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sovietneverfellOn Earth 3954 Capitalism in the West fell to the advance of Communism. America became little more than a puppet state to Soviet forces as they expanded into Europe and the rest of Asia. It was the Soviets who won the space race and they were the first to discover the mysterious blue zone there.

Discovering the Watcher an elite team of Russian superheroes seemingly killed the alien, claiming his technology as their own. They found his files on other dimensions and it was decided that they were ripe to be plundered.

From their moon base the Supreme Soviets steal technology from these other Earths for the glory of the mother country. Their recent target is Earth 616.


blackwidowprofilepicAffiliations: Solo D10, Buddy D6, Team D8

Distinctions: Femme Fatale, Russian Superspy, Experienced Dimensional Traveller

Power Set


Enhanced Reflexes D8 Enhanced Stamina D8 Enhanced Senses D8

SFX: Second Chance (spend 1 doom dice to reroll)

Limit: Exhausted (shutdown any Training power to gain doom dice)


Widow’s Bite Bracelets D8, Spider’s Boots (Wall-Crawling) D6, Invisibility Belt D8

SFX: Dangerous (add a D6 to attack, step back highest die in pool by -1. Step up physical stress by +1)

Limit: Gear (shutdown Gear power set and gain doom dice)


Acrobatics Master D10, Combat Expert D8, Covert Master D10, Menace Expert D8, Vehicles Expert D8


abominationAffiliations: Solo D10, Buddy D6, Team D8

Distinctions: Strongest There Is, Constantly Mutating, No Longer Human



Superhuman Strength D10 Superhuman Stamina D10 Godlike Durability D12, Leaping D8

SFX: Berserk (add a die from doom pool to one or more attack actions then step down doom dice)

SFX: Unleashed (step up or double Mutation power set. If it fails remove doom dice equal to powers dice)

Limit: Exhausted (shutdown any Mutation power to gain doom dice)


Combat Expert D8, Menace Expert D8


crimsondynamoAffiliations: Solo D10, Buddy D6, Team D8

Distinctions: Proud Inventor, Dedicated To Country, Untested Equipment

Power Set


Superhuman Durability D10, Superhuman Strength D10, Electrical Circuitry D10

SFX: Versatile (split Electrical Circuitry into 2d at -1 step or 3d at -2 step)

SFX: Boost (shutdown highest rated Armor power to step up another power set by +1)

Limit: Gear (shutdown Gear power set and gain doom dice)


Tech Master D10, Science Expert D8, Vehicle Expert D8


redghostAffiliations: Solo D6, Buddy D8, Team D10

Distinctions: Russia Rules The Moon, You Can Never Touch Me, None Rival My Intellect

Power Set


Intangibility D10

SFX: Second Chance (spend 1 doom dice to reroll)

Limit: Exhausted (shutdown any Ghost power to gain doom dice)


Mikhlo the Gorilla: Superhuman Strength D10 Igor The Baboon: Shapeshifting D10 Peotr the Orangutan: Magnetic Control D10

SFX: Multipower: Use two or more Super Apes powers in a single dice pool at –1 step for each additional power.

SFX: Area Attack: Add a D6 and keep an additional effect die for each additional target.

Limit: Exhausted (shutdown any Super Apes power to gain doom dice)


Tech Master D10, Science Master D8, Vehicle Expert D8


gargoyleAffiliations: Solo D8, Buddy D6, Team D10

Distinctions: Mutated Master Mind, Small Man Syndrome, Wants To Be Human Again

Power Set

Pellet Gun

Attack (renders victim unconscious) D10

SFX: Second Chance (spend 1 doom dice to reroll)

Limit: Gear (shutdown Gear power set and gain doom dice)


Psych Master D10, Science Master D10, Tech Master D10, Vehicle D10


Don’t I Know You From Somewhere?

1xp when you identify who a character is and discuss your history with them.

3xp when you inflict stress on a character who is usually a friend or heal someone who is usually an enemy.

10xp when you change a person for the better or inflict trauma on someone who could have been a friend.

Give It Back

1xp when you talk about what was stolen and what it means to you.

3xp when you inflict emotional stress on a thief.

10xp when you either recover what was stolen or you let it go.

The Land Of The Free

1xp when you display patriotism for your country.

3xp when you inflict emotional or mental stress by extolling the virtues of your country to someone who opposes your way of life.

10xp when you inflict emotional or mental trauma on someone who hates your country or when you show them mercy.


Hook: Hit Them All At Once

The Supreme Soviet team consisting of Black Widow, Abomination, Crimson Dynamo & Red Ghost are sent to strike at several prominent targets. The Avengers: Infinite are alerted to these thefts in progress and must quickly decide who will respond to which emergency.



Stark Towers

This is where Tony Stark does a lot of his business. Just beneath the penthouse is his armoury of Iron Man suits (which can be raised up out of the ground). All the technology is cutting edge.

Baxter Building

This is the home of the Fantastic Four. The technology that Reed has created is out of this world.

SHIELD Testing Facility

It is here that SHIELD stores advanced weapons and other technology. Most is highly dangerous and classified. There are Shield security protocols in place.


Established by Doctor Octopus while his mind controlled Peter Parker. Peter continues to run it, dedicated to perfecting Anti-Super Villain Security Systems. It is run by low paid scientists.


The Doom Pool begins a 2D6.

Pay close attention to the Doom Pool. When it is raised to 2D12 Gargoyle will attempt to teleport Supreme Soviets back home.

Action Scene: Stark Towers

starktowerBlack Widow has managed to infiltrate Iron Man’s Armoury and is in the process of transporting his auxiliary suits back to her dimension by means of a ‘tag’. She entered via vents and locked the outer doors. If Iron Man is not part of your group he is unavailable to shut down security.

The PCs have to beat the Doom pool to get into the armoury. When they enter and see Black Widow she will wait to see how they react. If they recognise her and are not immediately hostile she will claim that she responded to the security breach and claims not to have seen the intruder. She’ll use this confusion to get close to the group and take them by surprise.

Black Widow concentrates on moving quickly and creating advantages, such as shooting out the lights. Her wall crawling and invisibility makes her a difficult target to hit. She only has to hold them off long enough for Gargoyle to transport her home (once the Doom Pool has 2D12).

If Black Widow (or any of the Supreme Soviets) are taken out by physical stress and/or trauma then their tag won’t be able to get a clear reading. This will prevent them from retrieved. If they examine the tag a Doom Pool dice can be spent to have that character teleported to Earth 3954.

Action Scene: Baxter Building

baxterbuilding3While the Fantastic Four are away the Abomination has been sent to grab what he can. There is plenty of equipment in Reed Richards lab that will prove to be most valuable to the Soviet forces.

The Abomination is taking time to read through Reeds notes about finding a cure for the Thing. The Abomination is unhappy with his constantly mutating form and hopes to discover something that will allow him to stabilise his condition.

He relishes an opportunity to fight and will target the strongest member of the group. If he manages to neutralise opponents he will take them hostage, demanding that they find a way to stop him changing more and more into a monster.

If the Doom Pool gains 2D12 the Gargoyle will teleport him back home. If he was about to get the help he needed this will frustrate the Abomination.

Action Scene: SHIELD Testing Facility

shieldbaseCrimson Dynamo has been sent to a New York testing facility for new and captured devices and weapons. SHIELD agents are unable to make a dent in his powerful armour and he has used his electrical powers to take over security systems.

Like his team mates Crimson Dynamo is tagging items for transport. He takes slightly longer, marvelling over the technology they find. This is the reason that he wasn’t sent to Stark Tower, where he would be even more distracted.

When the Doom Pool gains 2D12 Gargoyle will teleport him to safety.

Action Scene: Parker Industries

parkerindustriesRed Ghost has been sent to Parker Industries. The technology there will be useful for the Supreme Soviets to imprison super powered beings in their own dimension. If Spider-Man is one of the players one of the pieces of equipment already stolen is a recently completed prototype that was due to be shown to investors.

He is particularly interested in equipment that can neutralise the Fantastic Four, as they always seem to be his enemy when they go to other dimensions. He believes this is karmic retribution for his part in sabotaging Reed Richards original space mission in their reality.

When the Doom Pool gains 2d12 Gargoyle will teleport Red Ghost and his Super Apes away.

Transition Scene: Interrogation and Tracing

Ideally one or more of the Supreme Soviets will be captured (and hopefully at least one of them will get away). This allows the PCs to interrogate their prisoners and work out what is going on.

Contacting Black Widow or locating their version of Earth 616 can confirm that they are dealing with doubles from an alternative universe. Crimson Dynamo is dead on Earth 616 so they may think that time travel involved, but he is the only prisoner who will actually be forthcoming about what is happening, praising his government.

Black Widow and Abomination need to have emotional or mental trauma inflicted before they explain that they are from another dimension. They are both conditioned to resist torture and interrogation, either remaining quiet or insulting the PCs.

Their technology gives up its secrets more easily, revealing that it is used for dimensional travel. Further more it is tethered to technology in its home dimension. The Bridge can use this technology to transport the PCs to its source, the moon.

If this fails and any of the Supreme Soviets got away eventually there will be a rescue mission. This can be an opportunity to capture another prisoners, along with tags which are primed to take people back to their dimension.

PCs might want to rest up or gather resources before they make the journey to the other side.


A Gift From Tony [5xp/10xp] If the PCs successfully foiled the robbery at Stark Towers he can provide prototype armour that provides D8 Durability or steps up their Durability by 1 step if they are already at D8. At 5xp this lasts one scene and for 10xp it lasts until the end of Act 2.

Abomination [5xp/10xp] If the PCs captured the Abomination and convince him that they can find a way to stabilise his condition he will agree to aid them. For 5xp he will get them into the moon base and shut down security systems. At 10xp he will fight along side them (until the battle seems to be turning against them, at which time he’ll betray them.

SHIELD clearance [5xp/10xp] SHIELD will authorise the PCs to use some of the technology from the facility if they stopped the theft. This technology is a D10 asset that lasts for one scene for 5xp or until the end of Act 2 for 10xp.

Alternatively they can send through a 5 man SHIELD security team to aid them (5D8) for one scene at 5xp or for the whole of Act 2 for 10xp.


Prominent Location

Blue Area Of the Moon

This mysterious area of the moon has a breathable atmosphere. It has a Soviet launch site.

Watcher Moon Base

This was the Watcher’s home until recently. It is reconfigurable and the laws of physics are optional.

Supreme Soviet Command Centre

From here the Gargoyle has a window to all realities and complete control of the base.


The Doom Pool begins at 2D6.

ACTION SCENE: Welcome To The Moon

blueareaIf the PCs come via the Bridge they’ll arrive on the blue area of the moon, where they can comfortably breath. There are ancient alien ruins and white sandy dunes. Nearby they can see the domed form of the Watcher’s base.

Nearby is recently constructed Soviet launch site, a rocket prepared for launch. The flag that flies is a combination of the Russian and American flag (adopted after the US merged with the Soviet government).

If the Doom Pool reaches 2D12 the rocket will be ready to launch with the stolen technology from Earth 616 (if anything was obtained). This could then be a target for the PCs to either sabotage or otherwise prevent the launch.

Soviet soldiers guard the site (7D8) and will attempt to repel any attackers. If Red Ghost was able to be teleported he will be here initially, overseeing the launch. If an alarm is raised he will join the others within the Watcher moon base.

Entering the Watcher’s base is relatively easy. While the walls are apparently smooth touching it reveals a portal that allows them to enter.

ACTION SCENE: Inside The Watcher’s Realm

watchercitadelThis is instantly recognisable to anyone who has been in their version of the Watcher’s home. Rooms are vast with strangely sloping columns and undulating ceilings. Windows open up to display vistas of the moon in walls that appeared to be featureless from the outside. Sometimes there is the sound of thousands of voices speaking at once and other times there is nothing but silence.

If the PCs were taken to this dimension via a tag they will find themselves inside the Watcher’s base. Soldiers (4d8) and which ever members of the Supreme Soviets who managed to escape will be here to take them into custody.

Intruders will need to find their way to the centre, which can be a disorienting affair. To do so they must successfully oppose the Doom Pool a total of 3 times, using whatever method seems appropriate. Failure indicates they have become disoriented or opposed by the security systems.

If there is an opportunity the PCs might have attracted attention to themselves. In this case the Gargoyle will send the same Welcome party as above to deal with them.


earthxwatcherIn the Supreme Soviet Command Centre the Gargoyle has mastered the controls of the alien structure. This allows him to spy on the whole Earth and peer at other dimensions. The circular walls are covered with images from both this reality and others.

Suspended in the centre of the room is the apparently lifeless body of the Watcher. Wires and cables connect him to the equipment, allowing Gargoyle to trick the systems into believing the commands come from him.

Gargoyle has an honour guard of 4 soldiers (4D10) who protect him. He knows he is physically weak and so will attempt to inflict emotional and mental stress on his opponents. He’ll offer them a choice between helping steal from other dimensions or death.

If questioned about the Watcher he explains that he designed a more powerful version of the pellet gun that neutralised the alien. He believes him to be dead and eventually his body will give up its secrets.

Observant PCs will notice the Watcher move his eyes, indicating that he is alive. They can attempt to free the Watcher and revive him. This would require a success against the Doom Pool and then a healing check to remove the D6 physical trauma that the Watcher has suffered.

During this time the Gargoyle and his forces will attempt to neutralise the PCs. If the PCs offered a cure to Abomination or they know how unhappy the Gargoyle is with his form they can attempt to use emotional or mental stress to persuade him to surrender to them in exchange for restoring his human form.

Should the PCs free the Watcher he will use his godlike powers to neutralise the intruders. He will thank the PCs and give them an opportunity to return home. They will notice that he is targeting areas on Earth. If questioned about this the Watcher explains that the abuse of his technology has contaminated Earth and it must be obliterated. Thousands will die and civilisation will be setback hundreds of years but eventually it will recover and the natural order will be restored.

Any conscious Supreme Soviets will plead for mercy and beg the PCs for help. In return they promise to halt their dimensional exploitation and give the PCs access to the Watchers data files on other realities.

Opposing the Watcher is difficult, especially physically. Gargoyle got lucky in taking him down (he had the element of surprise). The PCs can attempt to appeal to the Watcher, inflicting emotional or mental stress as they persuade him to show mercy.

If not required to physically attack the PCs the Watcher will concentrate on building the Doom Pool. Once it has 2D12 he will be ready to activate the weapons that will rain destruction down upon the Earth.

WATCHER (wounded)

watcheruAffiliations: Solo 3D12, Buddy 2D10, Team 3D8

Distinctions: Immortal & Eternal, Beyond Good and Evil, Forbidden To Interfere

Power Set

Watcher Powers

Energy Control Supremacy D12, Godlike Durability D12, Psychic Powers D12, Godlike Senses D12, Growth D10, Superhuman Strength D10, Flight D12

SFX: Afflict (Force fields) (add d6 and step up entrapped complications)

SFX: Area Attack (add D6 and keep an additional effect die for each additional target)

SFX: Invulnerable (spend a doom dice to ignore stress, trauma or complications from physical attacks)

SFX: Multi-Power (use two or more Watcher Powers at -1 step per additional power)

SFX: Versatile (split Energy Control Supremacy into 2D at -1 step or 3D at -2 step)

Limit: Exhausted (shutdown any Watcher power to gain doom dice)


Tech Grandmaster D12, Science Grandmaster D12, Psyche Grandmaster D12, Cosmic Grandmaster D12


By the end the PCs will have either let (or failed to prevent) the Watcher setting Earth 3954 back so far that they won’t be able to causing any further problems or helped the other Earth (who will stick to their bargain as they realise how close they came to destruction).

This will teach them an important lesson, that they aren’t the only ones who can travel to other dimensions.

If they were able to defeat the Watcher they will have access to his windows on to other realities. This will greatly increase the capabilities of the Bridge.


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