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My latest D&D adventure collection is available to buy here.

Five tales centred around moral dilemmas to challenge adventurers of any level. These can be introduced into any campaign in any order as stand-alone scenarios or combined into a single plot arc.

  • In Absolution the PCs pursue a wanted criminal to a village where everyone can find forgiveness, for a price.
  • In Devil’s Due the PCs must save the soul of warlock from the devil.
  • A young woman has a rendezvous with death in A Grave For Two.
  • Skeletons take over the land in Kingdom of Bones and only the PCs can find a cure, but should they?
  • In Skeletons In The Closet a bandit’s ability to seemingly vanish from pursuers is tied to a terrible secret.

Advice is given on how to customise the scenarios for different groups and provide maximum replayability.

If you enjoy the anthology of adventure please also see ‘The Long Night‘.

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