This adventure concerns Earth8764532, specifically the teams of the  LA Champions and West Coast Avengers. Refer to the previous posts for the associated datafiles. In Act One the PCs arrive in LA and are confronted by a rampaging Marrina. After defeating her and making contact with the West Coast Avengers they investigate what caused this. […]


On Earth 3954 Capitalism in the West fell to the advance of Communism. America became little more than a puppet state to Soviet forces as they expanded into Europe and the rest of Asia. It was the Soviets who won the space race and they were the first to discover the mysterious blue zone there. […]


A companion to the LA Champions campaign. They can be combined together to provide an expansive setting. HISTORY Earth 8764532…. West Coast Avengers was established to ensure that both sides of the country were protected. Long serving members were chosen to establish the group, with Hawkeye given the chance to lead the team. The original […]


Presented here is the basis for a street level campaign. It changes a few minor details of established continuity to put together a group of heroes whose abilities should complement each other. HISTORY Earth 8764532…. The West Coast Avengers was supposed to be a chance for Hawkeye to prove that he could be a leader. […]


On another Earth a single sentence changed the fate of the planet. At the conclusion of ‘House of M’ Scarlet Witch, full of despair and frustration used her magic to wish away all people. Both humans and mutants vanished in an instant. The remaining robots are trying to make sense of what happened searching a […]


On Earth 9874 the meteor containing Vibranium landed not in Wakanda but in Utah. The year is equivalent to 1875 and Ulysess Klaw had founded Klaw Town at its base, mining the unique metal. AIM from Earth 616 have recently discovered this dimension and sent through a group of 4 Super Adaptoids to take over […]

Adventure: Forecast

I’ve been playing in a Marvel Heroic System game based around the Secret Avengers. The gamesmaster asked if anyone else wanted to run a game and I volunteered. I knew immediately that I wanted to run a game that took full advantage of the covert/black-ops set up of the team. The first thing I do […]