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On another Earth a single sentence changed the fate of the planet. At the conclusion of ‘House of M’ Scarlet Witch, full of despair and frustration used her magic to wish away all people. Both humans and mutants vanished in an instant.

The remaining robots are trying to make sense of what happened searching a suddenly empty world. It will be up to the PCs to discover the truth and work out how to avenge a world.


Act 1

The Bridge detects a world in which humanity has vanished. There is some form of interference that is preventing it from establishing the cause. Since it is so similar to Earth 616 Avengers: Infinite are despatched to find out what happened.

Arriving they pick up a radio signal from Avenger Tower. Heading there are a group of Doombots, searching for Dr Doom. The PCs can come to the rescue and discover Vision, Machine Man, Albert (Wolverine robot), Dragon Man and Roberta (robot secretary of the F4).

The are overjoyed (as much as robots can be) that they have found life. Once the PCs explain who they are they can join the hunt to find out what happened to everyone. Their best clue is a tracking signal from a SHIELD air carrier that crashed in Ecuador.

Act 2

A team is despatched while Vision stays at the Avenger Tower. There they must fight off miniature Sentinels and by-pass the security. Inside the Carrier they find a group of badly damaged Nick Fury LMDs, who complain that everything has gone to hell.

They explain that they sought out the Master Mold, hoping that they could adjust the Sentinels scanners to detect any kind of human life. The robot immediately started to head towards New York, damaging the LMDs in the process.

Act 3

The team must race back to New York and they should wonder what the Master Mold is detecting in Avengers Tower. Reaching there they discover that Vision has been concealing the presence of Scarlet Witch.

At the end of House of M she said no more people, causing the mass disappearance. She was immune to her magical command but should she die her spell might be undone. Vision will fight anyone who suggests this, as she is miraculously pregnant with his child, meaning that it is possible there will be a new race.

With Master Mold trying to break in, the surviving robots at each others throats the PCs are caught in the middle. Scarlet Witch can be convinced to use her magic once again. While she can’t bring people back with a wish she can say ‘No more Wanda’ or ‘No More Robots’.

The PCs will help decide what inheritance the world has.


In Memory Of Humanity

1 XP when you talk about the merits of humanity and the joys of being a living being

3 XP when you inflict mental stress by comparing someone unfavourably to humanity

10 XP when you return humanity to the world or you make sure it is gone for good

Those Left Behind

1 XP when you are positive about the accomplishments of those left behind

3 XP when you help those left behind to build something that will help them survive

10 XP when you help those left behind claim the world for themselves or take it away from them


1 XP when you talk about the disappearance and speculate on the cause

3 XP when you explore an empty location that you are familiar with or interact with the legacy of your vanished counter-part

10 XP when you punish or forgive who or what is responsible for everyone vanishing


HOOK: The Lonely World

The Avengers: Infinite are called in on what is described as a search and rescue mission. The Bridge has discovered a world where the humans and mutants have vanished. Scans of the planets history show there are close parallels but several months ago there was some event which the Bridge is not able to identify.

Due to the similarity there is a chance that something similar could happen to their Earth. Their mission is to find the cause and if possible return the people to the planet.

The Bridge will transport them to New York, where there has been activity around the Baxter Building.


At the start of this scene the Doom Pool is 2D6.


SETTING: Deserted New York

©Lucie&SimonNew York is an Empty City with a Chaotic Mess of abandoned vehicles and systems that have run down. When Scarlet Witches magic took hold people vanished in an instant. This caused vehicles to crash, planes to fall out of the sky and fires to rage unchecked.

The robotic heroes left were too fixated on the big picture to deal with these small disasters (particularly as there were no humans left to be in danger). By the time they regrouped in New York the damage was done.

It has only been a few months but already the neglect is beginning to show. Packs of wild dogs and other animals has begun to expand their territory, made bolder due to the lack of humanity. Birds roost in large numbers along the rooftops. The silence is almost deafening.

The PCs arrive at at night, light rain falling on their heads. After they get their bearings they see a group of Doombots flying overhead, towards the Baxter Building. By the time the heroes catch up to them they have begun their assault.

The Doombots demand that Reed Richards come out and return Doctor Doom and the rest of the inhabitants of Latvia. There are at least 10 Doombots who concentrate on using energy blasts against the building.

If the PCs attack them then a number of Doombots equal to the party respond while the others continue the assault. They believe they are more than a match for the heroes, acting just as arrogant as the real Dr Doom.

In the second round the Robotic Avengers will emerge. Their battle with the remaining Doombots should just be done via narration to introduce who they are and what their abilities are. It is important that they don’t steal the spotlight from the PCs.

The Doom Pool can reflect the tide of battle for the robotic Avengers. PCs can therefore roll against the Doom Pool to help them, hopefully building trust so they can ally with them once the battle is done.


doombotsAffiliations: Solo D10, Buddy D6, Team D8

Distinctions: Made In The Image of Doom, Without A Master, Far From Home

Power Set

The Power of Doom

Superhuman Strength D10 Enhanced Durability D8 Enhanced Senses D8

Flight D6 Force Lightening D10

SFX: Invulnerable Spend 1 Doom Dice to ignore stress, trauma or complications from mental, emotional and illusion attacks.

SFX: Auto-Repair Spend 1 Doom Dice to recover own Physical stress or step back your own Physical Trauma by -1.

SFX: Self Destrust Add Physical Stress dice to dice pool and step up effect dice. Whether successful or not the Doombot is then destroyed.

Limit: Exhausted (shutdown any The Power of Doom power to gain doom dice)

Limit: Machine Gain a Doom Dice when affected by technology milestones and technology


Menace Expert D8, Science Expert D8, Tech Expert D8



Once the Doombots have been dealt with the PCs are invited into the building. Anyone who has been injured with be offered medical aide within the Fantastic Four’s medical bay. This reduces stress by two steps.

The Robot Avengers currently consist of Vision, Machine Man, Albert, Dragonman and Roberta, the Fantastic Four’s robotic secretary. Vision is the defacto leader while Roberta looks after the day to day running of the building and co-ordinating searches for any remaining humans.

The Robot Avengers will initially believe that the PCs are their counterparts and that they have some how survived the phenomena that erased the rest of humanity. The PCs could maintain this ruse but it won’t get them far as they’ll only be asked how they survived.

Revealing the truth allows the conversation to be directed towards giving background information. The robots are unable to explain where everyone went, only that it happened in an instant. They believe it is some large scale event suggesting the involvement of a cosmic being.

In the months that followed the Robot Avengers have lost several members including the original Human Torch, Awesome Andy, Danger, Jocasta and Spider-Bot (a hero unique to this reality, created by Peter Parker to continue in his place when he was crippled).

They’ve come under assault by other robots who were always evil or who have gone out of control without human direction. The small mercy is that Ultron is currently in deep space, attempting to build a robotic empire.

Once the heroes are up to speed with the situation Roberta interrupts to say that her scans have picked up a SHIELD transmission from Ecuador. Satellite pictures show that there is a downed SHIELD carrier there, likely having crashed when the crew vanished. The transmission is coded so can’t be deciphered but changes regularly, indicating that some intelligence is changing the message.

Vision elects to stay to oversee operations at the Baxter building but suggests a team of the PCs and the other Robot Avengers should go investigate in the Avengers Quinjet. This is the first opportunity for an unlock.

If the players don’t want to spend XP they can use this transition scene they can create Resources and Assets based on the Robot Avengers, allowing them to be brought into their roles. This should reflect the relationship the PCs build with the robots.


Robot Avenger [5XP/10XP] The player has access to the datafile for any robot Avenger with the exception of Vision. This allows the team to split up into subgroups and still allow a player to control a character in that group. For 5 XP they are available for one act and for 10XP for 2 acts.

Medical Supplies [5XP] The robots have no need of the medical supplies in the building or that can be gathered from the nearby area. This can be loaded on to the quinjet and steps up the effect die of any physical recovery checks.

Upgrade [10XP/15XP] In this reality a PCs counter-part upgraded their costume with robotics. The Robot Avengers were able to recover it and the PCs can use it. This allows them to boost one Power Set power by one step. For 10 XP the upgrade lasts one act, for 15XP it lasts two acts).



visionAffiliations: Solo D8, Buddy D6, Team D10

Distinctions: You Will Believe A Robot Can Cry, Creation of Ultron, Last Avenger Standing

Power Set


Superhuman Strength D10 Superhuman Durability D10 Energy Manipulation D8

Optical Scanners D8 Holographic Manipulation D8

Solar Energy Beam D10 Superhuman Stamina D10 Superhuman Reflexes D10

SFX: Energy Absorption On a successful reaction against Energy attacks convert your opponent’s effect die into a Robot stunt or step up a Robot power by +1 for your next action. Spend a doom dice to use this SFX if the opponents action was successful

Limit: Exhausted (shutdown any Robot power to gain doom dice)

Limit: Machine Gain a Doom Dice when affected by technology milestones and technology

Density Control

Intangibility D10 Invisibility D8 Flight D8

SFX: Increase Density Shutdown Intangibility to increase Superhuman Durablity 1 step

SFX: Neural Disruption When using Intangibility to pass through an organic being step up Effect dice

Limit: Exhausted (shutdown any Robot power to gain doom dice)

Limit: Machine Gain a Doom Dice when affected by technology milestones and technology


Psych Expert D8 Science Expert D8 Tech Expert D8


machinemanAffiliations: Solo D10, Buddy 8, Team D6

Distinctions: Built For War, A Dream of Peaceful Co-Existence Between Man and Machine, Father’s Son

Power Set

Living weapon

Superhuman Strength D10 Superhuman Durability D10 Flight D8

Pistol Fingers D6 Stretching D8 Shapeshifting D8

Resistance (Energy) D8 Nano Self Repair D10

SFX: Adaptable When you suffer stress from a physical attack step up or double a Living Weapon power next turn against the opponent who inflicted the stress.

Invulnerable Spend 1 Doom Dice to ignore stress, trauma or complications from mental, emotional and illusion attacks.

Limit: Exhausted (shutdown any Robot power to gain doom dice)

Limit: Machine Gain a Doom Dice when affected by technology milestones and technology


Combat Expert D8, Tech Expert D8


Albert (1)Affiliations: Solo D8, Buddy D10, Team D6

Distinctions: Full Metal Wolverine, Mourning Loss of Elsie Dee, Disposable

Power Set

Designed To Kill Wolverine

Superhuman Strength D10 Superhuman Durability D10 Superhuman Senses D10

Superhuman Stamina D10 Superhuman Reflexes D10 Adamantium Claws D10

SFX: Invulnerable Spend 1 Doom Dice to ignore stress, trauma or complications from mental, emotional and illusion attacks.

SFX: Dangerous Add a D6 to your dice pool for an attack action and step back highest die in pool by -1. Step up Physical Stress inflicted by +1

Limit: Metal Body Make any Designed To Kill Wolverine into a complication for a Doom Dice

Limit: Exhausted (shutdown any The Power of Doom power to gain doom dice)

Limit: Machine Gain a Doom Dice when affected by technology milestones and technology


Combat Master D10


dragonmanAffiliations: Solo D10, Buddy D6, Team D8

Distinctions: Melding of Science and Magic, Redeemed, Troubled Pacifist

Power Set


Superhuman Strength D10 Superhuman Stamina D10 Superhuman Durability D10

Flight D6 Fire Breath D8

SFX: Unleashed Step up or double any Dragon power for one action. If the action fails remove a Doom dice from the pool equal or less to the power die.

Limit: Exhausted (shutdown any The Power of Doom power to gain doom dice)

Limit: Machine Gain a Doom Dice when affected by technology milestones and technology


Psych Expert D8

Action Scene: Building Bridges

If you wish to expand Act 1 there are a variety of missions that the PCs can undertake before they head to Ecuador. Each mission is related to one of the robot Avengers who will accompany the PCs. Ideally this should happen simultaneously, with each PC pairing off with another robot Avenger.

In each case rolls should be made against the Doom pool to carry out these minor quests.

Vision: Collect Magical Texts from Dr Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum

Vision wants to gather knowledge about magic to confirm if it is responsible for the disappearance. In truth he is collecting them for Scarlet Witch to see if she can undo her spell. The Sanctum is Gothic and Imbued with Magic.

There were spells in place to protect it from intruders, which will assault the PCs when they enter. Books will fly off the shelves at them, illusions with attempt to trick them and doors will lock to seal them in rooms.

Machine Man: Take Supplies To Avenger Mansion

Claiming that the Avenger Mansion will act as a fall back point should the Baxter building fall Machine Man asks for help taking supplies there (particularly machine parts). When they get there he reveals that he is attempting to repair Jocasta in the basement.

Examination reveals that while her systems have power there is little sign that her mind is intact, let alone vital parts of her body. Even a Tech Master doubts that she could ever be brought back to ‘life’.

This hints at the lengths a robot will go to for someone they love and foreshadows the revelation about Vision.

Albert: Access Cerebro at the X-Mansion

Hoping to use the scanning abilities of Cerebro Albert will leading the investigation. The mansion is Dangerous due to security system having been activated and Spooky because there is evidence of so many young lives suddenly vanishing at the school.

Recovering Cerebro they can take it back to the Baxter building where it will be calibrated. It should be ready to scan for life once they return from Ecuador.

Dragonman: Install Self-Destruct

The purple dragon android approaches the PCs, explaining that he can feel his intelligence slipping away. He fears that he will once again become an unthinking monster and endanger his team mates. He asks for help in recovering and installing a self-destruct mechanism.

This can be obtain from the wreckage of the Doombots that they PCs fought earlier or they can get it from any location that has technical supplies. The operation is delicate and requires someone with the Science of Tech speciality. If successful Dragonman is grateful, giving the PC the switch that will destroy him should he got out of control.


SETTING: Ecuador

The jungles of Ecuador are Wild and Overgrown. It is always Very Hot with Few Signs of Civilisation. They hear the sound of exotic bird song and the rustle of animals moving through the jungle.

From the air the PCs can see the crashed SHIELD carrier, jutting out of the trees. Nearby is a massive clearing, with flattened trees and a deep crater. This area is the best place for the quinjet to set down, as it is a short distance to reach the Carrier.


At the start of this scene the Doom Pool is 2D6.

Action Scene: Sentinel Graveyard

sentinelsfrombehindThe PCs become aware that they are being tracked through the jungle. In addition they find the remains of a variety of jungle life (snakes, leopards, monkeys) slain in gruesome fashion. If they stop or investigate they’ll uncover Sentinels, cobbled together from scrap metal.

Some have vaguely humanoid forms while others appear to be based on roosters. What they lack in sophistication they more than make up for in savagery and numbers. They use the overgrown nature of the jungle to ambush the PCs before diving back into cover for another make-shift Sentinel to attack.

They will target any mutant life form first, then living beings and finally non-Sentinel robots. If a robot Avenger is stressed out the Sentinels will attempt to drag their body away to use as spare parts.

Make-Shift Sentinels 8D6

Energy Blast D8

SFX: Afflict Add a D6 and step up your effect die by +1 when inflicting Neutralising Complications

Limit: Machine Gain a Doom Dice when affected by technology milestones and technology

Action Scene: Into the Carrier

Once the PCs have defeated the Make-Shift Sentinels they can make their way to the wreckage of the Carrier. Inside is Cramped and the whole place is Falling Apart. Rolls should be made against the Doom pool to navigate through, towards the source of the signal.

If you want to heighten the drama security systems could engage. The Nick Fury LMDs have been holding the Sentinels at bay for weeks and aren’t about to take any chances now. They will immediately stop if any of the PCs take physical stress and show they are organic.


lmdWithin a secondary command centre (the primary one being destroyed in the crash) are numerous Nick Fury LMDs, all barely working.  Systems are powered with a network of loose wiring. In the dim lighting the LMDs single robot eyes glow a soft red to reveal their artificial nature.

Initially they’ll train their pistols on the PCs but are in no state to fight. Once the PCs reveal who they are the LMDs relax and explain that they are running on emergency power, with only a few hours left between them.

They want to have actually achieved something before they shutdown for good. They reveal that they re-activated the Master Mold, hoping to use its scanning abilities to locate any humans. Before they could finish reprogramming it so it wouldn’t exterminate any humans its self-defence program kicked in, badly damaging the LMDs (and destroying several).

They used an uplink to a SHIELD spy satellite to track the Master Molds movements towards New York. They were sending their coded message hoping it would be received by a LMD in the area but it appears that they are the only ones left.

They don’t know what it has found in New York but the Master Mold is liable to destroy whatever it is. The PCs must hurry back to stop it, which will be no easy feat. Luckily the Carrier has a teleport device onboard.

First it must be fixed with a tech or science speciality. Then it must be powered by a power source, for which the LMDs volunteer to sacrifice their remaining fuel cells. A small group can then be sent through with those left behind following in the quinjet. If the PCs unlocked the robot Avengers at 5XP they will have to stay, if they were unlocked at 10XP they can come with the PCs back to New York.

If they lack the skill or the resources the PCs can choose to fly back in the quinjet. They will arrive just as the Master Mold is smashing its way into the Baxter Building. Any robot Avengers left behind (aside from Vision) may have been injured or destroyed by this point.

Make it clear to the players that this is going to be an epic fight against a powerful opponent. They will need all the advantages they can if they have any hope of stopping it.


SHIELD INTEL [5XP] This provides a 10D Resource representing all the data that was held in the SHIELD database. Not only might this be helpful in the final act to exploit weaknesses and uncover the truth this can have consequences in the campaign. The PCs will have information about another worlds whole history, whose close parallels with their own might prove useful.

Flying Car [5XP] There is one flying car, appearing as a red sports car, still salvageable from the carrier. It is small enough to fit through the teleport device portal. It provides the following powerset.


Flight D10 Weapon System D8

Limit: Gear Shutdown Flying Car power set to gain a plot point. Recover by rolling against Doom Pool or during a transition scene.

DEATH FROM ABOVE [15 XP] The PCs have access to a SHIELD orbital laser, designed to combat large scale threats such as Galactus. Following a successful physical attack against a target (to mark them for the targeting system) the PC can then fire the weapon. This adds D12 to the roll and allowing three dice to be kept for the result and stepping up the Effect die. It also increases the Doom Pool by D8. This can be done once every 5 turns. 



See act 1.



mastermoldcityIf the PCs teleported to New York they’ll arrive near the Baxter building and where they first arrived in this reality. The Master Mold has come ashore and can be seen in the distant, approaching the area, knocking down buildings in its path. The PCs have 4 rounds before it arrives. If they came by quinjet or other means the Master Mold is already at the Baxter building, attempting to break in.

The PCs can decide whether they are attacking the Master Mold or whether they will join the robot Avengers in defending the building. There is also the mystery of what life form it has detected within the building.

If the PCs recovered Cerebro it will be calibrated and they can use it to locate a mutant life form on the top floor of the Baxter building. Vision will deter anyone from investigating, saying that they should concentrate on fighting the Master Mold.

They can also search the building themselves. If they find Scarlet Witch proceed to the scene ‘No More’.


Affiliations: Solo D10, Buddy D6, Team D8

Distinctions: Prime Directive: Genocide, Sentinels Eternal, One Last Mission


Giant Robot

Growth D10 Godlike Durability D12 Godlike Strength D12

Flight D8 Superhuman Senses D10

SFX: Invulnerable Spend Doom Dice to ignore stress, trauma or complications from mental and emotional attacks

Limit: Machine Gain a Doom Dice when affected by technology milestones and technology

Power Of The Sentinels

Energy Blast D12, Mind Control D10

SFX: Versatile Split Energy Blast into 2d at -1 step, or 3d at -2 steps

SFX: Area Attack Add a D6 and keep an additional effect die for each target

SFX: Afflict Add a D6 and step up your effect die by +1 when inflicting Neutralising Complications

Limit: Exhausted (shutdown any The Power of The Sentinels power to gain doom dice)


Tech Master D10


This scene can occur at the same time as ‘March of the Master Mold‘ or afterwards. By now the PCs should be aware that there is a living being in the Baxter Building. Searching reveals the presence of Scarlet Witch.

She is shocked to see any living beings and is worried that she might use her magic to get rid of them as well. Despite Visions attempts to silence her she will instantly confess, asking for forgiveness.

If asked to bring everyone back she explains that she can’t (and if the PCs recovered the magical texts for Vision this backs this up). Her magic creates reality through her will. To undo her wish would result in a backlash that would kill her and a 10 mile radius. If she were to die from external forces there is a chance that the spell would undo itself naturally.

Vision is opposed to this, explaining that Scarlet Witch is pregnant with his child. A medical examination and scan will confirm that this is correct. She is 4 months pregnant with twins which display both organic and inorganic characteristics. Of course there is the possibility this is a result of her magic.

The robot Avengers demand that Scarlet Witch sacrifice herself. This will agitate matters and could lead to violence. Scarlet Witch will use her magic to defend herself, possibly using too much force and instantly destroying any non-unlocked robot.

Scarlet Witch will say that she has it within herself to make one more wish. Either she could wish herself away or the robots. If she were to use her magic on herself then humanity would be gone for good, leaving the planet to the robots. If she wishes the robots away then when she eventually dies the planet would be left to nature.


The PCs may suggest a third option of removing Scarlet Witch from this reality. This won’t return the population but she could attempt to begin anew elsewhere. The problem is that she could use her powers to depopulate another world and does she deserve another chance?


Affiliations: Solo D6, Buddy D10, Team D8

Distinctions: Most Powerful Sorcerer On The Planet, Genocide Guilt, Mental Illness

Power Set

Chaos Magic

Sorcery Supremacy D12 Hexbolts D8 Flight D6

SFX: Second Chance Spend a Doom dice to reroll when using any Chaos Magic power

SFX: Afflict Add a D6 and step up your effect die by +1 when inflicting Bad Luck complications on a target.

Limit: Uncontrollable Change any Chaos Magic power into a complication to gain a Doom Dice. Activate an opportunity or remove the complication to recover the power.


Combat Expert D8, Mystic Expert D8


How they deal with Scarlet Witch will have huge consequences for the Earth.

If the PCs engineer it so that humanity is returned the heroes of that world are stunned, as from their perspective no time has passed yet and so the city appears to have suddenly fallen into ruin. If the PCs stick around they can explain the situation and possible open up lines of dialogue between realities.

If the PCs decide to leave the world in peace Scarlet Witch and Vision will oversee the birth of a new race. It is possible that they may call upon the Avengers: Infinite in the future if their hybrid children are imperilled.

PCs might remove Scarlet Witch leaving the planet to the robots. The future will tell what kind of world they build together. As above they might need the Avengers: Infinite to help them reclaim the world, especially should Ultron return.

A lasting consequence is that their mission began to find out what caused the event in case it endangered their world. Having discovered that Scarlet Witch has the potential to remove all life on the planet how will they respond?


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