Illuminati: Issue 0

I’ve already given high praise to the ‘Civil War Essential Event Book’ but there is only so much depth that it can go into. I thought it would be interesting to examine the tie-in books in greater detail, which should be useful to anyone using the Event book. To begin with I’ll be looking at […]

The Sentry

The Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Basic Game book provides a datafile for Sentry, as he was when he was reintroduced in the ‘Break Out’ storyline. Here Bob Reynolds is a broken man. His character arc throughout both the ‘New Avengers’, ‘The Dark Avengers’ and ultimately ‘The Seige’ is tragic. A man with the power of a […]

Avengers: The Coming Of The Avengers!

Avengers Issue 1 was written by Stan Lee, with art provided by the legendary Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers. For the first time several prominent Marvel heroes assembled into a single team. With the release of the movie it seemed a good time to look back at how it all began. What is immediately apparent […]

Incredible Hulk: “The Lone and Level Sands”

Issue 467 is one of my favourite issues of the Incredible Hulk. The final issue in Peter David’s amazing run on the title with art provided by Adam Kubert. It centres on a journalist in the near future interviewing Rick Jones for a book about the Hulk. The majority of the issue is dominated by […]