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aimwildwestOn Earth 9874 the meteor containing Vibranium landed not in Wakanda but in Utah. The year is equivalent to 1875 and Ulysess Klaw had founded Klaw Town at its base, mining the unique metal. AIM from Earth 616 have recently discovered this dimension and sent through a group of 4 Super Adaptoids to take over the town so that AIM might take the metal for themselves.

Avengers: Infinite are alerted to the intrusion and must free the town and prevent AIM from obtaining the minerals.



1xp when you use local vernacular, fire a pistol, ride a horse or use a lasso

3xp when you get involved in a bar room brawl, horse chase or take part in a duel at high noon

10xp when you save an old western town or return the land to its rightful owners


1xp when you stand up or protect local people

3xp when you inspire or convince someone to become a hero

10 xp when you prevent a community from being destroyed or suffer Trauma to save someone else.


1xp when you use an alias or lie about your background

3xp when you defeat an enemy or free innocent people without revealing your identity

10xp when you depart the dimension without revealing your identity or you tell them who you are.




The Town

This is a Wild West Town where the People Live In Fear.

The Desert

This is where Red Wolf and the Wolf Tribe are currently hiding from the Super-Adaptoid that is hunting them. The terrain is Rocky and Rugged and conditions are Harsh.

Hook: How the West Was Conquered

The Bridge alerts Avengers: Infinite to an incursion occurring on Earth 9874. It has processed the data from observing the universe, allowing the heroes to learn a little of its background. The Bridge is able to provide visual images to show the impact of the Vibranium meteor and thousands of years later the establishment of Klaw Town.

Recently four Super-Adaptoids were sent through to establish a beachhead, easily overcoming any resistance (leading to the deaths of the Rawhide Kid and Kid Colt). AIM agents have the town under guard with a super-adaptiod possessing the powers of Thor and the Human Torch floating above, watching for trouble.

A super-adaptoid with the powers of Wolverine and Quick Silver has been sent to deal with the wolf tribe, who revere the mountain while AIM take over the mining operation with the help of the two remaining super-adaptoids.

If there is trouble at the mine they will send a signal for the towns people to be slaughtered, meaning that the Avengers have to free them first (although they can choose to tackle the mine any way, in which case skip to Act two).

Doom Pool: The Pool begins at 2D6 at the start of this act.



Solo D8, Buddy D6, Team D10


Adapt & Conquer, Programmed Without a Soul, Smart Not Clever

Power Sets

Adaptiod Powers

Flight D6, Shape Shift D6, Durability D10, Mimic D10

Limit: Exhausted (shutdown power set power to gain doom dice)

Power Combo

Thor/Human Torch

Hammer D8, Weather Control D8, Strength D10

SFX: Counter-Attack (on reaction to physical stress inflict physical stress with effect die), Burst (Step up or double power trait against single opponent)

Limit: Gear (shutdown Power set to gain doom dice)


Intangibility D10, Reflexes D10, Senses D8, Webbing D8

SFX: Afflict (Add D6 and increase effect dice by +1 when inflicting entangled complications)

Limit: Gear (shutdown Power set to gain doom dice)

Captain America/Colossus

Shield D8, Metal Form D10, Reflexes: D8, Strength: D10

SFX: Area Attack (add D6 and keep additional effect die for each additional target)

Limit: Gear (shutdown Power set to gain doom dice)

Quick Silver/Wolverine

Superhuman Speed D10, Claws D10, Stamina D10, Senses D8

SFX: Dangerous (Add D6 and step back highest die in pool by 1 but increase physical stress effect by +1), Multi-Power (use additional power set die at -1 step)

Limit: Gear (shutdown Power set to gain doom dice)


Combat Expert D8, Science Expert D8, Tech Expert D8

Build Up: Crossing Over

The Avengers have some time before they enter the Bridge. This can give them an opportunity to consult with experts on vibranium, study files on super-adaptoids or get props and costumes appropriate to the era.

They should also discuss what their plan will be. If they go in quiet, dressed in civilian clothes it can give them time to gather information. Alternatively they might want to use the element of surprise and battle the super-adaptoid straight away.

Action Scene: Freeing Klaw Town

The mining town was reaping the benefits of the vibranium before the arrival of AIM. Miners from all over the country were rushing there to make their fortune. Due to this there is relatively large population, with many recently built buildings and small tent city nearby.

People are still going about their normal life, although they are watched both by the AIM soldiers and the floating flaming form of the Super-Adaptoid. If the PCs go undercover in appropriate clothing then it won’t immediately be obvious that they don’t belong.

As long as they keep a low profile they can speak to locals. They can discover that Mayor Ulysses Klaw is being held in the local jail. The sheriff, his deputies and the two vigilantees (Rawhide Kid and Kid Colt) were all killed, meaning that the locals are too fearful to attempt to fight back, but they think if the mayor was free he’d have a solution. He also knows the mines like the back of his hand.

AIM Soldiers D8

Solo D4 Duo D6 Team D8

Rifles D6 Science D8

The AIM soldiers think they have won and are overconfident. Those on duty are watchful and keen to impose their authority. Those off duty are enjoying being in the Wild West and spend much of the time in the saloons, pushing around the locals.

There are 20 AIM soldiers in all, stationed in Klaw Town. 10 are spaced out throughout the town, 1 deals with administration, 2 are at the jail and the rest are off duty (shifts change every 7 hrs).

The Thor/Human Torch Super-Adaptoid floats silently above, glowing like a beacon at night. It is ever watchful for trouble and will respond quickly to sounds of violence or gun fire. Its main priority is to stop those opposing AIM and has little care for property damage.

If violence should breakout it can escalate the Doom Pool, representing the damage it is causing and putting innocent people in harms way. PCs don’t just have to stop the robot but minimise collateral damage.

TRANSITION: Freeing Mayor Klaw And Getting His Gear

The PCs can attempt to rescue Mayor Klaw before or after they have dealt with the Super-Adaptoid. He is recognisable to anyone who met or seen an image of the human form of Klaw. Angry at being disposed from power he is willing to help the heroes.

Mayor Klaw explains that he is a man of science and in his office is a hidden compartment concealing a breast plate from vibranium that makes him bullet proof and a pair of pistols that fire vibranium tipped bullets that can blast through anything (or so he thinks). If they can get him there or bring him the gear he’ll be able to fight alongside them.

He is also willing to guide them through the mines or give them access to his private maps, which show all the tunnels. Using this they should be able to get in undetected, giving them the element of surprise.

Klaw reveals his true nature by musing that the only good thing that will come out of this is that the Wolf Tribe will be wiped out by AIM’s infernal machines. If questioned about this he explains that the Native American tribe revere the mountain with the vibranium. They have harassed the town and the mining operation since the start, their greatest warrior being Red Wolf.

If freed the PCs can pay XP to unlock him to assist them in either one or both acts.



Solo D10, Buddy D8, Team D6


Man Ahead of His Time, Driven By Greed, Mayor of This Here Town


Tools Of Science

Vibranium Breast Plate D10, Vibranium Six-Shooters D8

SFX: Absorption (on successful reaction against physical attack convert opponents effect die into stunt or step up vibranium breast plate power by +1 for next turn)

Limit: Gear (shutdown Power set to gain doom dice)


Tech Expert D8, Science Expert D8, Menace Expert: D8

Note: Should Ulysses Klaw be taken out while he still has his breastplate active it will overload, causing an explosion. There should be few turns for the PCs to realise what is about to happen so they can (a) save Klaw and (b) contain the explosion. If need be this could be a moment of heroic sacrifice for Klaw that will ultimately transform him into a soundbased lifeform (as he is in Earth 616).

There 2 AIM soldiers at the jail and 1 in the mayor’s office.

ACTION SCENE: The Wolf Tribe

AIM, having been told by Klaw that they are a threat, have sent a super-adaptoid with Quick Silver and Wolverine’s power sets to hunt down the Wolf Tribe. Already it has destroyed their village but Red Wolf was able to hold it off long enough for his people to scatter. Although injured he was able to retreat and they are using the terrain to hide from the robot.

If the heroes don’t intervene the robot will use its super speed and senses to track them all down and kill them.

Should the heroes search the area they will at first be attacked by an injured Red Wolf, who mistakenly believes that they are with the robot. If convinced that they are there to help he will be grateful and take them to his people, just as the Super-Adaptoid approaches.

RED WOLF (Injured)


Solo D10, Duo D6, Team D8


Defender of the Tribe, Man of Two Worlds, Wounded In Battle

Power Set

Gifts of the Warrior

Tomahawk & Bow: D6, Wolf: D8

Limit: Gear (shutdown Power set to gain doom dice)

Specialities: Combat Expert D8, Covert Master: D10


Wolf Tribe D8

Combat D8, Covert D8, Weapons (Tomahawks & Bows) D6


[5xp/10 xp] Unlock Klaw’s Gear

Instead of giving Mayor Klaw his equipment the PCs can use them for themselves. At 5XP they can use them for 1 Act and for 10 XP they can use them for both. If they do this then Klaw can’t be unlocked.

[5xp/10xp] Unlock Mayor Klaw

At 5xp Mayor Klaw will aide them for one act but not get involved directly. At 10xp he becomes an active participant in both acts, using his gear to fight alongside the heroes (although with his own agenda).

[5xp/10xp] Unlock Red Wolf and the Wolf Tribe/Towns People

At 5xp the Native Americans will help the PCs by acting as guides, giving advice or causing a distraction. The townspeople can also be unlocked for 5 xp to perform the same function if Klaw isn’t leading them.

At 10xp they fight with them, hoping to save their sacred mountain (a total of 5 warriors along with Red Wolf).



With the town free (and possibly the tribe saved) the PCs can now attempt to stop the mining operations at the mountain. It is easy to get to the mountain but there are various ways in and out so they have a choice of a frontal assault or stealth.

Doom Pool: The doom pool begins at 2D6 this act.


Mine Tunnels

These run through the mountain, to get to the deposits of vibranium (left as the meteor passed through the ground). The tunnels are Narrow and are Unstable as Klaw is more interested in profit than safety.

Transfer Point

This is where AIM have set up their own dimensional portal, allowing them to transfer it back to their base. This area is Heavily Guarded as there is lots of Unstable Vibranium around.

AIM Base

This is where the vibranium is being sent to. This is AIM’s Home Advantage and is filled with Gadgets Galore.

Shaft To The Motherloade

A recently completed shaft that leads to the core of the meteor. It is A Long Way Down and leaves them No Where To Run.

ACTION: The Tunnels

Miners are being forced to dig up the vibranium, which is then loaded into carts and rolled out to the Transfer Point. They are being monitored with a Super-Adaptoid with Spider-Man/Shadowcat powers. It stays in the shadows, passing intangibly through the mine looking for those not working hard or attempting sabotage.

The PCs can attempt to get the miners to safety. The Super-Adaptoid should find them at some point and will perform hit and run attacks. Escalation of the Doom Pool can represent the mine becoming more unstable, possibly resulting in a cave-in.

If Klaw is present he berates his workers for letting his mine fall into enemy hands.

ACTION: The Transfer

Outside the mine entrance AIM have built a large dimensional transfer portal. There are 6 AIM soldiers and a super-adaptoid with the powerset of Captain America and Colossus. If attacked their priority is to get the vibranium which has recently been mined through the portal.

If the PCs are able to beat the Doom Pool with a Science or Tech speciality they can shutdown the Transfer. This can prevent AIM from escaping or receiving reinforcements.

If attacked one AIM soldier will spend a turn sending up a distress flare, alerting any forces in town that they are being attacked. This is a signal to start rounding up the townsfolk to use as hostages. This is why it is important the PCs free the town first.

ACTION: Scorched Earth

Klaw could never tolerate the idea that others might try to take his mine from him. He put in place a plan to drop barrels of TNT on to the mother load and cause an explosion that would bury it (and probably collapse the rest of the tunnels at the same time).

If the PCs have freed Klaw he will try to enact this plan himself. If they keep a close eye on him then one of the miners will already be putting this plan into operation. If the PCs have defeated AIM then Klaw will suddenly ‘remember’ his plan and alert the PCs.

PCs with any knowledge of science or experience with vibranium will know that this will likely cause the whole mountain to blow up as a chain reaction is unleashed. The only comfort is that the vibranium will absorb the sound, making it a very quiet explosion.

When the PCs become aware of what is happening the barrel is already being lowered, with a lit fuse. If they try to pull it back up they find that the rope is snagged and someone will need to enter the shaft to deal with the barrel (rolls versus the Doom Pool).

If Klaw has been sufficiently moved by the PCs he will volunteer for this dangerous task. If Red Wolf has been unlocked he will similarly want to volunteer in order to protect the sacred mountain.

ACTION: Return To Sender

The PCs could decide to pass through the portal and shutdown the AIM operation. They will find themselves at something of a disadvantage as there are a large number of AIM soldiers (enough to present a challenge) and they are ready to repulse any invasion from other dimensions.

PCs might make use of the vibranium to cause an explosion. They need only shutdown or damage the dimensional gate to slow AIMs operations. It will also deter them from repeating their plan on this Earth.

If the PCs are able to deal with this group of AIM the organisation as a whole is not ended. They will, however, now be aware that the Avengers will take an interest in their operations beyond their home reality.


Life will never be the same in Klaw Town (if it is still standing). It is possible that news other invaders from another dimension never reach the rest of the world and even if it is does their technology won’t be able to do anything about it.

PCs can be a force for positive change in the area. It is possible that they could bring out the best in Klaw, turning him away from his destiny as an evil despot. His brush with death and their heroic example could inspire him to be a better man.

If the Wolf Tribe and Red Wolf are involved in the recapture of the mine then the locals will see them in a more positive light. This can improve their standing in the future and ensure that their views are respected.

The PCs could return to this world in the future, as they attempt to rebuild. If Klaw can appear in this era then other figures in the Marvel universe could have counter-parts. This can lead to more western flavoured Marvel games.


When I ran this game we had a team consisting of Nightcrawler, Iron Man and Shang Chi. They decided to go to the saloon first, to gather information from the townsfolk. There they got into a barroom brawl with the AIM soldiers who were drinking and pushing around the locals.

We had one player new to the system and the mob attack seemed to be a good way to teach the rules as putting their dice pool together was simple, allowing the players to concentrate on their own. We had some good examples of stress, complications and asset creation.

I spent a Doom Pool dice to create an Alarm Raised scene distinction but after the team defeat the AIM soldiers they were able to get to the jail to free Klaw (after Nightcrawler accidentally trapped himself in one of the cells).

Nightcrawler volunteered to recover Klaw’s devices while Iron Man and Chang Shi (on horse back) raced to save the Wolf tribe from the Quick Silver/ Wolverine super-adaptoid, cursing Klaw for persuading AIM to target them.

NIghtcrawler was able to use his teleportation to grab the goods but was spotted by the Human Torch/Thor super-adaptoid (who they nicknamed Thorch). The fight was brutal with Nightcrawler desperately teleporting to avoid the fire only to be knocked out.

We intercut with Iron Man and Chang Shi encountering Red Wolf and saving the tribe. Iron Man was able to disable the super-adaptoid with two strikes (one attack and one counter-attack).

Shang Chi futilely tried to save Red Wolf’s life (he failed against the Doom Pool to heal him) while Iron Man race back to town to see Thorch standing over the unconscious Nightcrawler.

Iron Man unleashed an area attack against AIM and the super adaptoid but was forced to turn and run when the robot attacked. Despite weaving in and out between the buildings Thorch was able to bring him down, damaging the armour.

Going into Act 2 Chang Shi was the only hero still free, the others having been captured by AIM and taken to the mine. The players stepped back their stress and they unlocked the Wolf Tribe and the townsfolk.

Escaping their imprisonment Iron Man and Nightcrawler rushed to the transfer point. Night Crawler made short work of the Captain America/Colossus adaptoid by teleporting it into solid rock.

Iron Man attempted a second round with Thorch, wrestling the robot in the sky. Thorch turned out to be too powerful and Iron Man was still suffering from stress. Nightcrawler attempted to use his image inducer to impersonate the other adaptoid as Thorch landed and stab the robot with his sword. A counterattack meant that he too was knocked out.

Chang Shi had entered the mine lower down the mountain, with the Wolf Tribe. He encountered the Shadowcat/Spider-Man adaptoid but was able to kick it down a chasm. He emerged to find the other Avengers fallen.

It was now his turn against Thorch. With a well placed kick he caused the transfer point to fall over and crush the robot. With their means home about to explode the AIM soldiers rush through, leaving the vibranium behind.

As time was against us I didn’t run the ‘Sorched Earth’ scene, instead settling for the miners to have captured Klaw as he attempted to place the charges. The Avengers mediated a peaceful resolution between the Wolf Tribe and the townsfolk, while Klaw faced imprisonment for endangering lives.

The group were asked who they were but they only replied that they were concerned citizens before the Bridge summoned them home.

The adventure ran well and the players enjoyed the chance to try every western cliché they could think off (an AIM agent was slid down the bar and the stand off with Thorch occurred at high noon.)

The dice swung both ways, with some truly great successes for the heroes and some nail biting defeats towards the end. It was amusing that the relatively low-powered Shang-Chi ended up saving the day.


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