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The Avengers have continued to grow, protecting not just their own world but the universe. It was still not enough. There were threats beyond their own reality that could endanger their own world. Once again the Avengers had to get bigger.

Reed Richards had already created the Bridge, allowing a user to search and view other realities. It was even possible to cross over.

At first the Avengers: Infinite planned to use it to watch for trouble but once they saw other realities in need of heroes they realised they had no moral right to say their responsibilities ended at the borders of their own universe.

Drawing membership from the Avengers and others in the hero community Avengers: Infinite guard against incursions from other realities (whether they be zombies, from the cancerverse or something worse), protect other realities from threats from Earth 616(such as AIM and their dimension mining operations) and help other Earths in times of great need.

Avengers: Infinite will take the team further than they’ve ever been before, dealing with challenges like no other. What they discover may just change the nature of the multiverse.


The framework for this campaign allows for adventures to take place in any era of the Marvel universe with any number of variations. PCs could travel to a version of the Marvel Universe that resembles how things were in the 1980s and another they could be in a Steam Punk universe or a Earth where magic is common place and science is treated with suspicion.

It also maintains a link to the mainstream Marvel universe allowing events to impact on adventures and have adventures cross back and fore between different realities. I’d like to think this is a natural development from the Avengers expanding their reach, not to mention the number of stories featuring other dimensions (from the Illuminati preventing incursions of other Earths, Galactus endangering the Ultimate universe, Dead Pool rampage through different realities and the Fantastic Four own battles against the Councils of Reeds).

While adventures can begin will simple crisis management there is the potential for the Avengers: Infinite to establish contacts in other realities and maybe establish an infrastructure that could support a dimension spanning version of the team protecting all of reality.

There is also the opportunity to explore the nature of the multiverse. Just how many Earths are there? Are the Avengers: Infinite the first to try and protect it or where their teams before them? Is there a reason why so many ‘What If’ comics indicate that things end in tragedy if things deviate from Earth 616?


Any member of the Avengers or other prominent hero would make a good addition to the team.  Here are some possibilities:


Tony Stark could be up to the challenge of running operations in multiple realities. He could prove that the Avengers aren’t limited to just one reality and the chance to discover what else is out there could be exciting.

Not to mention that he could test out new versions of his suit in other realities. He might even pilot them remotely, if he feels that he can’t physically take time away from Earth 616.


Inspirational and a natural leader Captain America could be perfect to lead teams into hostile realities or act as a diplomat. He would also have the wisdom to decide how much they should interfere in the affairs of other realities and the moral compass to know when to act regardless.


A power-house used to travelling in different realms. Membership in Avengers: Infinite could sate his thirst for adventure and allow him to challenge himself against powerful opponents.

There are potentially interesting consequences for Thor finding himself in realities where either the Norse gods don’t exist or are more prominent in the modern age.


By now Reed has had plenty of experience with other dimensions, making him pretty much an expert. As designer of the Bridge he can offer technical guidance and get them where they need to go.

His flexibility would allow him to adapt to most new realities and the brain power to solve any problem. The concern with Reed is when his intellect gets in the way of his morality.


Another member of the Illuminati he has dealt with other realities, including dark versions of himself from possible futures. His willingness to summon younger incarnations of the X-Men from the past and search other realities for a way to save the mutant race all indicate that he doesn’t accept boundaries.

Smart, agile and strong the Beast would be a good addition to any away missions.


When science fails magic could be your best alternative. Dr Strange is used to venturing into other realities and could use spells to create portals to where the team needs to go. His familiarly with the mystic could be useful, especially in worlds where the supernatural has more sway.


A classic everyman character and staple of the Marvel Universe who has already had adventures in the Ultimate universe. With Peter back in control this could be his opportunity to improve his standing with the Avengers. His morality might keep the rest of the team grounded, reminding them that with great power must come great responsibility.

How will Spider-Man react when he discovers he is usually the first to die when things go wrong in other universes?


Having successfully dealt with an alternative dimension full of zombies for ARMOR (Altered-Reality Monitoring and Operational Response) Aaron Stack could be a versatile member of the team. His robotic nature means he would be immune to any biological contaminants that might endanger otherwise organic team members.


Like Machine Man his robotic nature can be an advantage. In addition Vision has the advantage of becoming incorporeal, allowing him to use stealth to scout out other realities or avoid their dangers.


Having successfully completed multiple missions for ARMOR this could be an opportunity for Howard to hit the big time and join the Avengers. His unique point of view and his experience at adapting to new worlds could be very useful.


Some realities can’t be saved. Instead they have to be put down like a rabid dog.

Tony Stark might assemble a secret team for just such an occasion. Likely members would include Wolverine, Punisher & Deadpool. You could include villains as well, carrying out suicide missions in return for a reduced sentence.


Over the years heroes have met counter-parts in other realities. There might be more than have ended up stranded on Earth 616 and seek a way to either get home or establish a new life for themselves. Avengers: Infinite could recruit these heroes, since they might be familiar with at least one version of the character.

This allows you to introduce different versions of heroes, tweaking their history and powers to suit your needs.


I shall be hosting the game on the infrno website, using skype to voice chat, with exact time and date to be decided once recruitment is completed.

The game is likely to be monthly.

If successful I hope to be able to provide adventures and further insights on this site.


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