civil war

Actual Play: Civil War, Part 7

The final game of our Civil War campaign picked up right where the last one left of. Heroes on both sides of the civil war squaring off in the Negative Zone as prisoners escaped from their cells. We were given the choice of which characters we wished to play and I decided to stick with […]

Actual Play: Civil War, Part 6

One of the things I really love about the Marvel Heroic system is that it makes it very easy to switch between different characters. There are several great mechanics to make each character feel and play differently while retaining the same basic components. Milestones are a good tool to encourage you to roleplay the character […]

Actual Play: Civil War, Part 5

The number of people playing in a Marvel Heroic game can make a big difference. The more you have the slower things become. This is chiefly because not only does everyone get to act but reacting to a villains attack can take just as much time. This is further compounded by the more villains that […]

Actual Play: Civil War, Part 4

For this section of our campaign we switched sides to the Pro-registration side. This is one of the great advantages of troupe play. Not being tied to one particular character allows you to explore much more of the story. We would be playing members of the Thunderbolts, captured criminals tasked to hunt down enemies of […]

Actual Play: Civil War, Part 3

Picking right up from where we left our heroes Invisible Woman and Spider-Man were trying to get Patriot to safety. The GM asked where we wanted to go and I suggested that we go to the Pier 4 base that the Fantastic Four 4 occasionally used as a base. Later I learnt that this location […]

Actual Play: Civil War, Part 2

Our next game picked up with a protest outside the Baxter building. J Jonah Jameson was using recent events to get the public behind his anti-hero agenda. Of course Sue was none to pleased about their presence and told Reed maybe they should leave the country (foreshadowing the Thing’s trip to France in the comics). […]

Actual Play: Civil War, Part 1

I’m currently taking part in a Civil War campaign. We decided before hand that we’d focus on a group of anti-registration heroes, although we wouldn’t stick to continuity and allow any mix of characters. Once the Civil War began we’d occasionally switch to the Thunderbolts, tasked with capturing rogue heroes. After playing Captain Britain and […]

Civil War: Issue 1

Events of the first issue of ‘Civil War’ are covered in ‘Civil War Essentials Event Book’ pages CW58 to CW69. Comparing it to the comic we see that the scenes being discussed occur out of sequence but this is an important guide to translating events into a roleplaying game. Scenes in a comic are designed […]

Review: Young Avengers/Runaways Event Supplement

Continuing the release of supplements for the main ‘Civil War’ event book we are provided with a solid collection of datafiles, focusing mainly on the younger generation of heroes in the Marvel universe. One of the biggest draws for anyone wanting to run ‘Civil War’ is the information provided on the New Warriors and the […]

SPIDER-MAN: Mr Parker Goes To Washington

The events of ‘Amazing Spider-Man Issue 529 – 531’ are covered on pages CW49 & 50 of the ‘Civil War: Essential Event Book’. I was very pleased to see that they also provided a new write-up of Spider-Man on page CW204, representing the Iron Spider Armor. The three part story, written by J Michael Straczynski, […]