listen to others.

Captain Marvel’s powers allow her to travel around the globe at the speed of light. She still lives in New Orleans, since she can be back in New York in an instant should the Avengers need her.

The ‘Only Ever A Call Away’ distinction, when used positively, illustrates this quick response time. It can be useful in other situations, when things to be done in the nick of time. Used negatively it shows that Captain Marvel has her own life elsewhere and her teammates have to be able to contact her.

Captain Marvel has just one power set, her Energy Form. She is a very powerful character, her primary asset being her speed. While the majority of the time she can simply fly where she needs to go there are instances when she teleports there instead. This teleportation is often done sub-consciously, with Captain Marvel only have to think of somewhere for her to instantly appear there. When flying she is frequently given co-ordinates or following a signal so they do seem like two distinct forms of travel.

When in her energy form she can become intangible and invisible, depending on what type of energy her body is currently composed of. She can use her powers offensively using energy blasts.

Several times Captain Marvel acts very quickly, able to surprise and dodge attacks from both Spider-Man and Captain America. This seemed to justify the addition of the Reflexes power.

The multi-power SFX allows Captain Marvel to use her powers to their fullest while the versatile SFX emulates her ability to change into different types of energy to find one that works best against her opponents.

While composed of energy Captain Marvel is able to survive in the cold vacuum of space, making her eligible for the Immunity SFX. This won’t protect her if she is in her human form.

I selected the ‘Growing Dread’ and ‘Uncontrollable’ limit to show that Captain Marvel still isn’t in full control of her powers. In her first appearance in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man Annual’ issue 16 she spends much of the story accidentally hurting others and nearly explodes. By ‘Avengers’ issue 237 she nearly causes a nuclear meltdown by failing to cut cooling rod support columns exactly right. Both these limits should create situations where her powers cause more harm and good.

As a former police officer in New Orleans Monica demonstrates an ability to handle herself, deal with criminals and pilot a boat. Her covert skills are demonstrated by her ability to charm her way past security on a Roxxon oil rig.

Arguably she has an Acrobatics specialty but with her powers not requiring any human agility it would seem redundant (even Captain America says so).

Her ‘Is This The Avengers or An Encounter Group?’ milestone is an attempt to reflect her compassion and her belief in the group and what they stand for. She is always concerned about the other Avengers, asking what is wrong and listening to their problems. What she can’t allow is for them to wallow in self-pity or give up.

The milestones should encourage anyone playing Captain Marvel to demonstrate this behaviour, reducing Emotional trauma and inspiring senior members of the group. It shouldn’t be hard to see why Captain Marvel eventually becomes their leader.

There is plenty of exposition in this first run of ‘Avenger’ issues featuring Captain Marvel. Either she is reading Avenger files or asking others to relate the events of their life. Very handy when back issues or reprints might not have been so easy to obtain.

I’ve Read The Avenger Files’ milestone encourages this exposition, so is good choice for players who know a lot of Marvel trivia. The quest for knowledge drives these milestones, allowing more detail to be added to the setting.


The greatest boon when using Captain Marvel is that can she can go anywhere she needs to be. Any adventure featuring her can be globe-spanning without worrying about how she is going to get there. While the rest of the Avengers are dealing with a problem close to home she can be travelling around the planet gathering resources or information to help them.

The fact that she is pursuing her own life when not with the Avengers opens up the potential for her own solo adventures. Her home base of New Orleans makes a good contrast with New York, with her history with the police and the criminal element providing plenty of adventure hooks.

When used as NPC Captain Marvel can appear anywhere the PCs are. She makes a good ally as they only have to call her and within seconds she’ll be there to help them out.

Captain Marvel could provide the threat in an adventure, if she looses control of her powers. She may come to the PCs for help before she explodes or the PCs might have to save her from herself.

She serves as an inspiration to other Avengers, reminding them of what they stand for. This can be useful to get Avengers back on track (for example if the plot has stalled and they are frozen by inaction) or to convince other PCs that they might like to become Avengers themselves.


Monica has a great introduction in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man Annual’ issue 16, where you effectively get two good stories. The first, revealing her origin, shows the strength of her character before she gets her powers while the second, where her new powers threaten all of New York, makes good use of Spider-Man, the Thing and the Avengers as the clock ticks down to destruction.

Avengers’ issue 229 has the stand out scene in which Captain Marvel lectures the Avengers, challenging even Thor. For many issues Monica has been listening to their problems but here she reminds them that they are legends and that they need to solve their issues to help others.

Beyond just Captain Marvel this entire run of the Avengers are a great read. She joins at a very difficult period for the group, with Hank Pym on trial, Tony Stark slipping into alcoholism and Wasp trying to hold the group together by hiding her own feelings. Plus you have She-Hulk mooching around the mansion complaining that New York doesn’t compare to LA.


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