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My latest D&D adventure collection is available to buy here.

Five tales centred around moral dilemmas to challenge adventurers of any level. These can be introduced into any campaign in any order as stand-alone scenarios or combined into a single plot arc.

  • In Absolution the PCs pursue a wanted criminal to a village where everyone can find forgiveness, for a price.
  • In Devil’s Due the PCs must save the soul of warlock from the devil.
  • A young woman has a rendezvous with death in A Grave For Two.
  • Skeletons take over the land in Kingdom of Bones and only the PCs can find a cure, but should they?
  • In Skeletons In The Closet a bandit’s ability to seemingly vanish from pursuers is tied to a terrible secret.

Advice is given on how to customise the scenarios for different groups and provide maximum replayability.

If you enjoy the anthology of adventure please also see ‘The Long Night‘.

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After years of providing free roleplaying content I’ve written a Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition adventure called ‘The Long Night’ available to buy The Dungeon Masters Guild here.

If you’ve enjoyed my work on this blog please consider giving this a look.

‘The Long Night’ is designed to be a fun scenario to introduce players to the game and the setting of the Forgotten Realms.

Based in Dalelands the PCs are in a village celebrating  the annual Midsummer festival, which culminates with maidens entering the woods to be hunted by their suitors.

When neither the maidens or the suitors return the villagers turn to the PCs for help. They must venture into the woods to find that there is an unwelcome guest to the festivities.

Encouraging problem solving over hack & slash (although there is the potential for several fights) and a focus on interaction with those involved this can serve as a side adventure or the start of a whole campaign.

If you enjoy it let me know!



xbabiesmojoThe PCs find themselves on Mojoworld, recruited by the X-Babies to overthrow Mojo but they might just learn a terrible secret in the process.


The PCs must break free of the mind control that has them acting out dramatic events and join the X-Babies in a daring escape.


Recovering their memories they will meet Arize, the master-mind behind the plan to defeat Mojo. Before they can do that they’ll need to escape from the War Wolves.


After defeating the Transmitter Tower’s guardians the PCs discover the price of their actions. They’ll need to pursue Mojo to their own reality to discover the truth about mojoworld.



1 XP when you interact with a fan or say your catch-phrase.

3 XP when you make a public appearance or pull off one of your signature move.

10 XP when you go fulltime into showbiz or decided to shun the limelight.


1 XP when you escape from confinement or help others be free.

3 XP when you free a slave or inflict stress on a slave owner.

10 XP when you either end slavery or allow it to continue.






The CROWDED STREETS are filled with Spineless masters and their cloned slaves. The area is illuminated by BRIGHT CITY LIGHTS.


The headquarters for infant version of the X-Men is DESIGNED FOR BABIES, making it difficult to move around for adults. It is a clutter of CARDBOARD BOXES & CHILDISH DRAWINGS.



mojofilmcrewEach of the heroes find themselves in an action packed situation. They don’t know it yet but this is a scenario being performed for the pleasure of Mojoworld. These challenges will be overcome by rolling against the Doom Pool.

Possible scenarios include:

The Shark Tank:

The hero is chained up, watching as someone close to them is being lowered into a shark tank. They must get themselves free and rescue the NPC within 3 rounds or they are shark food.

Iron Bomb:

The heroes arrive at the Avengers Tower to find Iron Man trapped within his suit, unable to move. Set to overload it will devastate the surrounding area. Stark explains that they either need to get him away from the city or kill him as if his life-signs shutdown so does the suit. Can the PCs do what it takes?

Subway Flood:

The hero is in their secret identity, on a subway train in New York. Commuters talk about how a Gamma bomb test at sea accidentally gave Hydroman incredible powers and that the Avengers are struggling to stop him.

Suddenly the train comes to a stop within the tunnels as the power cuts out. Tremors can be felt around them and seconds later there is a thunderous roar as water floods the tunnel.

With limited air in the carriage the hero must find a way to save themselves and the commuters before time runs out.

Into The Sun:

The hero wakes up, incredibly hot. They are on a spaceship, its course locked on to the Sun. A recorded message from Ultron taunts them, indicating the evil robot is responsible for taking over the ship. Once they are dead Ultron will be free to rule the universe.

The PC can either use technical skills to attempt to regain control or try to escape the vessel before it is too late.

Whether the heroes succeed or fail once the scenario is completed they hear a voice yell “Cut!”

They will become aware that they are in an impressive television studio, watched by numerous cameras. Their surroundings become transparent, revealing much of the environment was actually a hologram.

The human-looking production crew will indicate that they need to reshoot the scene, either because the hero failed or because of some minor technical problem. They invite the heroes to wait in their dressing rooms until they are ready for them. If they resist their mind becomes cloudy and they’ll find themselves in the dressing room any way.


xbabiesThe PCs are escorted into a dressing room which is in fact a thinly disguised holding cell. The good news is that there are refreshments and they are together. Comparing notes they can’t remember where they are or how they got there.

They can attempt to escape from the holding cell by rolling against the  Doom Pool. If they don’t they’ll find that the door to their cell suddenly opens, with alarms ringing somewhere in the building (this will occur shortly after they escape).

The lights flicker on and off as the heroes can try to make their escape. At first it appears as if the X-Men are coming to their rescue as they see guards taken out by Wolverine’s claws, the distinctive sulphur smell of Night-Crawler’s ‘bamf’ and Storm’s lightening blasts as small figures dart around.

Rather than being in the distance these rescuers are actually just very small, for these are the X-Babies. Consisting of Shower, Colossusus, Creepy Crawler and Wolvie they announce that they are here to save the heroes.

Blasting a hole in a wall it reveals that the heroes are on Mojoworld, futuristic skyscrapers stretching up to the strange night sky above while grotesque Spineless ones scuttle around on their walking carriages, their human slaves labouring for them.


The X-Babies explain they have a safe place to take the heroes but escape isn’t easy. The spineless are incredibly excited (and repulsed) to see these television stars and will do anything to get a piece of them.



The heroes can physically fight the Spineless but they can also just try to escape. If they succeed using a movement power or create a complication at D8 or higher then they’ve managed to out run at least one of the Spineless.

If the Doom Pool reaches 2D12 then War Wolves arrive to stop their escape.

The PCs can use the X-Babies in their pool, each mini-hero adding D8 to their roll. A plot point must be paid if they want to use more than one of the X-Babies in their action.


arizeIf the PCs are able to escape then the X-Babies take them to an underground lair which they refer to as the X-Baby Play Pen. Here there are other miniature X-Babies including Shadowkitty, Psychilde, Charlie X & Lil’ Iceman.

The X-Babies explain their origins and how they’ve been fighting against Mojo, with little success. They are keen to learn from the heroes about their Earth 616 counter-parts, taking their triumphs and failures as their own.

This gives the PCs an opportunity to recover any stress and create resources while learning about their surroundings. Of course the real question is how they go there, since their memory is still cloudy due to the mind control they’ve been exposed to.

The X-Babies reveal that is due to their new grown-up friend, Arize. The scientist will make his presence known entering the Play Pen to apologise for what he has done. Tall with a shock of red hair, a wild beard and cybernetic legs he looks very different to the spineless ones.

Arize sets up highly advanced equipment which he promises will restore the heroes memories. Once activated the PCs remember exactly what happened.







The PCs remember the conclusion of their previous adventure. They were on Earth 16501730, where piracy was still in its golden age. They were fighting Captain Octopus (this world’s version of Doctor Octopus) to prevent the pirate from using the stolen treasures of Atlantis to control the sea.


Play out this scene with the PCs on Captain Octopus’ ship, the villain wielding a cutlass in each of his metal arms. For an added challenge include his pirate crew (4D6) and if they need help they can be added by Kid Spider (secretly cabin boy Peter Parkins) a D10 dice they can add to their rolls.

If they heroes are defeated Arize used inter-dimensional technology to whisk them away from harm (and will expect them to be grateful). If they were triumphant Arize hijacked the portal that would have brought them home.


With their memories restored Arize can now explain to the PCs why they were brought there. First he explains that the spineless were technologically stagnant, bombarded by images from other-worlds which they now believe to be television signals.

Arize was born a mutant, immune to the signals that paralysed his species. He was able to use his scientific skills to construct a cybernetic skeleton for himself but the rest of his race rushed to have a spine.

Spearheading technological advancements Arize and his race were able to create inter-dimensional technology and even time travel. Yet they were fixated on television, their obsessive viewing habits dulling the never-ending transmissions that assaulted their minds.

They forced Arize to create a clone slave race, which he modelled on the images they’d seen. They banished Arize when they discovered he’d secretly programmed them to rebel.

The X-Babies were able to find Arize and convinced him to come back and use his genius to overthrow Mojo. He has come up with a plan to hijack the transmission tower that broadcasts the 72,000 television channels across Mojoworld and use it to block the signals from other dimensions.

Only the PCs would be able to overcome the security that defends the transmission tower and so he used the inter-dimensional technology to bring the heroes to Mojoworld, only for them to be captured and forced to take part in the television shows.

Arize and the X-Babies ask if the heroes will help free Mojoworld from their despot leader. Hopefully the answer will be ‘yes’ but if they refuse the X-Babies reluctantly agree to show them how to get home (but will take them to the transmitter tower).


Before the PCs can leave on their mission the X-Men’s Play Pen is infiltrated by War Wolves (1 for each hero). To create a surprise one of these War Wolves could have captured an X-Baby in the previous Act. It will shed its stolen skin, emerging from the X-Baby’s mouth.


The PCs can try to escape or stay and fight to protect the remaining X-Babies and Arize. Should the PCs be defeated they will be taken before Mojo.

If the PCs escape or are able to defeat the War Wolves then proceed to ‘TECHNICAL PROBLEMS’.




This is situated TOP OF THE WORLD and is HEAVILY DEFENDED.





The Transmitter tower is a huge structure, dwarfing the other buildings. PCs may use stealth to by-pass security from the ground level, fly up or fight their way past the security (D8 security guards).

At its summit all that stands between them and their goal is the transmitter’s guardians, evil future versions of the PCs! This is the reason that only the PCs could put Arize’s plan into action.

Mojo plucked these versions of the PCs from sometime in their near future and convinced them that it was very important that they ensure the spineless kept watching television.

These future doppelgängers inform the PCs that they don’t know what they are doing and that they are endangering all of reality but refuse to reveal more. They share the PCs memories so tell them to go back to Arize and go home.

Use the PCs data file but increase a specialty and power by one step to reflect the experience they’ve gained in the intervening years. Similarly adjust their distinctions to show their dedication to protecting the transmitter and any future events that might have changed their character.

During this scene, if the PCs are able to successfully roll against the Doom Pool they can install Arize’s technology. If they do they will hear wailing from the population of Mojoworld before the inhabitants (except for Mojo, Arize and the human clones) fall into comas.


If the PCs investigate the effect on the population they find that while the Spineless are now shielded from the transmissions their bodies are shutting down. Anyone with Medical of Science specialities can come to the conclusion that it appears as if the very purpose of the Spineless was to consume transmitted images and without that they die.

Mojo’s image appears on giant screens dotted around the city, via cable, addressing the PCs. He goads them, saying that they’ve doomed Mojoworld but there is still time to fix things. He suggests they discuss things in their native reality. On the screen it shows Mojo opening a portal and passing through.

If Arize is with the PCs he explains that if a Spineless leaves the dimension they exert an Anti-Life field that will eventually destroy their world. Doubtlessly it is a trap and advises them to stay on Mojoworld. The X Babies disagree, offering to come with them to finish Mojo once and for all.

PCs have a chance to recover and establish resources before they head through the portal.




The PCs arrive in Time Square. Vehicles have collided with each other and people lie dead or dying as Mojo’s anti-life field ages them rapidly. A storm rages above, shattering windows due to the high winds and frequent lighting strikes.

Mojo taunts the heroes, saying that they’ve meddled in the natural order of things. He points out that their world is just one of many Earths but Mojoworld is unique. He says that there is still time for them to save their world. If they agree to never interfere in his affairs he’ll tell the secrets that only Executives learn. They might even be able to establish a deal, allowing the PCs to use his inter-dimensional resources and data in return for broadcasting their adventures.

If the PCs refuse then Mojo will try to stay and finish destroying the world. If the Doom Pool reaches 2D12 there will be lasting damage to Earth’s eco-system. The world won’t be destroyed but it will begin dying (which can lead to further adventures where the PCs try to find a cure).

If the PCs agree to Mojo’s plans or defeat him he’ll reveal the secrets of Mojoworld. He explains that he had his people research the nature of their reality. It was determined that the reason that they were unique is because Mojoworld hadn’t occurred naturally. Someone made it, just like it made the spineless.

They were designed by nature to collected data transmitted to them. They had first thought that it was television broadcasts but this didn’t make sense, after all how would it penetrate space-time?

The answer was the transmissions were being deliberately sent to them by a race that observed countless Earths. Who watches the Watchers? The Spineless do.

The reason for this is being demonstrated around the PCs. The Spineless destroy worlds just by being there. They were designed to destroy worlds, either because they endangered other realities or had been judged inferior. This is why, once they had technology, they’d been compelled to find ways to travel to other dimensions and times.

Mojo says that they have been used just as they use their slaves. The Spineless are genetic weapons designed by unknown makers. Using television to distract his people was the only way to prevent them from killing dimensions. The PCs have foiled that plan and doomed a race.

Once the secret is revealed, whether Mojo was defeated or not, the villain asks the PCs to find out who created his world. He believes that the Watchers are being used, just as they were. In order to find the truth the PCs will have to go even higher.


There are multiple ways that this adventure can end.

The PCs could agree to work with Mojo, allowing them to travel through space/time or they might just let him return home to regain control and save his people. They’ll have to live with the oppression of the slaves.

The PCs could overthrow Mojo. If they return to his world they can either find a way to cure the Spineless or remove Arize’s technology. They can help give the clones their freedom and change the planets culture.

Finally, depending on whether they were able to stop Mojo in time they’ll have either saved their world or need to begin finding a way to undo the damage he has caused. 

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This adventure concerns Earth8764532, specifically the teams of the  LA Champions and West Coast Avengers. Refer to the previous posts for the associated datafiles.

In Act One the PCs arrive in LA and are confronted by a rampaging Marrina. After defeating her and making contact with the West Coast Avengers they investigate what caused this.

In Act Two the PCs they must prevent Ghostrider from exacting vengeance on Marrina before stopping Deathwatch and Graviton from opening a portal to hell.

In Act Three the PCs must prevent Namor from flooding LA, a task complicated by the presence of Tiger Shark.



1XP when you talk about the wonders and delights of being in LA or its history.

3XP when you visit a LA landmark.

10XP when you save LA from destruction or let it be destroyed.


1XP when you talk about the pros or cons of a super team.

3XP when you fight another super team or prevent two rival super teams fighting.

10XP when you persuade a team member to switch sides or convince one team to disassemble.


1XP when you talk about the crimes or mistakes of a hero (including yourself).

3XP when you capture a hero guilty of a crime or help them escape.

10XP when you ensure that a hero is punished or you clear their name.







Hook: A Bridge Too Far

The Avengers: Infinite pick up a strange signal coming from a distant reality, Earth 8764532. Normally the Bridge wouldn’t be able to reach that far but this time it can. This mystery enough for them to investigate.


La Brea Tar Pits

The tar pits are extremely Sticky and filled with the Bones Of The Dead.

Venice Beach

A Sandy Playground ideal for people to Show Their Strength.

Art Gallery

This is The Scene Of The Crime but still The Hippest Place To Be.

Streets of LA

A Gangster’s Paradise of Weaving Roads And Traffic.

Titan Television

Here PCs can find themselves Behind The Scenes surrounded by Lights, Camera, Action!


MarrinamonsterEmerging from the Bridge the PCs find Marrina in a berserk rage at the LA Brea Tar Pits. After collapsing several buildings the enraged Plodex is now terrifying those who came to see the infamous tar pits.

She is powerful and will attempt to create complications for PCs by throwing them into the tar pits. If not directly confronted she will increase the doom pool, putting members of the public in danger.

The alien is in a confused state, unable to communicate in anything other than grunts and shouts. Marrina isn’t in her preferred element and doesn’t have much resistance to damage so the PCs should be able to defeat her. If she should triumph (or the PCs let her go) she’ll wonder into the city eventually regaining her senses and going into hiding, horrified over what she has done.

If the PCs do manage to neutralise Marrina the West Coast Avengers (US Agent, Mockingbird, Wonder Man, Wasp) soon arrive, investigating reports of their team mates rampage.

It is up to the PCs if they decide to reveal their true nature, impersonate their dimensional doppelgängers or keep a low profile. If they do stick around they find that while Marrina has struggled with her increasingly monstrous nature this is out of character for her.

There is still work to be done, with people trapped in the rubble caused by Marrina’s rampage. Let the PCs help, rolling against the Doom Pool to save people. Numerous people are badly injured are rushed to hospital. If any of the PCs has medical training let them roll against the Doom pool if they want to heal some of them but at least a few will remain critical.

The police want to arrest Marrina but US Agent pulls rank, saying that the West Coast Avengers will take her into custody. He argues that their headquarters have a holding cell that can contain her. The PCs can weigh in on this discussion but if they don’t interfere the police agree to let the Avengers take Marrina.

Before the PCs can investigate further they’ll find that sometime during the action the Bridge closed and no amount of trying will get it to reopen. Whatever allowed them to travel so far has stopped working and they are now stranded.

Transition Scene: FAR FROM HOME

The PCs will be invited by the West Coast Avengers to their headquarters. It is a beautiful cliff side property  overlooking the beach. The sub-basement contains cells designed to hold super powered beings. US Agent wants to place Marrina in one of these cells but Wasp argues that she should be allowed her freedom until they have proof she’ll loose control again. Marrina will abide with whatever the group wants so the PCs have the opportunity to give their opinion.

Once this is decided the PCs can be introduced to Hank Pym, recently retired from superhero activity he provides technical support. If the PCs have revealed their origins he is fascinated at the possibilities of inter-dimensional travel. He has, however, more pressing matters to discuss.

While the West Coast Avengers were responding to Marrina’s rampage they received report that masked gunman has stolen a conceptual art piece from the Excelsior Art Gallery. It could be a coincidence or it might be that Marrina’s rampage was a distraction.

Wasp suggests that the Enchantress is involved. Recently Enchantress has become the star of chat show on the Titan television network, getting big television ratings. Marrina has been watching it frequently as Enchantress has announced that she’ll be talking to Namor tonight.

A medical examination of Marrina, with a successful medical or science roll against the doom pool, reveals that she was drugged. The chemical was designed to affect the Plodex race, suggesting whoever created it had knowledge of her species. A Cosmic specialty roll against the Doom Pool will confirm that the drug was created by the skrull.

If the PCs question eye witnesses or make a Crime speciality roll against the Doom pool they can learn that prior to her berserk rage Marrina was swimming in the ocean. There was some trouble with a group of teen gang members attempted to rob someone. Marrina attempted to intervene but the gang members injected her with something and fled.

These clues should point in the direction of the Turn Coats. The PCs can be pointed in their direction but US Agent says that the West Coast Avengers don’t get involved in street crime. They leave that to the LA Champions.

If the PCs ask about contacting LA Champions Mockingbird explains their background and membership. She provides them with their helpline number. The PCs will have to come up with something good if they expect Hawkeye to believe their far fetched story.

The PCs might still be concerned about being stranded. A Science or Cosmic speciality roll against the Doom pool will reveal that the pathway home closed at the moment the armed robbery at the art gallery took place.

Transition Scene: THE ART HEIST

To get more information about the theft of the conceptual art piece the PCs will need to travel to the Excelsior art gallery. This is where the trendiest of the art crowd like to be seen and they are still in shock from being involved in an armed raid.

Police have questioned everyone but the witnesses are willing to talk to superheroes. The staff at the gallery reveal that only one piece of art was taken, a mysterious large electronic device that resembled a metal pillar with a flashing crystal pyramid. There was an emblem on the side that the staff can draw, which appears to be the Avengers: Infinite symbol. This will raise questions if the PCs are with the West Coast Avengers.

The masked gunman burst in and grabbed the device, which stopped flashing as they loaded it into a van. The thieves smelled strongly of sulphur, which indicates to anyone with the Mystic specialty that demons were involved. Those familiar with the LA crime scene will suspect that Deathwatch is involved.

The strangest thing is that no one is sure where the stolen art piece came from. It was just there one morning when the staff arrived. They believed that one of their artists had snuck in and dropped it off and would reveal his identity later.


westcoasthawkeyeVarious clues can lead the PCs to investigate the Turncoats, a street gang of teenage skrulls. They can be found in East LA and when the PCs encounter them they are in the process of loading up one of their specially modified cars with a box of laser guns.

Before the PCs can interrupt them the LA champions (Hawkeye, Two Gun Kid and Moon Knight) will appearing, having been keeping an eye on the Turncoats. The alien teenagers manage to take off in their car, capable of hovering for short periods, with gang members using the laser weapons to fire at the pursing heroes.

There are 5 members of the Turncoats in the car. They’ll try to increase the Doom pool to get the 2 12s they need to escape, weaving in and out of traffic, firing warning shots and using the hover facility of their vehicle to leap off over passes and into viaducts.

Once captured the Turncoats can be interrogated. They reveal that they were hired by Powerbroker Inc to stage the distraction. In return for their freedom or leniency they will give up the current headquarters of Powerbroker Inc, a small office on Venice beach.

If this is the first time that the PCs are meeting the LA champions Hawkeye attempts to recruit them to his team’s side. He will try to convince them that US Agent is mismanaging the group and that his team is much more suited to dealing with the current crisis.


Once the PCs learn about the involvement of Powerbroker Inc they may want to pay them a visit. If they ask US Agent about this organisation he will advise them not to look into it (as he is currently being blackmailed by the group). Anyone else will tell them that they are an illegal organisation that offers superpowers through drugs and genetic manipulation.

At Venice Beach the PCs will find a group of body builders working out opposite the Powerbroker Inc office. At first they seem to be just showing off their physical perfection in the heat of the Sun (unless the PCs arrive at night) but they take a keen interest if the PCs attempt to enter the apparently closed office.

These body builders have been augmented and act as security for the property, scaring anyone who investigates. While powerful they lack any formal training or experience of real combat.


Superhuman Strength D10 Enhanced Stamina D8 Enhanced Durability D8

SFX: Area Attack. Add a D6 and keep an additional effect die for each additional target.

The Body Builders will pit their strength against the superheroes but aren’t likely to play fair. If things get tough they won’t hesitate to create complications by kicking sand into the faces of the heroes, attempting to blind them.

Once defeated the group can enter the office to find an illegal clinic in the back. Here they can encounter Doctor Malus in the middle of a delicate operation on patient. He’ll imply that if anything were to disturb him his scalpel could easily nick a vital artery. Doctor Malus will bargain with them that he’ll give them what they want, the information about why they hired the Turncoats, if the PCs leave.

If the PCs challenge him Doctor Malus will follow through on his threat. The PCs will need to make a Medical roll against the Doom Pool to save the patient.

If the PCs agree to his terms or interrogate him afterwards Doctor Malus explains that they were hired by Deathwatch to create a distraction at the time of the art gallery heist. It was Dr Malus’s idea to use the Turncoats who had been trying to make a name for themselves and who were only too willing to turn over the skrull medical knowledge to create the drug used against Marrina.

While Dr Malus doesn’t know where Deathwatch is now he will say that Graviton hired some extra muscle for a job that night. He usually only does that when he is meeting other gang bosses. He’ll offer to let the heroes join the hired help (in disguise) if they want to infiltrate that meeting.

If they agree Dr Malus will give them the location where Graviton will pick up the security and take them to the meeting. If the PCs let Dr Malus go free Power Broker Inc will close the clinic and move elsewhere in the city within the next 24 hours.


The PCs can see if Enchanter is responsible for bewitching Marrina by heading to Titan television. This station is secretly owned by Xemnu, hoping that Enchantress will increase viewing figures so he’ll have more victims when he finally makes a grab for power.

Enchantress is enjoying the attention and has crew members rushing around trying to satisfy her every whim. She casually uses her magic to bewitch men’s minds to get her way but isn’t doing anything too illegal.

Currently everyone is preparing for the arrival of Namor. Enchantress is certain she can place him under her charms and plans to make him forget about his estranged wife, Marrina.

This can make her suspicious to the PCs. Enchantress won’t take kindly to any accusations, asking them to leave. If they refuse she’ll order the television studio security and then the crew to physically escort them out.

If the PCs continue to resist Enchantress will deal with them personally. She’ll concentrate on the male superheroes, twisting their minds with complications, mental and emotional stress.

If they defeat her or they are reasonable with her then Enchantress will claim innocence, although her only witnesses are those that she could have bewitched. She will tell them that she sensed something breach their reality the night before. She sensed something akin to a beacon, although it had the stench of science about it.


LA TOUR [5xp]

Any member of either the LA Champions or the West Coast Avengers can show the heroes around their version of LA. This gives the PC Familiarity with LA as a D8 resource for both acts.

PYM PARTICLES [5xp/10xp/15xp]

If the PCs are on good terms with the West Coast Avengers Hank Pym will offer the PCs the use of his Pym Particles. At 5XP this gives them the Growth/Shrinking D8 power for one act. For 10XP it lasts for both acts and at 15Xp the power is upgraded to D10.

SKY BIKE [5xp/10xp]

If the team are on good terms with the LA Champions Hawkeye will give them access to spare Sky Bikes. The bikes have Flight D6 and Senses D8. For 5Xp they can be used for one act. For 10 XP it lasts for both acts.


If the PCs were respectful to Enchantress she will invite them on to her talk show, alongside Namor. This means when Namor makes his threat in Act 3 they will be there when it happens.

UNLOCK HERO [5xp/10xp]

If the PCs are on good terms with either the LA Champions or West Coast Avengers they can unlock one of the characters to play as a hero. For 5xp this is for one act and for 10xp it is for both.

This allows the PCs to split up, bolstering their numbers with unlocked characters. Remember to play up the tension between the rival teams and please note that Ghost Rider in the Action Scene: Penance is driven to attack Marrina requiring him to either be a NPC or have his player must be willing to go along with this.






West Coast Avengers Headquarters

Situated as Literal Cliff Hanger, with stilts keeping it in place this is where the Avengers are located. It is sums up the city by favouring Style Over Practicality.

Clarke Futuristic

This lab was Killed By Stark Industries but there is still Dangerous Technology to be found.


westcoastvengenceLater in the day it emerges that some of those injured by Marrina have died in hospital. If she learns of this she is distraught, looking to the PCs for comfort or understanding. Further afield Ghost Rider feels the need to punish the alien.

If the group are with the LA Champions they will witness Daniel Ketch transform into Ghost Rider, stating that innocent lives have been lost and penance must be paid. He’ll then drive at high speed towards the West Coast Avengers headquarters.

If the PCs are with the West Coast Avengers headquarters they’ll first hear the roar of a motorcycle, before Ghost Rider drives it straight through a window. The vigilante intends to hunt down Marrina and use his Penance stare on her.

Both teams will attempt to stop Ghost Rider (although the LA Champions may take some time to arrive) but due to misunderstandings they are also likely to fight each other. PCs will be caught in the middle, perhaps the only ones who remember to protect Marrina.

Ghost Rider can’t be reasoned with so must be taken out. If the PCs are able to achieve this then they’ll have to work out what to do with him. The West Coast Avengers will want to place him in a cell while Hawkeye will insist he is returned to the LA Champions.

If the PCs and heroes don’t stop Ghost Rider he’ll inflict Mental or Emotional trauma on Marrina and leave. Danny will be upset to find out what his alter ego has done and will agree to any steps to prevent him transforming back.

Once this is resolved there is still a larger issue. The public is outraged about the death and demand that Marrina is arrested. People are even asking that as an alien does she have any rights?

If she isn’t already in police custody the authorities will demand that she be handed over to them. US Agent is torn as he wants to be seen to follow the law but doesn’t like his authority to be questioned and thinks it would look bad on him to hand over a team member. He’ll suggest to the PCs that if they were too knock him out and escape with Marrina it would be out of his control but they’d have to make it look good.

The fate of Marrina will be important later so the PCs actions will have important consequences.


westcoastgravitonDeathwatch has arranged a meeting with Graviton to show him the stolen Avengers: Infinite anchor, believing his knowledge of science will allow it to work. Deathwatch is aware that it makes it easier to lock on to this dimension and intends to use it to bring more demonic beings to this world. In return he is willing to trade sections of LA that he controls to Graviton.

The meeting takes place in the now closed Clarke Futuristics, a company that were designing exo-skeletons until Stark Industries put them out of business. There is enough scientific equipment left there to get the anchor working.

In addition to the Power Broker Inc provided body builders (see Action Scene: Heroes Of The Beach) Deathwatch is accompanied by his own demonic guards (the masked gunmen from the art heist).


Enhanced Durability D8 Hellfire Shotguns D8

SFX: Area Attack. Add a D6 and keep an additional effect die for each additional target.

SFX: Counterattack: On a reaction to Physical stress inflict Physical stress with your effect die at no Doom Dice cost or spend a Doom Dice to step it up by +1.

The Demon henchmen are armed with shotguns infused with demonic power. They are hot to the touch, able to burst into flames to cause further damage to anyone who attempts to strike them.


The PCs could learn about the meeting from Power Broker Inc but if they’ve missed this line of investigation then they could get the information by shaking down minor crooks or other people in the criminal underworld (using Crime and Menace rolls against the Doom Pool to get the correct information) which will point them in the right direction.

At the meeting Graviton is astonished by the technology in the anchor but recognises that some of it has been made by Tony Stark. He reasons that his gravity powers can be used to act as a focus for the anchor.

When the PCs intervene Deathwatch tells Graviton to concentrate on activating the anchor. He will do this at first, aiming to increase the Doom pool to 2D12 to end the scene, with demonic forces flooding out of the open portal (see the Act 3 Action Scene Hell Comes To LA). If he receives D8 stress he will instead attack those who have harmed him before returning to work on the anchor.

Deathwatch and the henchmen will keep the heroes from interfering with Graviton. This will usually be a direct attack but they will also create complications, just to make it harder for the PCs to take a direct action.

PCs can try to inflict mental or emotional stress on Graviton, who is unaware that Deathwatch intends to allow demons into this realm. If they cause trauma Graviton will decide that it isn’t worth his while to maintain the alliance.

If the PCs are able to defeat the villains they now have the Avengers Infinite Anchor and their way home. This can be done with a Science or Cosmic roll against the Doom Pool. This will also let the PCs know that somewhere else in the multiverse there is at least one other incarnation of their group and that these anchors allow them to travel further. In all likelihood there is a whole network, allowing them to protect more Earths.

Now the PCs can travel home but there is still work for them to do in this reality, with Marrina still wanted by the authorities, and the situation is about to get worse.


Friend Of Marrina [5XP]

If the PCs give Marrina her freedom she will swim with them in the ocean, showing her favourite spots. This gives them the D8 Frequent Swimmer resource for the next act allowing them to be comfortable in the sea and know the coastline well.

Gravity Aura [5XP/10XP]

If the PCs fought Graviton they could find that his powers have affected them in an unexpected way. Due to them not being native to the dimension and being in close proximity to the anchor during the fight they have gain his powers for Act 3. For 5 XP they have Gravity Control D8, for 10XP this is stepped up to D10.

Remote Bridge [5XP/10XP]

If the PCs gain access to the Anchor they can link it to the Bridge (maybe with the help of Hank Pym) to allow individuals to teleport at will. At 5XP they gain Teleport D8 and for 10XP that is upgraded to D10.






Here the Waves Are High and the Depths Are Deep.


Once the PCs have dealt with Deathwatch and Graviton they can try to recuperate, possibly with the West Coast Avengers or the LA Champions (or both). Someone will have the television on to watch Enchantress’ late night chat show (either Wasp or Marrina will want to see it).

Enchantress welcomes Namor and asks him about his views on what Marrina has done. Namor immediately launches into a speech, warning that unless his wife is returned to him at the studio by the end of the program (in one hour) he will drown the city.

Enchantress will use her magic to teleport away, wishing the rest of the city the best of luck. Namor insists that the cameras keep rolling, explaining he has placed an Atlantian device off the coast which will cause a tidal wave to hit the city.

The PCs only have a short time to decide what to do but time enough to gather resources or attempt to heal from earlier conflicts.


The PCs could decide to take the fight to Namor, since he is easy to find. His datafile can be found in the Civil War sourcebook (CW208). In addition to directly fighting the heroes he can also attempt to increase the Doom Pool to 2D12 in order to prematurely activate the bomb, causing the city to be flooded.

Doom Pool dice can also be spent for Namor to burst water pipes, flooding the studio. This will allow him to make use of the SFX: In His Element.

Instead of fighting him the PCs could agree to his terms and bring him Marrina. She is reluctant but if she is convinced that this is the best way to protect her then she will agree. Namor will promise to protect her and congratulate the PCs for a wise decision. He will, however, find that he can’t deactivate the bomb (see Action Scene: Deep Water).

If the removed the risk to Marrina they could persuade Namor that she isn’t in danger any more. The Crime speciality can be used to present evidence to law enforcement showing why Marrina is innocent, although this should be roleplayed out.

A similar situation happens as above, with Namor agreeing to spare the city only to find that he can’t deactivate the bomb.

If you want to raise the stakes further Xemnu could make a grab for power, since almost everyone is watching Namor’s broadcast. He’ll wait until the crisis is apparently averted and then send a signal to take over everyone’s mind, turning the whole city into his army.


The PCs could try to locate the bomb before Namor can activate it. This requires a Science or Tech roll against the Doom Pool. Alternatively they can just patrol of the coast line (the West Coast Avengers have a Pym designed submarine) until they find it.

As noted in Namor Live he will be unable to cancel the countdown, requiring the PCs to hunt the bomb down. In this scenario Namor can direct them to where it is but refuses to help, saying it will act as a warning to those who act against Atlantis.

Once the PCs have located the underwater bomb they find that it is guarded by Tiger Shark. The gang lord saw the broadcast and decided he wanted the weapon for himself. He got lucky and tore out some components that prevented the bomb from being remotely detonated. He plans to use the bomb to ransom the city but doesn’t realise that it is unstable.

Tiger Shark has the advantage of being in his element underwater. This will make the fight more difficult for PCs without the ability to survive for prolonged periods underwater. There is also the threat of the bomb, which will activate if the Doom Pool reaches 2D12.

Mental stress can be inflicted on Tiger Shark if the PCs convince him that the bomb can’t be controlled. If stressed out he’ll surrender the bomb to them.

Once they have the bomb the PCs can attempt to deactivate it, using Tech or Science against the Doom Pool. If the Doom Pool is close to reaching 2D12 this can be a risky proposition. If Marrina is with them she will volunteer to swim the bomb further out to sea, where it can’t endanger the city. She is willing to sacrifice herself to make amends for what she did. The GM can decide if she is able to get to safety before the bomb explodes.

With the bomb deactivated the city is safe. If they haven’t already they can now deal with Namor.


If the Avenger Infinite Anchor was activated by Graviton then demonic hordes swarm out, forcing the heroes to retreat. These demons have the same datafile as the Demon Henchmen but you can give them a variety of other powers such as Flight, Sorcery, Teleport and Psychic Powers to represent different breeds.

This happens concurrently to the crisis with Namor. The PCs will have to deal with the impending tidal wave and demons running amok. If the PCs don’t have someone who can deal with the mystic then they can track down Enchantress, returning to her apartment in LA to collect her things. She might possibly be convinced to help turn the tide.

The PCs could attempt to use one crisis to resolve the other. Flooding the city might be enough to neutralise the demons, who don’t react well to running water. Submerging the open portal could cause it close (after it drains much of the water that would otherwise have caused further damage in the city).

If the PCs are able to obtain the bomb they can throw it into the portal. If detonated it will close the portal but the backlash will likely destroy the Anchor in the process.

Ghost Rider, to make amends for his earlier attack against Marrina (and once convinced she is innocent), can volunteer to close the portal from the other side. The PCs will need to clear a path but a few turns after he goes through the portal does indeed close.

Possibly he could return in the future but for now the Ghost Rider is fighting an endless battle in a realm of demons.


If the PCs recovered the Avengers: Infinite Anchor the can reactivate it with a Science/Tech roll against the Doom Pool. This allows their own Bridge to reach them so that they can go home. They’ll take with them the knowledge of how to build other Anchors, allowing them to explore further into the infinite number of worlds.

If the PCs destroyed the Anchor they won’t be able to get home for the moment. If they can duplicate the design of the Bridge (and this universes Reed Richards can help with that) they can search for other Avengers: Infinite Anchors, eventually getting closer to home to make the final trip or find the teams dimensional doppelgängers and get help from the source.

Alternatively the team could decide to settle down in this universe.

The actions they’ve taken and the relationships they’ve forged with both the West Coast Avengers and the LA Champions will likely have lasting consequences, especially with regards to how the teams view each other.

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aaronPart of the Spider-Verse event ‘Edge of the Spider-Verse #3’ focuses on Aaron Aikman, a scientist who used his knowledge of chemistry and biology to give himself the powers of a spider. These powers were further augmented by an armored suit he built himself.

The story concerns the Spider-Man hunting down the elusive Naamurah, responsible for kidnapping over a hundred people in their sleep. He discovers her true origin and uncovers his plan to take over the world but before he can do anything about it Morlun telling him his story is over.

Although only one issue the narration, mini-profiles and ‘Did You Know?’ fact boxes fill in a lot of detail about this world. This gives enough material to run Events in this location.

The following datafiles can also be found here



On Earth-31411, at the age of 24 years old, Doctor Aaron Aikman secretly administered a treatment that inserted cloned spider genes into his own DNA. The villain Redeye (see below) is given as the reason that he became Spider-Man, suggesting that he did it to protect the city.

In Redeye’s profile it indicates that Rick Landress, the man who would become Redeye, appears in ‘The Spider-Man #1’ but the monster itself doesn’t appear until ‘The Spider-Man #3’. This indicates a very decompressed story, spending a lot of time establishing the characters before the hero makes his first appearance.  Alternatively his origins might be explored in flashback over those three issues.

Three years later, in the present of this story, Doctor Aaron Aikman continues to work at the Ikegami Medical Center and Research Institute, using its facilities at night.

Aaron is well-off, cool and suave. A marked contrast to Peter Parker. He is brilliant and a leader in the fields of bioengineering and molecular chemistry with the focus of his research being the medical applications of insect venom.

We might suppose that this is how he transferred the spider powers. Rather than the arachnid biting him he injected its venom directly into his body.

His genius makes him think that he knows everything. This can frustrate others, especially as he is usually right. Aaron is capable of humility and can questions whether he made the right choices.

The one important relationship in his life was with his boss and love interest, Doctor Kaori Ikegam. When that relationship broke down Aaron dedicated more of his time to his vigilante activities.

From what little we see this Spider-Man is well-regarded. Aaron marks the location of a rescued civilian for the police to find them, suggesting that he is well used to working alongside the authorities.

Aaron takes full advantage of his armor’s technology to monitor police frequencies and scan the environment using motion detection. He even has rear-view display to alert him to attacks from behind.

In his secret lab there are numerous different helmets, chest units and other armor parts (not to mention a possible Spider-Cycle). These could all be previous versions of his costume but given the short time span it is also possible that these different parts serve unique functions, allowing Aaron to customise his costume depending on the current situation.

These could allow Powers to be switched in the Spider-Armor Power Set.

Like most Spider-Men Aaron uses webbing, which he calls silk. This is bluish in colour, used both to entrap his opponents and to swing around the city. The formula can be adjusted, making it stronger and possibly giving it other qualities.

His other means of movement are his catapult propulsion boots,capable of launching him high into the air giving him a better view of the surrounding area. Spider-Man can use this added momentum to allow him to swing more quickly through the city.


If Morlun is to be believed this is the end of this Spider-Mans story but since his death doesn’t occur on page it is entirely possible that he could survive. Either he could escape or one of the inter-dimensional rescue teams of Spider-Men might rescue him.

If that is the end of his story there is still 3 years of adventures to explore within your own campaign.

Aaron’s work at the the Ikegami Medical Center and Research Institute is an opportunity to present plenty of medical drama.

This could be a good place to introduce this universes versions of Marvel characters, whether they be heroes or villains. Aaron might be called upon to treat the Fantastic Four after their fateful first space mission imbues them with cosmic radiation or he might be the first to identify the mutant race or Inhumans.

Given that he works with spider venom his research might be targeted by criminals who want to use the poison to blackmail the city. If the spiders have been treated to allow them to transfer their abilities one of these villains might be bitten, creating this Earth’s version of Venom.

His work at the Medical Center is very likely to be vital to saving lives, making it an even tougher decision when the city also needs Spider-Man at the same time. How can Aaron balance both lives?

A version of Aaron might exist on Earth 616. His knowledge of how Spider DNA can affect the human body could be of great interest to Peter Parker. If this version of Doctor Aikman doesn’t use the process on himself he might reveal its secret to the world, meaning anyone could potentially gain the same powers of Spider-Man (whether they’d want to after the events of ‘Spider-Island’ is another matter).

This version of Aaron Aikman could be entirely evil. There is a lot of potential for a villain who has Spider-Man’s power combined with those similar to Iron Man and also possessing a knowledge of spider venom.



We have little more than two panels of information about Redeye. Thanks to his detailed profile we know that he was originally Rick Landress, an astronaut on one of the first manned missions to the moons of Jupiter.

The crew turned on each other when one of the astronauts was mysteriously murdered. During this Rick learned the true purpose of the mission and tried to escape in an escape pod. The ship was bombarded with cosmic radiation and the pod crashed into Jupiter.

We can only speculate about the purpose of the mission and the cause of Rick’s transformation. It could be that the purpose of the mission was to deliberately expose the astronauts to the radiation, initiating a transformation. The crew could be analogous to the Fantastic Four. We might further speculate that the murderer was a version of Victor Von Doom, attempting to ensure that only he was alive to be bestowed with powers.

In Earth-31411 it might be that the Eternals settled on one of the moons of Jupiter, rather than Saturn. This could mean they are responsible for saving Rick’s life by transforming him into a creature that could withstand the environment of Jupiter.

Redeye is an imposing figure, backed up by the fact that out of 9 conflicts he has a 77% win percentage. Able to summon and control wind and storms Redeye can likely cause much destruction.

The  ‘Did You Know?’ trivia indicates that Redeye is currently believed dead after the Spider-Man managed to trap him beneath a barrage of falling buildings. This is accounts for his 1 loss, indicating that his first fight with the Spider-Man was a tie, with his wins being between then and their last encounter.

Redeye is intelligent enough to talk, making it clear that his goal is to destroy everything. His membership to a group called the Apocalyptics further establishes that the mutated monster wishes to bring about doomsday.


This villain’s durability and elemental mastery makes him a force of nature. His rampages would put whole cities in danger, forcing heroes to spend as much time evacuating people to safety as they would fighting the villain.

You can explore why Redeye is fixated on destruction. Is it because he is angry at his transformation and wants others to suffer? Does he feel betrayed by the space agency that sent him into danger on false pretences? Was Redeye specifically transformed for this purpose and, if so, by who?

Rather than fighting him the PCs could try to find a cure for his transformation. If this is due to cosmic radiation an analogue of Reed Richards might be able to help. Could the radiation be drained? Might they at least find a way to allow Rick to regain control of his body?

The space agency might not want Redeye to reveal their secrets. They could try to eliminate Redeye, attempting to exterminate the monster they created. This would make Redeye similar to the Hulk in this setting (although the Hulk does exist on Earth-31411.)



Nammurah is the true villain of this story. We know little for certain about her origin but the Spider-Man theorises that she comes from a dimension accessible in the realm of the deep subconscious. This may or may not be related to the Dimension of Dreams.

During the brief period in which her eventual host, Hannah, is awakened she is obviously afraid of Nammurah, horrified that she can see her as she thought Nammurah was just a dream.Moments later Nammurah possesses Hannah, causing her eyes to glow.

For a year Nammurah would kidnap people while they were sleeping. It is likely that she has powers to keep them asleep as she used her spider-like legs to leap across rooftops. While her profile indicates that she is superhumanly fast there is no indication of this in what we see.

Nammurah forced Kaon Ikegami to apply the same cybernetic upgrades to them. The Spider-Man fights one of these victims, who now calls himself Daarroh, his eyes also glowing. It is likely then that in addition to the physical modifications they are also possessed by creatures from the same dimension as Nammurah, demonstrating similar powers.

At the end of the issue over a hundred of these victims are unleashed on the city. They will kidnap more victims to prepare for the next wave. Presumably their numbers will increase exponentially with each wave until the whole world is converted or their army is large enough that they can conquer any opposition.

The flaw in their plan is that Doctor Ikegami was only agreeing to convert people because she believed that Nammurah was still her daughter. The Spider-Man convinces her that her daughter is dead so it is unlikely that she would continue to convert people. Even if she did agree the process would take longer and longer, making it doubtful that the plan could be completed before mankind as able to respond.

In her mini-profile it is indicated that Nammurah’s first appearance was in ‘The Terrible Hulk #50’. Few have seen Nammurah so it is likely that this was a fleeting appearance. She was probably a shadowy figure glimpsed in various Marvel comics until finally being identified in ‘The Spider-Man’.


With an origin based in the realms of the deep unconscious, where she apparently tormented a girl in a coma, Naamurh is literally the stuff of nightmares. She is an elusive foe, rarely seen and snatching innocent people from their beds only to turn them into vessels for her people.

When using her try to make her as mysterious and elusive as possible. There should be a slow build up, with mysterious disappearances and people having the same terrible nightmares in the local area (usually the first warning that Nammurh is active).

When the PCs do meet Naamurh her main focus should be getting away (getting the Doom Pool to 2D12). Use her reactions against the actions of the PC to demonstrate her powers so they know they are dealing with a tough opponent.

Each time Naamurh escape the PCs should know that she is ever closer to completing her mysterious plans, whatever they may be. When she is ready to strike it should be almost too late for the PCs to stop her.

Remember that Naamurh also furthers her plan through the converted victims. PCs might initially realise this until they get close enough to see the face of the victim. This means that while they can stop one of her agents Naamurh remains free.

You can create an adventure which is a direct sequel to ‘Edge of the Spider-Verse #3’ with the PCs stopping the wave of Naamurh’s victims and then stopping the villain herself. They might want to take Doctor Ikegami into custody to ensure that she can’t carry out the operation necessary to augment the new victims.

Given Naamurh’s other-dimensional origin she could find her way to Earth 616. With one world already fallen can the PCs prevent it happen in their reality? If a supporting cast member or even an established super-being (hero or villain) falls into a coma they could serve as Naamurh’s next host.

Naamurh would make a good villain for mystically inclined heroes, such as Doctor Strange, to deal with. This could allow you to explore the connection between her realm and the Dream Dimension. Does she have a connection to Nightmare (as her grey skin and spiky black hair suggests)?

All characters need to sleep and even if Naamurh isn’t physically in their dimension PCs might still encounter her while in her dark realm of the unconscious.

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sovietneverfellOn Earth 3954 Capitalism in the West fell to the advance of Communism. America became little more than a puppet state to Soviet forces as they expanded into Europe and the rest of Asia. It was the Soviets who won the space race and they were the first to discover the mysterious blue zone there.

Discovering the Watcher an elite team of Russian superheroes seemingly killed the alien, claiming his technology as their own. They found his files on other dimensions and it was decided that they were ripe to be plundered.

From their moon base the Supreme Soviets steal technology from these other Earths for the glory of the mother country. Their recent target is Earth 616.


blackwidowprofilepicAffiliations: Solo D10, Buddy D6, Team D8

Distinctions: Femme Fatale, Russian Superspy, Experienced Dimensional Traveller

Power Set


Enhanced Reflexes D8 Enhanced Stamina D8 Enhanced Senses D8

SFX: Second Chance (spend 1 doom dice to reroll)

Limit: Exhausted (shutdown any Training power to gain doom dice)


Widow’s Bite Bracelets D8, Spider’s Boots (Wall-Crawling) D6, Invisibility Belt D8

SFX: Dangerous (add a D6 to attack, step back highest die in pool by -1. Step up physical stress by +1)

Limit: Gear (shutdown Gear power set and gain doom dice)


Acrobatics Master D10, Combat Expert D8, Covert Master D10, Menace Expert D8, Vehicles Expert D8


abominationAffiliations: Solo D10, Buddy D6, Team D8

Distinctions: Strongest There Is, Constantly Mutating, No Longer Human



Superhuman Strength D10 Superhuman Stamina D10 Godlike Durability D12, Leaping D8

SFX: Berserk (add a die from doom pool to one or more attack actions then step down doom dice)

SFX: Unleashed (step up or double Mutation power set. If it fails remove doom dice equal to powers dice)

Limit: Exhausted (shutdown any Mutation power to gain doom dice)


Combat Expert D8, Menace Expert D8


crimsondynamoAffiliations: Solo D10, Buddy D6, Team D8

Distinctions: Proud Inventor, Dedicated To Country, Untested Equipment

Power Set


Superhuman Durability D10, Superhuman Strength D10, Electrical Circuitry D10

SFX: Versatile (split Electrical Circuitry into 2d at -1 step or 3d at -2 step)

SFX: Boost (shutdown highest rated Armor power to step up another power set by +1)

Limit: Gear (shutdown Gear power set and gain doom dice)


Tech Master D10, Science Expert D8, Vehicle Expert D8


redghostAffiliations: Solo D6, Buddy D8, Team D10

Distinctions: Russia Rules The Moon, You Can Never Touch Me, None Rival My Intellect

Power Set


Intangibility D10

SFX: Second Chance (spend 1 doom dice to reroll)

Limit: Exhausted (shutdown any Ghost power to gain doom dice)


Mikhlo the Gorilla: Superhuman Strength D10 Igor The Baboon: Shapeshifting D10 Peotr the Orangutan: Magnetic Control D10

SFX: Multipower: Use two or more Super Apes powers in a single dice pool at –1 step for each additional power.

SFX: Area Attack: Add a D6 and keep an additional effect die for each additional target.

Limit: Exhausted (shutdown any Super Apes power to gain doom dice)


Tech Master D10, Science Master D8, Vehicle Expert D8


gargoyleAffiliations: Solo D8, Buddy D6, Team D10

Distinctions: Mutated Master Mind, Small Man Syndrome, Wants To Be Human Again

Power Set

Pellet Gun

Attack (renders victim unconscious) D10

SFX: Second Chance (spend 1 doom dice to reroll)

Limit: Gear (shutdown Gear power set and gain doom dice)


Psych Master D10, Science Master D10, Tech Master D10, Vehicle D10


Don’t I Know You From Somewhere?

1xp when you identify who a character is and discuss your history with them.

3xp when you inflict stress on a character who is usually a friend or heal someone who is usually an enemy.

10xp when you change a person for the better or inflict trauma on someone who could have been a friend.

Give It Back

1xp when you talk about what was stolen and what it means to you.

3xp when you inflict emotional stress on a thief.

10xp when you either recover what was stolen or you let it go.

The Land Of The Free

1xp when you display patriotism for your country.

3xp when you inflict emotional or mental stress by extolling the virtues of your country to someone who opposes your way of life.

10xp when you inflict emotional or mental trauma on someone who hates your country or when you show them mercy.


Hook: Hit Them All At Once

The Supreme Soviet team consisting of Black Widow, Abomination, Crimson Dynamo & Red Ghost are sent to strike at several prominent targets. The Avengers: Infinite are alerted to these thefts in progress and must quickly decide who will respond to which emergency.



Stark Towers

This is where Tony Stark does a lot of his business. Just beneath the penthouse is his armoury of Iron Man suits (which can be raised up out of the ground). All the technology is cutting edge.

Baxter Building

This is the home of the Fantastic Four. The technology that Reed has created is out of this world.

SHIELD Testing Facility

It is here that SHIELD stores advanced weapons and other technology. Most is highly dangerous and classified. There are Shield security protocols in place.


Established by Doctor Octopus while his mind controlled Peter Parker. Peter continues to run it, dedicated to perfecting Anti-Super Villain Security Systems. It is run by low paid scientists.


The Doom Pool begins a 2D6.

Pay close attention to the Doom Pool. When it is raised to 2D12 Gargoyle will attempt to teleport Supreme Soviets back home.

Action Scene: Stark Towers

starktowerBlack Widow has managed to infiltrate Iron Man’s Armoury and is in the process of transporting his auxiliary suits back to her dimension by means of a ‘tag’. She entered via vents and locked the outer doors. If Iron Man is not part of your group he is unavailable to shut down security.

The PCs have to beat the Doom pool to get into the armoury. When they enter and see Black Widow she will wait to see how they react. If they recognise her and are not immediately hostile she will claim that she responded to the security breach and claims not to have seen the intruder. She’ll use this confusion to get close to the group and take them by surprise.

Black Widow concentrates on moving quickly and creating advantages, such as shooting out the lights. Her wall crawling and invisibility makes her a difficult target to hit. She only has to hold them off long enough for Gargoyle to transport her home (once the Doom Pool has 2D12).

If Black Widow (or any of the Supreme Soviets) are taken out by physical stress and/or trauma then their tag won’t be able to get a clear reading. This will prevent them from retrieved. If they examine the tag a Doom Pool dice can be spent to have that character teleported to Earth 3954.

Action Scene: Baxter Building

baxterbuilding3While the Fantastic Four are away the Abomination has been sent to grab what he can. There is plenty of equipment in Reed Richards lab that will prove to be most valuable to the Soviet forces.

The Abomination is taking time to read through Reeds notes about finding a cure for the Thing. The Abomination is unhappy with his constantly mutating form and hopes to discover something that will allow him to stabilise his condition.

He relishes an opportunity to fight and will target the strongest member of the group. If he manages to neutralise opponents he will take them hostage, demanding that they find a way to stop him changing more and more into a monster.

If the Doom Pool gains 2D12 the Gargoyle will teleport him back home. If he was about to get the help he needed this will frustrate the Abomination.

Action Scene: SHIELD Testing Facility

shieldbaseCrimson Dynamo has been sent to a New York testing facility for new and captured devices and weapons. SHIELD agents are unable to make a dent in his powerful armour and he has used his electrical powers to take over security systems.

Like his team mates Crimson Dynamo is tagging items for transport. He takes slightly longer, marvelling over the technology they find. This is the reason that he wasn’t sent to Stark Tower, where he would be even more distracted.

When the Doom Pool gains 2D12 Gargoyle will teleport him to safety.

Action Scene: Parker Industries

parkerindustriesRed Ghost has been sent to Parker Industries. The technology there will be useful for the Supreme Soviets to imprison super powered beings in their own dimension. If Spider-Man is one of the players one of the pieces of equipment already stolen is a recently completed prototype that was due to be shown to investors.

He is particularly interested in equipment that can neutralise the Fantastic Four, as they always seem to be his enemy when they go to other dimensions. He believes this is karmic retribution for his part in sabotaging Reed Richards original space mission in their reality.

When the Doom Pool gains 2d12 Gargoyle will teleport Red Ghost and his Super Apes away.

Transition Scene: Interrogation and Tracing

Ideally one or more of the Supreme Soviets will be captured (and hopefully at least one of them will get away). This allows the PCs to interrogate their prisoners and work out what is going on.

Contacting Black Widow or locating their version of Earth 616 can confirm that they are dealing with doubles from an alternative universe. Crimson Dynamo is dead on Earth 616 so they may think that time travel involved, but he is the only prisoner who will actually be forthcoming about what is happening, praising his government.

Black Widow and Abomination need to have emotional or mental trauma inflicted before they explain that they are from another dimension. They are both conditioned to resist torture and interrogation, either remaining quiet or insulting the PCs.

Their technology gives up its secrets more easily, revealing that it is used for dimensional travel. Further more it is tethered to technology in its home dimension. The Bridge can use this technology to transport the PCs to its source, the moon.

If this fails and any of the Supreme Soviets got away eventually there will be a rescue mission. This can be an opportunity to capture another prisoners, along with tags which are primed to take people back to their dimension.

PCs might want to rest up or gather resources before they make the journey to the other side.


A Gift From Tony [5xp/10xp] If the PCs successfully foiled the robbery at Stark Towers he can provide prototype armour that provides D8 Durability or steps up their Durability by 1 step if they are already at D8. At 5xp this lasts one scene and for 10xp it lasts until the end of Act 2.

Abomination [5xp/10xp] If the PCs captured the Abomination and convince him that they can find a way to stabilise his condition he will agree to aid them. For 5xp he will get them into the moon base and shut down security systems. At 10xp he will fight along side them (until the battle seems to be turning against them, at which time he’ll betray them.

SHIELD clearance [5xp/10xp] SHIELD will authorise the PCs to use some of the technology from the facility if they stopped the theft. This technology is a D10 asset that lasts for one scene for 5xp or until the end of Act 2 for 10xp.

Alternatively they can send through a 5 man SHIELD security team to aid them (5D8) for one scene at 5xp or for the whole of Act 2 for 10xp.


Prominent Location

Blue Area Of the Moon

This mysterious area of the moon has a breathable atmosphere. It has a Soviet launch site.

Watcher Moon Base

This was the Watcher’s home until recently. It is reconfigurable and the laws of physics are optional.

Supreme Soviet Command Centre

From here the Gargoyle has a window to all realities and complete control of the base.


The Doom Pool begins at 2D6.

ACTION SCENE: Welcome To The Moon

blueareaIf the PCs come via the Bridge they’ll arrive on the blue area of the moon, where they can comfortably breath. There are ancient alien ruins and white sandy dunes. Nearby they can see the domed form of the Watcher’s base.

Nearby is recently constructed Soviet launch site, a rocket prepared for launch. The flag that flies is a combination of the Russian and American flag (adopted after the US merged with the Soviet government).

If the Doom Pool reaches 2D12 the rocket will be ready to launch with the stolen technology from Earth 616 (if anything was obtained). This could then be a target for the PCs to either sabotage or otherwise prevent the launch.

Soviet soldiers guard the site (7D8) and will attempt to repel any attackers. If Red Ghost was able to be teleported he will be here initially, overseeing the launch. If an alarm is raised he will join the others within the Watcher moon base.

Entering the Watcher’s base is relatively easy. While the walls are apparently smooth touching it reveals a portal that allows them to enter.

ACTION SCENE: Inside The Watcher’s Realm

watchercitadelThis is instantly recognisable to anyone who has been in their version of the Watcher’s home. Rooms are vast with strangely sloping columns and undulating ceilings. Windows open up to display vistas of the moon in walls that appeared to be featureless from the outside. Sometimes there is the sound of thousands of voices speaking at once and other times there is nothing but silence.

If the PCs were taken to this dimension via a tag they will find themselves inside the Watcher’s base. Soldiers (4d8) and which ever members of the Supreme Soviets who managed to escape will be here to take them into custody.

Intruders will need to find their way to the centre, which can be a disorienting affair. To do so they must successfully oppose the Doom Pool a total of 3 times, using whatever method seems appropriate. Failure indicates they have become disoriented or opposed by the security systems.

If there is an opportunity the PCs might have attracted attention to themselves. In this case the Gargoyle will send the same Welcome party as above to deal with them.


earthxwatcherIn the Supreme Soviet Command Centre the Gargoyle has mastered the controls of the alien structure. This allows him to spy on the whole Earth and peer at other dimensions. The circular walls are covered with images from both this reality and others.

Suspended in the centre of the room is the apparently lifeless body of the Watcher. Wires and cables connect him to the equipment, allowing Gargoyle to trick the systems into believing the commands come from him.

Gargoyle has an honour guard of 4 soldiers (4D10) who protect him. He knows he is physically weak and so will attempt to inflict emotional and mental stress on his opponents. He’ll offer them a choice between helping steal from other dimensions or death.

If questioned about the Watcher he explains that he designed a more powerful version of the pellet gun that neutralised the alien. He believes him to be dead and eventually his body will give up its secrets.

Observant PCs will notice the Watcher move his eyes, indicating that he is alive. They can attempt to free the Watcher and revive him. This would require a success against the Doom Pool and then a healing check to remove the D6 physical trauma that the Watcher has suffered.

During this time the Gargoyle and his forces will attempt to neutralise the PCs. If the PCs offered a cure to Abomination or they know how unhappy the Gargoyle is with his form they can attempt to use emotional or mental stress to persuade him to surrender to them in exchange for restoring his human form.

Should the PCs free the Watcher he will use his godlike powers to neutralise the intruders. He will thank the PCs and give them an opportunity to return home. They will notice that he is targeting areas on Earth. If questioned about this the Watcher explains that the abuse of his technology has contaminated Earth and it must be obliterated. Thousands will die and civilisation will be setback hundreds of years but eventually it will recover and the natural order will be restored.

Any conscious Supreme Soviets will plead for mercy and beg the PCs for help. In return they promise to halt their dimensional exploitation and give the PCs access to the Watchers data files on other realities.

Opposing the Watcher is difficult, especially physically. Gargoyle got lucky in taking him down (he had the element of surprise). The PCs can attempt to appeal to the Watcher, inflicting emotional or mental stress as they persuade him to show mercy.

If not required to physically attack the PCs the Watcher will concentrate on building the Doom Pool. Once it has 2D12 he will be ready to activate the weapons that will rain destruction down upon the Earth.

WATCHER (wounded)

watcheruAffiliations: Solo 3D12, Buddy 2D10, Team 3D8

Distinctions: Immortal & Eternal, Beyond Good and Evil, Forbidden To Interfere

Power Set

Watcher Powers

Energy Control Supremacy D12, Godlike Durability D12, Psychic Powers D12, Godlike Senses D12, Growth D10, Superhuman Strength D10, Flight D12

SFX: Afflict (Force fields) (add d6 and step up entrapped complications)

SFX: Area Attack (add D6 and keep an additional effect die for each additional target)

SFX: Invulnerable (spend a doom dice to ignore stress, trauma or complications from physical attacks)

SFX: Multi-Power (use two or more Watcher Powers at -1 step per additional power)

SFX: Versatile (split Energy Control Supremacy into 2D at -1 step or 3D at -2 step)

Limit: Exhausted (shutdown any Watcher power to gain doom dice)


Tech Grandmaster D12, Science Grandmaster D12, Psyche Grandmaster D12, Cosmic Grandmaster D12


By the end the PCs will have either let (or failed to prevent) the Watcher setting Earth 3954 back so far that they won’t be able to causing any further problems or helped the other Earth (who will stick to their bargain as they realise how close they came to destruction).

This will teach them an important lesson, that they aren’t the only ones who can travel to other dimensions.

If they were able to defeat the Watcher they will have access to his windows on to other realities. This will greatly increase the capabilities of the Bridge.

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A companion to the LA Champions campaign. They can be combined together to provide an expansive setting.


Earth 8764532….

West Coast Avengers was established to ensure that both sides of the country were protected. Long serving members were chosen to establish the group, with Hawkeye given the chance to lead the team.

The original line-up didn’t last long, with Vision and Scarlet Witch leaving the team for personal reasons. Things didn’t improve when the government meddled in their affairs through the Commission. When they placed US Agent in charge Hawkeye left.

It wasn’t the first time that US Agent had stepped into the shoes of another hero. Stubborn and more than little unstable he believed that he was the right man for the job. Those who disagreed were welcome to leave.

Mockingbird was one of the members to stay, even though it meant she was separated from her husband. As a former SHIELD agent she appreciated US Agents strong leadership and no nonsense attitude.

The third member of the group was Marrina, formerly of Alpha Flight. She’d recently learnt of her alien nature and had her savage nature awakened. These problems and her own shame at her monstrous changes forced to leave her husband Namor and former team mates to join the West Coast Avengers.

This trio form the core of the group.

Hank Pym had recently given up his heroic identity and insisted that he was only there in a support capacity. He can always be found working on new gadgets to help the team in the field or providing technical or scientific advice on anything they find.

His ex-wife, Wasp, can also be found staying at the West Coast Avengers headquarters, although she insists she is on holiday. When not attending business meetings or fashion shows for her latest designs she can be found by the pool working on her sun tan.

None the less if there is an emergency she is ready to join the group. US Agent finds her presence irritating as she will criticise his decisions and attempt to take control of the group. Her senior status within the Avengers is the only thing preventing US Agent from forcibly ejecting her.

Another ‘guest’ is Wonder Man. Recently returned from the dead he is attempting to resurrect his career. Virtually invulnerable he hopes to become the ultimate action star, performing his own stunts.

Between jobs he is happy to join the group, providing some much needed power. While US Agent finds Wonder Man’s desire for fame distasteful he can at least follow direction. US Agent is also all to willing to use Wonder Man as a human shield in combat.

The West Coast Avengers, for the most part, want to prove that they are the equal of their East Coast counterparts. This competitiveness can be healthy to motivate the group but on occasion US Agent can only view the East Coast Avengers as rivals, rather than allies.

LA has turned out to be a difficult place to protect, where friends and enemies are not always obvious. This has only fuelled US Agent’s paranoia. He finds it hard to trust anyone, even his own teammates.

Mockingbird finds herself defending him more frequently, which is bringing her closer to him. This makes her feel very guilty as she still has feelings for Hawkeye and knows he must view this as a betrayal.

Marrina finds it difficult to connect with her team mates. She wanted to find her humanity but finds herself alone. On missions they encourage her to unleash her savage side more and more frequently.

Hank wanted a new start but finds it difficult with Janet around. Worse still she is ignoring him. His old urge to get her notice is beginning to resurface. He finds more excuses to come out of retirement ‘one more time’ and use his growth powers to help.

The team still lacks cohesion. Unless something changes the group will break apart or, worse, suffer defeat. They have to learn to work together and trust each other. Only then do they have any chance of preventing the many insidious forces in LA from succeeding.





usagentAffiliations: Solo D10, Buddy D8, Team D6

Distinctions: Embodiment of Modern America, In The Shadow Of A Living Legend, Volatile & Paranoid



Superhuman Stamina D10 Superhuman Strength D10

SFX: Berserk: Add a die from the doom pool to one or more attack actions. Step up/down doom pool by +1 for each action; return it to the doom pool when you’re done.

Limit: Growing Dread: Both 1 and 2 on your dice count as opportunities when using a Power Broker Augmentation power.


Shield D8 Chainmail Armour D8

SFX: Area Attack: Add a D6 and keep an additional effect die for each additional target.

Limit: Gear: Shutdown Government Issue and gain 1PP/Doom Dice. Take an action vs. doom pool to recover.


Combat Expert: D8 Menace Expert: D8


mockingbirdAffiliations: Solo D10, Buddy D8, Team D6

Distinctions: Former SHIELD agent, Heart Torn Between Two Men, Love Is A Weapon



ATTACK D6 Leaping D6

SFX: Second Chance: Spend 1 PP/Doom Dice to reroll when using any Battle-Stave power.

Limit: Gear: Shutdown Battle-Stave and gain 1PP/Doom Dice. Take an action vs. doom pool to recover.


Durability D8

SFX: Immunity: Spend 1 PP/Doom Dice to ignore stress, trauma or complications from fire.

Limit: Gear: Shutdown Costume and gain 1PP/Doom Dice. Take an action vs. doom pool to recover.


Acrobatic Master: D10 Combat Expert: D8 Covert Expert: D8 Science Expert: D8


marrinaAffiliations: Solo D8, Buddy D6, Team D10

Distinctions: Mute Alien Beauty, Battling The Beast Within, Estranged Wife of Namor



Swimming D10 Superhuman Strength D10 Superhuman Stamina D10 Growth D8 Radar D6 Resistance (Cold) D10

SFX: Afflict: Add D6 and step up your effect die by +1 when inflicting Blindness complication on target due to the oil in your skin.

SFX: Unleashed: Step up or double any Plodex Heritage power for one action. If the action fails then add/remove a die to doom pool equal to normal rating of your power die.

SFX: Multipower: Use two or more Plodex Heritage powers in a single dice pool a 1 step for each additional power.

Limit: Exhausted: Shutdown any Plodex Heritage power to gain 1 PP/Doom dice. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a transition Scene.

Limit: Rage: When suffering Physical or Emotional stress also take Mental stress as your savage nature takes over.


Combat Expert: D8 Oceanography Master: D10

Wonder Man

wondermanAffiliations: Solo D6, Buddy D10, Team D8

Distinctions: Fame Hungry, I’m A Movie Star!, No Longer Human


Superhuman Durability D10 Superhuman Stamina D10 Superhuman Strength D10 Resistance Heat/Cold D10

SFX: Invulnerable: Spend 1 PP/Doom Dice to ignore Physical Stress or Physical Trauma unless caused by magic.

Limit: Exhausted: Shutdown any Ionic powers to gain 1 PP/Doom dice. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a transition Scene.

Jet Belt

Flight: D6 Enhanced Strength: D8

SFX: Focus: If a pool includes a Jet Belt power you may replace two dice of equal size with one die +1 step larger.

Limit: Gear: Shutdown Jet Belt and gain 1PP/Doom Dice. Take an action vs. doom pool to recover.


Combat Rookie: D6 Psych Rookie: D6 Acting Expert: D8


waspAffiliations: Solo D6, Buddy D8, Team D10

Distinctions: Founding Avenger, I’m On Holiday!, The Fabulous Janet van Dyne



Shrinking D10, Flight D6, Wasp Stinger D6, Enhanced Strength D8

SFX: Burst: Step up or double a Wasp Powers die against a single target. Remove the highest rolling die and add 3 dice for your tool.

Limit: Exhausted: Shutdown any Wasp Powers power to gain 1 PP/Doom dice. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a transition Scene.


Acrobatic Expert: D8 Business Expert D8 Combat Expert: D8 Psych Expert: D8


pymactionscientistAffiliations: Solo D6, Buddy D10, Team D8

Distinctions: I’m Retired, On The Path To Redemption, Science Will Save Us!



Pym Shrink Ray D10 Shrunk Pym Jet D10, Transmutation Beam D8, Mimic D10

SFX: Constructs: Add a D6 and step you your effect die by +1 when using My Latest Invention to create assets

SFX: Versatile: Split Mimic into 2D at 1 step, or 3D at –2 steps.

Limit: Gear: Shutdown My Latest Invention and gain 1PP/Doom Dice. Take an action vs. doom pool to recover.


Growth/Shrink D10, Superhuman Strength D10, Enhanced Stamina D8

Insect Control D8

SFX: Area Attack: Add D6 and keep an additional effect die for each additional target.

Limit: Growing Dread: Both 1 and 2 on your dice count as opportunities when using a Old Bag of Tricks power.


Science Master: D10, Tech Master: D10, Vehicle Expert: D8





chamAffiliations: Solo D10, Buddy D8, Team D6

Distinctions: Master of Disguise, Do You Know Who I am?, King of Secrets



Shapeshifting D8

SFX: You Wouldn’t Hit Me, Would You?: By disguising yourself as someone vulnerable or someone known to the attacker you make them pause, allowing you to step up shape shifting 1 step when used defensively. Spend 1 Doom dice to inflict emotional stress equal to your effect die should they successfully hit you.

Limit: Gear: Shutdown My Latest Invention and gain Doom Dice. Take an action vs. doom pool to recover.


Covert Master: D10 Crime Expert: D8 Psych Master: D10


In a city where image is everything and the celebrity is king the Chameleon has found a new home. His social life has improved considerably as he possesses as celebrities to attract women, dine for free and live in their homes while they are away.

It isn’t all pleasure. Chameleon has found a lucrative business in blackmail. He has gathered the dirty secrets of many well known personalities, both in the world of showbiz, politics and business.

Both Wasp and Wonder Man have individually brought the Chameleons activities to the West Coast Avengers attention, as his actions have affected their social circle. Lacking any real super powers Chameleon has had to resort to distractions and confusion to stay one step ahead of them.

Unwilling to leave Chameleon has begun  taking over a variety of organisations, both legal and illegal, to make their lives more complicated. He stays in the shadows as much as possible, so that they can never be sure if he is responsible for making their lives miserable.



The Book of Darkhold is a powerful mystic tome, containing arcane knowledge gathered over a million years by a dark god. It is a powerful magical artefact in its, able to bestow mystical powers on others and summon dark creatures to defend it.

Passing through several hands, including Doctor Strange and Dracula, it has now come to reside within LA. The cult of Darkhold has formed around it, to both keep it safe and revel in its powers.

Darkhold cultists have infiltrated every facet of the city. They court the wealthy, the influential and powerful often posing as a benign new-age religion. As new members reach the inner circles they learn the true nature of the cult. By that time they are within its grasp.

The West Coast Avengers clashed with the Darkhold cult initially while investigating a series of abductions. The group infiltrated a Darkhold stronghold just as their helpless victims were sacrificed to allowed a demon to enter our realm. Luckily the group were able to push it back but not before the cultists had escaped.

Since then the West Coast Avengers have foiled several supernatural plots, despite knowing little of the mystical world. They have faced opposition from the law and their own members (Wonder Man in particular) who see Darkhold as a harmless faith with some rogue members who take things too far.


enchantressAffiliations: Solo D6, Buddy D10, Team D8

Distinctions: Unnatural Beauty, Insanely Jealous, Men Are But Pets



Superhuman Durability D10 Superhuman Strength D10, Superhuman Stamina D10, Resistance to Disease D10

SFX: Second Wind: Before you make an action including an Asgardian power, you may remove a Doom die equal to your Physical stress die and step up the Asgardian power by +1 step for this action.

Limit: Exhausted: Shutdown any Asgardian power to gain Doom dice. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a transition Scene.


Sorcery Mastery D10 Mystical Bolts D10 Mind Control (Men) D8 Shapeshifting D6

SFX: Focus: If a pool includes a Mistress of Magic power you may replace two dice of equal size with one die +1 step larger.

SFX: Constructs: Add a D6 and step you your effect die by +1 when using Mistress of Magic to create assets.

Limit: Conscious Activation: If stressed out, asleep or unconscious shutdown Mistress of Magic. Recover when stress recovered or you awake. If mental trauma is taken shutdown Mistress of Magic until trauma recovered.


Mystic Master D10 Psych Expert D8


Seeking to be worshipped and adored in the modern world Enchantress has come to Hollywood to stake her claim as the most beautiful woman on the planet. So far she has secured contracts with several model agencies and is set to star in a number of films. Still it is not enough.

She has established a rivalry with Wasp, creating her own clothing and perfume range. Her goal is for all men to desire her and all women to want to be like her. Those who resist or claim to be more beautiful than her must be destroyed.

Enchantress has already gathered quite a following. When in public she surrounds herself with enslaved men, both to act as her bodyguards and her agents. This is usually enough to prevent a direct confrontation.

For the moment she is content to play games, vexing the West Coast Avengers at every turn. If her hand is forced she will not shy away from unleashing the full power of magic upon the foolish heroes.



Established by Curtiss Jackson the company they provide clients with super powers. Over seen by Doctor Karl Malus (Science Master: D10) their procedures are highly experimental with 50% of subjects dying or being horribly deformed during the process.

Their main clients were those who participated in the Unlimited Class Wrestling Foundation until it was shutdown. US Agent also owes his powers to the augmentation process. The company has been employed by a variety of criminal organisations, to provide their members with super powers.

They have also been known to addict clients to a drug that they claim they need in order to live (in fact the addict only has to survive a painful withdrawal process). They use this to blackmail clients into performing jobs for them.

The West Coast Avengers has shutdown several branches of Power Broker Inc but they always seem to setup shop somewhere else in LA. On the occasions in which staff have been arrested they are always able to get released due to their high price lawyers.



xemnuAffiliations: Solo D10, Buddy D8, Team D6

Distinctions: The Most Powerful Mind In The Universe, Media Mogul, Look Into My Eyes



Superhuman Strength D10 Superhuman Durability D10 Atmos-sphere D8 Mind Control D12 Telepathy D12 Superhuman Senses D10

SFX: Afflict: Add a D6 and step up your effect die by +1 when inflicting Mental Block complication on a target.

SFX: Area Attack: Add D6 and keep an additional effect die for each additional target.

SFX: Versatile: Split Mind Control into 2D at –1 step or 3D at –2 steps.

Limit: Exhausted: Shutdown any Titan in Body and Mind power to gain Doom dice. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a transition Scene.


Cosmic Master: D10, Science Master: D10, Psych Master: D10, Tech Master: D10


With a history of using mind control using media it was only natural that Xemnu would eventually find his way to LA. Using mind controlled puppets he has acquired numerous television companies and movie studies.

He is awaiting the day when everyone is watching one of his television channels or movies to take over the entire planet in an instant. In the meantime any one who watches media he produces can come under his influence.

Xemnu is using this power to secure his position in Hollywood. The greatest threat to his current plans are the West Coast Avengers. To this end he has had one of his movie studios employ Wonder Man and place the superhero under his influence.

Wonder Man is unaware that when he turns up on set he first tells Xemnu everything the heroes are doing before he begins shooting. Xemnu has programmed Wonder Man to follow his commands and is sabotaging the group from the inside.

Each time the West Coast Avengers get close to detecting his presence in the city he will engineer a distraction. His almost unlimited resources and ability to control others allows him to make sure there is always a more pressing emergency for them to deal.


Enchantress has learnt about the presence of the book of Darkhold. Using her powers she is bewitching cultists to give up its location. The West Coast Avengers must stop her before she combines its dark powers with her own.

A major celebrity turns up dead, yet eye witnesses place him at an exclusive nightclub. Investigating the West Coast Avengers find Chameleon assumed the dead celebrities identity but had no hand in his murder. Can the West Coast Avengers persuade him to act as human target to draw out the assassin and why did someone want the celebrity dead?

The Commission want proof of the West Coast Avengers skills and task them to attack an off shore military base. When the soldiers fight back with live rounds it is clear that the West Coast Avengers have been set up. The question is which of their manipulative enemies is responsible and how do they clear their name?

Namor demands his wife back and threatens to unleash a tsunami upon the city unless he gets what he wants. The West Coast Avengers must choose between their team mate Marrina and the fate of LA.

At a televised charity event all the stars turn out, including Wasp, Wonder Man and Enchantress. During proceedings armed gunman hold everyone hostage, live on television. Unknown to the West Coast Avengers this is a plot by Xemnu to watch the proceedings. Can they resolve the situation before Xemnu controls the viewing audience?

Power Broker Inc manage to make US Agent addicted to their drug and blackmail him into calling of the West Coast Avengers investigation into their company. Will he do as they command or suffer through the painful withdrawal?

A motivational speaker is taking LA by storm. Mockingbird suggests that his exclusive team building seminar might help the group. Little do they know that the speaker is none other that Psycho-Man!

A Skrull defector requests the West Coast Avengers grant him sanctuary. To prove his worth he reveals that Mockingbird is actually a Skrull sleeper agent. With Mockingbird gone rogue to prove her innocence (possibly heading to met with her husband) do the West Coast Avengers trust her or try to bring her in?

A spell from the book of Darkhold cloaks LA in perpetual night. With vampires and other supernatural beings storming the streets can the West Coast Avengers form an uneasy alliance with Enchantress to break the spell?

Wonder Man finds himself trapped on a haunted film set. Can he contact the West Coast Avengers to save him when US Agent refuses to believe that ghosts are real? Finding a way to free him requires the West Coast Avengers to solve an arson case from 50 years ago.

Pym’s new submarine is damaged while on a mission. Trapped on the ocean bed with Wasp their air is running out. For one of them to make it out alive one must die. Wasp and Hank try to put their past behind them as the West Coast Avengers race against time to save them.

Aged before their time by one of Enchantress’ spells the group find themselves amongst the residents of a Hollywood retirement home, rubbing shoulders with legends of the past. Can they restore their youth before old age claims them?

The West Coast Avengers get everything they wanted. US Agent is made Captain America, Mockingbird is reunited with her husband, Janet and Hank have just got married, Marrina is not only human but has a voice and Wonder Man just got his Hollywood star. Of course it is to good to be true but who will have the strength to awaken from the mental illusion Xemnu has placed upon them?



Presented here is the basis for a street level campaign. It changes a few minor details of established continuity to put together a group of heroes whose abilities should complement each other.


Earth 8764532….

The West Coast Avengers was supposed to be a chance for Hawkeye to prove that he could be a leader. He hand picked his team and with his wife, Mockingbird, by his side his own branch of the Avengers were poised to make their mark.

As always things are never that simple. Time and again his leadership was questioned with members disobeying his orders. Old members of the Avengers joined without asking Hawkeye’s permission and started assuming control.

The stress was already straining his relationship with his wife when the government appointed the US Agent as the new leader of the group. Hawkeye quit the team and was shocked when his wife refused to follow him, preferring to stay with the Avengers.

Heartbroken Hawkeye set out to form his own team, one that would focus on protecting the citizens of LA while the West Coast Avengers focused on larger issues. His team would fight street level crime and help ordinary folk. They’d take their battles into the dark shadows and deal with evil in whatever form it took. They’d be the LA Champions.

His first recruit was the Two-Gun Kid, Matt Hawk. They’d met during an adventure into the past with the West Coast Avengers and the cowboy had followed them to the present. The two were friends and Matt was only too happy to help Hawkeye.

Moon Knight was next. While unstable no one knew the criminal underworld better. While lucid he was a master strategist and detective. He proved valuable in solving crime and tracking down criminals to their lairs.

Ghost Rider was unexpected addition. Currently possessing Daniel Ketch Ghost Rider was seeking out a minor drug dealer who had beaten his girlfriend to death. The LA Champions we already raiding the warehouse where the dealer kept his drugs when they encountered Ghost Rider. They found that their mission to punish the guilt made them allies.

As the LA Champions they try to patrol the city on a nightly basis, seeking out those who are in trouble. During the day Hawkeye mans the hotline he has setup, where people can call to report problems for the group to look into.

Their focus has been on fighting organised crime and street gangs. This is made more difficult to the presence of super powered crime bosses Graviton, DeathWatch and Tiger Shark.

No matter how much Hawkeye tries to keep them grounded the group still ends up fighting super villains, the supernatural and creatures from outer space. Not that the rest of the team mind dealing with craziness.

The biggest problem the group has is that it is comprised primarily of loners. This is fine when the group split up but when they have to fight together (which they do on a increasingly frequent basis) they lack cohesion that makes them vulnerable.

Two-Gun Kid is Hawkeyes biggest supporter but can’t offer any solution. Moon Knight is already hinting that he wants to be put in charge of he’ll leave and Ghost Rider has shown no signs of loyalty, not hiding the fact that he’ll leave if they get in the way of his mission.

For the moment the LA champions are doing good work in the city. They’ve scored some major victories, even if the rest of the world hasn’t noticed. How long they continue to do so depends on whether Hawkeye can prove he is the leader he wants to be.




hawkeyeAffiliations: Solo D10, Buddy D6, Team D8

Distinctions: Modern Day Robin Hood, Something To Prove, Heart Broken



Arrows D8     Swing Line D6

SFX: Afflict: Add D6 and step up your effect die by +1 when inflicting Entangled or Neutralising complications when using Arrows

SFX: Focus: If a pool includes Bow and Arrows power, you may replace two dice of equal size with one die +1 step larger

Limit: Gear: Shutdown Bow and Arrows and gain 1PP/Doom Dice. Take an action vs. doom pool to recover


SKY CYCLE (Flight): D8  REINFORCED COSTUME (Durability): D8

HEARING AID (Senses): D6 

SFX: Multipower: Use two or more Tools of The Trade powers in a single dice pool at –1 step for each additional power.

Limit: Gear: Shutdown Tools Of The Trade and gain 1PP/Doom Dice. Take an action vs. doom pool to recover

Limit: Sensitive Hearing: When successfully targeted by a Sonic attack either step up Physical Stress or shutdown Hearing Aid


Acrobatic Expert D8 Combat Expert D8 Vehicle Expert D8


ghostrider2Affiliations: Solo D10, Buddy D8, Team D6

Distinctions: Spirit of Vengeance, Wrestling With Demons, On A Mission



Chain D8 Superhuman Durability D10 Penance Stare D10 Enhanced Reflexes D8 Godlike Stamina D12 Superhuman Strength D10

SFX: Counterattack: On a reaction against Physical Stress attack action, inflict Physical Stress with your effect die at no PP/doom dice cost or spend a PP/doom dice to step it up by +1

SFX: Dangerous: Add a D6 to your dice pool for an attack and step back highest die in pool by –1. Step up Physical Stress inflicted by +1

Limit: Exhausted: Shutdown any Cursed Form power to gain 1PP/Doom Dice. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a Transition Scene

Limit: Growing Dread: Both 1 and 2 on  your dice count as opportunities when using a Cursed Form power



SFX: Second Chance: Spend 1 PP/Doom Dice to reroll when using Chost Cycle power.

Limit: Gear: Shutdown Ghost Cycle and gain 1PP/Doom Dice. Take an action vs. doom pool to recover


Menace Master D10 Vehicle Master D10


twogunAffiliations: Solo D10, Buddy D8, Team D6

Distinctions: Old West Cowboy In The Modern Day, Homesick, Justice Has To Mean Something 



Two Guns D6 Fastest Gun In The West (Enhanced Reflexes): D8

SFX: Focus: If a pool includes Hence The Name power, you may replace two dice of equal size with one die +1 step larger

SFX: Burst: Step up or double a Hence The Name power against a single target. Remove the highest rolling die and add 3 dice for your total

SFX: Area Attack: Add a D6 and keep an additional effect die for each additional target

Limit: Gear: Shutdown Hence The Name and gain 1PP/Doom Dice. Take an action vs. doom pool to recover


SKY CYCLE ‘Lightening’ (Flight): D8  Tracker (Senses): D6

SFX: Multipower: Use two or more Gifts Of The Modern Age powers in a single dice pool at –1 step for each additional power.

Limit: Gear: Shutdown Gifts Of The Modern Age and gain 1PP/Doom Dice. Take an action vs. doom pool to recover


Combat Expert D8 Crime Expert D8 Horse Riding Master D10


A write-up of Moon Knight can be found here




gravitonAffiliations: Solo D10, Buddy D8, Team D6

Distinctions: Los Angles Will Be Mine!, I Control Gravity Itself!, My Power Sets Me Up Amongst The Gods!



Gravity Control D10 Crushing Beam D10 Gravity Forcefield D12 Superhuman Flight D10

SFX: Focus: If a pool includes Gravity Control power, you may replace two dice of equal size with one die +1 step larger

SFX: Unleashed: Step up or double any Gravity Control power for one action. If the action fails, remove a die from the doom pool equal to the normal rating your power die.

SFX: Area Attack: Add a D6 and keep an additional effect die for each additional target

Limit: Conscious Activation: If stressed out, asleep,or unconscious, shutdown Gravity Control. Recover Gravity Control when stress is recovered or you awake. If Mental Trauma is taken, shutdown Gravity Control until trauma is recovered.


Crime Expert D8 Science Master D10 Tech Expert D8


Having clashed with the Avengers several times Graviton felt he was up to the challenge of taking over the criminal underworld of LA. At heart he is still a physicist, not a natural criminal. His powers make him arrogant, unable to anticipate failure.

After a recent confrontation with the West Coast Avengers Graviton is keeping a low profile. He has established a small criminal empire, using his powers to eliminate rivals and protect himself.

His powers make him formidable but the LA Champions are determined to prove they can deal with him themselves. They chip away at his empire, undermining Graviton and inflicting mental stress, his real weakness.

They are playing a dangerous game as one day Graviton may snap and unleash the full extant of his powers, possibly triggering a massive earthquake.


deathwatchAffiliations: Solo D10, Buddy D6, Team D8

Distinctions: Let’s Make A Deal, Devil In Disguise, Everyone Is A Sinner



Death Aura D10, Enhanced Durability D8, Memory Mimic D8, Enhanced Reflexes D8, Enhanced Stamina D8, Enhanced Strength D8

SFX: Dangerous: Add a D6 to your dice pool for an attack and step back highest die in pool by –1. Step up Physical Stress inflicted by +1

SFX: Counterattack: On a reaction against Physical Stress attack action, inflict Physical Stress with your effect die at no doom dice cost or spend a doom dice to step it up by +1

SFX: Life Drain: On a Successful attack using Death Aura step back Physical Trauma and Stress by 1 or spend Doom dice to step back by 2.

Limit: Exhausted: Shutdown any Translord power to gain Doom Dice. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a Transition Scene


Pistol D6 Katana D8

SFX: Dangerous: Add a D6 to your dice pool for an attack and step back highest die in pool by –1. Step up Physical Stress inflicted by +1

Limit: Gear: Shutdown Never Unarmed and gain /Doom Dice. Take an action to recover


Crime Master D10 Menace Expert D8 Mystic Master D10, Psych Expert D8


Originating from another dimension the being known as DeathWatch posed as the crime boss Stephen Lords in New York. After a confrontation with Ghost Rider and a power struggle with Kingpin he moved his operations to LA.

DeathWatch employees demonic forces, particularly the Deathspawn from his native dimension. He is also capable of imbuing others with supernatural powers in exchange for their souls.

Ghost Rider has encouraged the LA Champions to oppose DeathWatch but they need little encouragement. His criminal operations would be bad enough without the fact he is spreading corruption and demonic influence into the city.

DeathWatch is amused by their defiance and is attempting to defeat them by corrupting Moon Knight. He has secretly approached the vigilante, taking advantage of his instability, to offer him a deal to be freed of his madness and servitude in exchange for betraying his team mates. Moon Knight has refused so far but he also hasn’t told the LA Champions about the encounter.


tigersharkAffiliations: Solo D10, Buddy D8, Team D6

Distinctions: I Smell Fresh Meat, I Control The Sea, Time To Prove I’m A Big Fish



Bite D8, Enhanced Durability D8 Swimming D10 Enhanced Stamina D8 Superhuman Strength D10

SFX: Natural Environment: In water all Genespliced With a Shark powers step up by 1

Limit: Exhausted: Shutdown any Genespliced With a Shark power to gain 1PP/Doom Dice. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a Transition Scene


Crime Expert D8 Menace Expert D8


Tired of being seen as nothing more than a mindless thug Tiger Shark has established a criminal empire in docks and harbours of LA, specialising in importing both drugs, weapons and people.

When the Coast Guard get to close to his shipments he gets his hands dirty, attacking their vessels to make them back off. He rules through fear, well known for eating those who betray him.

The LA Champions have clashed with Tiger Shark and his loyal gangs several times. Tiger Shark always make sure that these confrontations occur near the sea so that he can boost his powers and swim away when the tide turns against him.



turncoatsAffiliations: Solo D4, Buddy D6, Team D8


Shapeshifting D8 Alien Weaponry D8


Combat Rookie D6 Cosmic Expert D8


Their parents expect them to one day conquer worlds. For the moment these teenage Skrulls are practicing by taking over the gangs of LA. They typically appear human gang members, known from their distinctive habit of wearing half of their jacket inside out.

They use their shape-shifting ability to infiltrate other gangs. This allows them to steal from other gangs and leak incriminating information to the police. The Turncoats also know when their rivals are planning to attack them.

Sooner or later the compromised gang will know they’ve got a traitor in their midst. When this happens the Turncoat will either shift blame or lead their hunters into an ambush. Not only do the Skrulls have the advantage of their shape shifting abilities but alien technology.

The LA Champions have only recently sensed that something isn’t right about the increased gang violence and the rise of the Turncoat gang. Once they discover their secret they’ll have to wonder where the teen Skrulls parents are and has LA already been compromised.


A missing DEA agent’s body washes up on the shore, apparently eaten by a shark. Is Tiger Shark guilty or is he being set up?

The Punisher comes to LA to clean up crime in his own distinctive way. Is he a potential new recruit for the LA Champions or opponent?

DeathWatch frees a convicted serial killer during a prison transfer. The LA champions must find him before DeathWatch can make a deal and imbue the serial killer with demonic powers.

The bloody murder of several gang members seems to be the handiwork of Moon Knight when one his moon crescents are found at the crime scene. Due to recent blackouts Moon Knight can’t remember if he did it. While Ghost Rider doesn’t see a problem Hawkeye wonders if he can keep Moon Knight on the team.

Kree teens turn up hunting the Turncoats. They know they are disguised as human teenagers and aren’t discriminating in their hunt. The LA Champions must stop them before innocent teens are caught in the crossfire.

Tremors indicate that LA is about to be hit by a major earthquake. Will Graviton make the situation worse or can he be persuaded to prevent a disaster?

A hole in time opens up to the Old West. Is it time for Two Gun Kid to head home? If he does both he and Hawkeye know the team will likely fall apart.

Someone is kidnapping children from the street and Ghost Rider has gone out of control. The LA Champions discover that the children are part of ritual to control Ghost Rider and freeing him could result in the death of the innocent souls.

While the West Coast Avengers are responding to a crisis that endangers the planet they’ve left their headquarters unattended. Hawkeye is alerted to a break in and when the LA Champions respond they find Graviton, DeathWatch and Tiger Shark have all turned up to try and steal Avenger technology.

The LA Champions are tipped off to a latest shipment of people smuggled in by Tiger Shark. They find that they are all young mutants, escaping persecution in their native country. Is Tiger Shark planning to turn them into weapons and what will the X-Men do when they arrive to investigate?

DeathWatch has mortally wounded Graviton in a violent confrontation. Problem is that Graviton’s powers have gone out of control, threatening to crush the whole city. Can the LA Champions save his life and should they?

A Skrull ship comes looking for the Turncoats but crashes. Not only does it cause massive property damage the dangerous technology it contains is scattered over the city. The race is on to stop it falling into the wrong hands.

The Hobgoblin comes to LA to try to establish his own crime empire there. Is there enough room for him or will his presence spark a Gang War? The LA Champions get some help from a friendly neighbourhood expert in the Hobgoblin, the Amazing Spider-Man!

Mockingbird offers to reconcile with Hawkeye on the condition that he rejoins the Avengers and abandons the LA Champions. Will Hawkeye betray his team for love and is Mockingbird who she appears to be?

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On another Earth a single sentence changed the fate of the planet. At the conclusion of ‘House of M’ Scarlet Witch, full of despair and frustration used her magic to wish away all people. Both humans and mutants vanished in an instant.

The remaining robots are trying to make sense of what happened searching a suddenly empty world. It will be up to the PCs to discover the truth and work out how to avenge a world.


Act 1

The Bridge detects a world in which humanity has vanished. There is some form of interference that is preventing it from establishing the cause. Since it is so similar to Earth 616 Avengers: Infinite are despatched to find out what happened.

Arriving they pick up a radio signal from Avenger Tower. Heading there are a group of Doombots, searching for Dr Doom. The PCs can come to the rescue and discover Vision, Machine Man, Albert (Wolverine robot), Dragon Man and Roberta (robot secretary of the F4).

The are overjoyed (as much as robots can be) that they have found life. Once the PCs explain who they are they can join the hunt to find out what happened to everyone. Their best clue is a tracking signal from a SHIELD air carrier that crashed in Ecuador.

Act 2

A team is despatched while Vision stays at the Avenger Tower. There they must fight off miniature Sentinels and by-pass the security. Inside the Carrier they find a group of badly damaged Nick Fury LMDs, who complain that everything has gone to hell.

They explain that they sought out the Master Mold, hoping that they could adjust the Sentinels scanners to detect any kind of human life. The robot immediately started to head towards New York, damaging the LMDs in the process.

Act 3

The team must race back to New York and they should wonder what the Master Mold is detecting in Avengers Tower. Reaching there they discover that Vision has been concealing the presence of Scarlet Witch.

At the end of House of M she said no more people, causing the mass disappearance. She was immune to her magical command but should she die her spell might be undone. Vision will fight anyone who suggests this, as she is miraculously pregnant with his child, meaning that it is possible there will be a new race.

With Master Mold trying to break in, the surviving robots at each others throats the PCs are caught in the middle. Scarlet Witch can be convinced to use her magic once again. While she can’t bring people back with a wish she can say ‘No more Wanda’ or ‘No More Robots’.

The PCs will help decide what inheritance the world has.


In Memory Of Humanity

1 XP when you talk about the merits of humanity and the joys of being a living being

3 XP when you inflict mental stress by comparing someone unfavourably to humanity

10 XP when you return humanity to the world or you make sure it is gone for good

Those Left Behind

1 XP when you are positive about the accomplishments of those left behind

3 XP when you help those left behind to build something that will help them survive

10 XP when you help those left behind claim the world for themselves or take it away from them


1 XP when you talk about the disappearance and speculate on the cause

3 XP when you explore an empty location that you are familiar with or interact with the legacy of your vanished counter-part

10 XP when you punish or forgive who or what is responsible for everyone vanishing


HOOK: The Lonely World

The Avengers: Infinite are called in on what is described as a search and rescue mission. The Bridge has discovered a world where the humans and mutants have vanished. Scans of the planets history show there are close parallels but several months ago there was some event which the Bridge is not able to identify.

Due to the similarity there is a chance that something similar could happen to their Earth. Their mission is to find the cause and if possible return the people to the planet.

The Bridge will transport them to New York, where there has been activity around the Baxter Building.


At the start of this scene the Doom Pool is 2D6.


SETTING: Deserted New York

©Lucie&SimonNew York is an Empty City with a Chaotic Mess of abandoned vehicles and systems that have run down. When Scarlet Witches magic took hold people vanished in an instant. This caused vehicles to crash, planes to fall out of the sky and fires to rage unchecked.

The robotic heroes left were too fixated on the big picture to deal with these small disasters (particularly as there were no humans left to be in danger). By the time they regrouped in New York the damage was done.

It has only been a few months but already the neglect is beginning to show. Packs of wild dogs and other animals has begun to expand their territory, made bolder due to the lack of humanity. Birds roost in large numbers along the rooftops. The silence is almost deafening.

The PCs arrive at at night, light rain falling on their heads. After they get their bearings they see a group of Doombots flying overhead, towards the Baxter Building. By the time the heroes catch up to them they have begun their assault.

The Doombots demand that Reed Richards come out and return Doctor Doom and the rest of the inhabitants of Latvia. There are at least 10 Doombots who concentrate on using energy blasts against the building.

If the PCs attack them then a number of Doombots equal to the party respond while the others continue the assault. They believe they are more than a match for the heroes, acting just as arrogant as the real Dr Doom.

In the second round the Robotic Avengers will emerge. Their battle with the remaining Doombots should just be done via narration to introduce who they are and what their abilities are. It is important that they don’t steal the spotlight from the PCs.

The Doom Pool can reflect the tide of battle for the robotic Avengers. PCs can therefore roll against the Doom Pool to help them, hopefully building trust so they can ally with them once the battle is done.


doombotsAffiliations: Solo D10, Buddy D6, Team D8

Distinctions: Made In The Image of Doom, Without A Master, Far From Home

Power Set

The Power of Doom

Superhuman Strength D10 Enhanced Durability D8 Enhanced Senses D8

Flight D6 Force Lightening D10

SFX: Invulnerable Spend 1 Doom Dice to ignore stress, trauma or complications from mental, emotional and illusion attacks.

SFX: Auto-Repair Spend 1 Doom Dice to recover own Physical stress or step back your own Physical Trauma by -1.

SFX: Self Destrust Add Physical Stress dice to dice pool and step up effect dice. Whether successful or not the Doombot is then destroyed.

Limit: Exhausted (shutdown any The Power of Doom power to gain doom dice)

Limit: Machine Gain a Doom Dice when affected by technology milestones and technology


Menace Expert D8, Science Expert D8, Tech Expert D8



Once the Doombots have been dealt with the PCs are invited into the building. Anyone who has been injured with be offered medical aide within the Fantastic Four’s medical bay. This reduces stress by two steps.

The Robot Avengers currently consist of Vision, Machine Man, Albert, Dragonman and Roberta, the Fantastic Four’s robotic secretary. Vision is the defacto leader while Roberta looks after the day to day running of the building and co-ordinating searches for any remaining humans.

The Robot Avengers will initially believe that the PCs are their counterparts and that they have some how survived the phenomena that erased the rest of humanity. The PCs could maintain this ruse but it won’t get them far as they’ll only be asked how they survived.

Revealing the truth allows the conversation to be directed towards giving background information. The robots are unable to explain where everyone went, only that it happened in an instant. They believe it is some large scale event suggesting the involvement of a cosmic being.

In the months that followed the Robot Avengers have lost several members including the original Human Torch, Awesome Andy, Danger, Jocasta and Spider-Bot (a hero unique to this reality, created by Peter Parker to continue in his place when he was crippled).

They’ve come under assault by other robots who were always evil or who have gone out of control without human direction. The small mercy is that Ultron is currently in deep space, attempting to build a robotic empire.

Once the heroes are up to speed with the situation Roberta interrupts to say that her scans have picked up a SHIELD transmission from Ecuador. Satellite pictures show that there is a downed SHIELD carrier there, likely having crashed when the crew vanished. The transmission is coded so can’t be deciphered but changes regularly, indicating that some intelligence is changing the message.

Vision elects to stay to oversee operations at the Baxter building but suggests a team of the PCs and the other Robot Avengers should go investigate in the Avengers Quinjet. This is the first opportunity for an unlock.

If the players don’t want to spend XP they can use this transition scene they can create Resources and Assets based on the Robot Avengers, allowing them to be brought into their roles. This should reflect the relationship the PCs build with the robots.


Robot Avenger [5XP/10XP] The player has access to the datafile for any robot Avenger with the exception of Vision. This allows the team to split up into subgroups and still allow a player to control a character in that group. For 5 XP they are available for one act and for 10XP for 2 acts.

Medical Supplies [5XP] The robots have no need of the medical supplies in the building or that can be gathered from the nearby area. This can be loaded on to the quinjet and steps up the effect die of any physical recovery checks.

Upgrade [10XP/15XP] In this reality a PCs counter-part upgraded their costume with robotics. The Robot Avengers were able to recover it and the PCs can use it. This allows them to boost one Power Set power by one step. For 10 XP the upgrade lasts one act, for 15XP it lasts two acts).



visionAffiliations: Solo D8, Buddy D6, Team D10

Distinctions: You Will Believe A Robot Can Cry, Creation of Ultron, Last Avenger Standing

Power Set


Superhuman Strength D10 Superhuman Durability D10 Energy Manipulation D8

Optical Scanners D8 Holographic Manipulation D8

Solar Energy Beam D10 Superhuman Stamina D10 Superhuman Reflexes D10

SFX: Energy Absorption On a successful reaction against Energy attacks convert your opponent’s effect die into a Robot stunt or step up a Robot power by +1 for your next action. Spend a doom dice to use this SFX if the opponents action was successful

Limit: Exhausted (shutdown any Robot power to gain doom dice)

Limit: Machine Gain a Doom Dice when affected by technology milestones and technology

Density Control

Intangibility D10 Invisibility D8 Flight D8

SFX: Increase Density Shutdown Intangibility to increase Superhuman Durablity 1 step

SFX: Neural Disruption When using Intangibility to pass through an organic being step up Effect dice

Limit: Exhausted (shutdown any Robot power to gain doom dice)

Limit: Machine Gain a Doom Dice when affected by technology milestones and technology


Psych Expert D8 Science Expert D8 Tech Expert D8


machinemanAffiliations: Solo D10, Buddy 8, Team D6

Distinctions: Built For War, A Dream of Peaceful Co-Existence Between Man and Machine, Father’s Son

Power Set

Living weapon

Superhuman Strength D10 Superhuman Durability D10 Flight D8

Pistol Fingers D6 Stretching D8 Shapeshifting D8

Resistance (Energy) D8 Nano Self Repair D10

SFX: Adaptable When you suffer stress from a physical attack step up or double a Living Weapon power next turn against the opponent who inflicted the stress.

Invulnerable Spend 1 Doom Dice to ignore stress, trauma or complications from mental, emotional and illusion attacks.

Limit: Exhausted (shutdown any Robot power to gain doom dice)

Limit: Machine Gain a Doom Dice when affected by technology milestones and technology


Combat Expert D8, Tech Expert D8


Albert (1)Affiliations: Solo D8, Buddy D10, Team D6

Distinctions: Full Metal Wolverine, Mourning Loss of Elsie Dee, Disposable

Power Set

Designed To Kill Wolverine

Superhuman Strength D10 Superhuman Durability D10 Superhuman Senses D10

Superhuman Stamina D10 Superhuman Reflexes D10 Adamantium Claws D10

SFX: Invulnerable Spend 1 Doom Dice to ignore stress, trauma or complications from mental, emotional and illusion attacks.

SFX: Dangerous Add a D6 to your dice pool for an attack action and step back highest die in pool by -1. Step up Physical Stress inflicted by +1

Limit: Metal Body Make any Designed To Kill Wolverine into a complication for a Doom Dice

Limit: Exhausted (shutdown any The Power of Doom power to gain doom dice)

Limit: Machine Gain a Doom Dice when affected by technology milestones and technology


Combat Master D10


dragonmanAffiliations: Solo D10, Buddy D6, Team D8

Distinctions: Melding of Science and Magic, Redeemed, Troubled Pacifist

Power Set


Superhuman Strength D10 Superhuman Stamina D10 Superhuman Durability D10

Flight D6 Fire Breath D8

SFX: Unleashed Step up or double any Dragon power for one action. If the action fails remove a Doom dice from the pool equal or less to the power die.

Limit: Exhausted (shutdown any The Power of Doom power to gain doom dice)

Limit: Machine Gain a Doom Dice when affected by technology milestones and technology


Psych Expert D8

Action Scene: Building Bridges

If you wish to expand Act 1 there are a variety of missions that the PCs can undertake before they head to Ecuador. Each mission is related to one of the robot Avengers who will accompany the PCs. Ideally this should happen simultaneously, with each PC pairing off with another robot Avenger.

In each case rolls should be made against the Doom pool to carry out these minor quests.

Vision: Collect Magical Texts from Dr Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum

Vision wants to gather knowledge about magic to confirm if it is responsible for the disappearance. In truth he is collecting them for Scarlet Witch to see if she can undo her spell. The Sanctum is Gothic and Imbued with Magic.

There were spells in place to protect it from intruders, which will assault the PCs when they enter. Books will fly off the shelves at them, illusions with attempt to trick them and doors will lock to seal them in rooms.

Machine Man: Take Supplies To Avenger Mansion

Claiming that the Avenger Mansion will act as a fall back point should the Baxter building fall Machine Man asks for help taking supplies there (particularly machine parts). When they get there he reveals that he is attempting to repair Jocasta in the basement.

Examination reveals that while her systems have power there is little sign that her mind is intact, let alone vital parts of her body. Even a Tech Master doubts that she could ever be brought back to ‘life’.

This hints at the lengths a robot will go to for someone they love and foreshadows the revelation about Vision.

Albert: Access Cerebro at the X-Mansion

Hoping to use the scanning abilities of Cerebro Albert will leading the investigation. The mansion is Dangerous due to security system having been activated and Spooky because there is evidence of so many young lives suddenly vanishing at the school.

Recovering Cerebro they can take it back to the Baxter building where it will be calibrated. It should be ready to scan for life once they return from Ecuador.

Dragonman: Install Self-Destruct

The purple dragon android approaches the PCs, explaining that he can feel his intelligence slipping away. He fears that he will once again become an unthinking monster and endanger his team mates. He asks for help in recovering and installing a self-destruct mechanism.

This can be obtain from the wreckage of the Doombots that they PCs fought earlier or they can get it from any location that has technical supplies. The operation is delicate and requires someone with the Science of Tech speciality. If successful Dragonman is grateful, giving the PC the switch that will destroy him should he got out of control.


SETTING: Ecuador

The jungles of Ecuador are Wild and Overgrown. It is always Very Hot with Few Signs of Civilisation. They hear the sound of exotic bird song and the rustle of animals moving through the jungle.

From the air the PCs can see the crashed SHIELD carrier, jutting out of the trees. Nearby is a massive clearing, with flattened trees and a deep crater. This area is the best place for the quinjet to set down, as it is a short distance to reach the Carrier.


At the start of this scene the Doom Pool is 2D6.

Action Scene: Sentinel Graveyard

sentinelsfrombehindThe PCs become aware that they are being tracked through the jungle. In addition they find the remains of a variety of jungle life (snakes, leopards, monkeys) slain in gruesome fashion. If they stop or investigate they’ll uncover Sentinels, cobbled together from scrap metal.

Some have vaguely humanoid forms while others appear to be based on roosters. What they lack in sophistication they more than make up for in savagery and numbers. They use the overgrown nature of the jungle to ambush the PCs before diving back into cover for another make-shift Sentinel to attack.

They will target any mutant life form first, then living beings and finally non-Sentinel robots. If a robot Avenger is stressed out the Sentinels will attempt to drag their body away to use as spare parts.

Make-Shift Sentinels 8D6

Energy Blast D8

SFX: Afflict Add a D6 and step up your effect die by +1 when inflicting Neutralising Complications

Limit: Machine Gain a Doom Dice when affected by technology milestones and technology

Action Scene: Into the Carrier

Once the PCs have defeated the Make-Shift Sentinels they can make their way to the wreckage of the Carrier. Inside is Cramped and the whole place is Falling Apart. Rolls should be made against the Doom pool to navigate through, towards the source of the signal.

If you want to heighten the drama security systems could engage. The Nick Fury LMDs have been holding the Sentinels at bay for weeks and aren’t about to take any chances now. They will immediately stop if any of the PCs take physical stress and show they are organic.


lmdWithin a secondary command centre (the primary one being destroyed in the crash) are numerous Nick Fury LMDs, all barely working.  Systems are powered with a network of loose wiring. In the dim lighting the LMDs single robot eyes glow a soft red to reveal their artificial nature.

Initially they’ll train their pistols on the PCs but are in no state to fight. Once the PCs reveal who they are the LMDs relax and explain that they are running on emergency power, with only a few hours left between them.

They want to have actually achieved something before they shutdown for good. They reveal that they re-activated the Master Mold, hoping to use its scanning abilities to locate any humans. Before they could finish reprogramming it so it wouldn’t exterminate any humans its self-defence program kicked in, badly damaging the LMDs (and destroying several).

They used an uplink to a SHIELD spy satellite to track the Master Molds movements towards New York. They were sending their coded message hoping it would be received by a LMD in the area but it appears that they are the only ones left.

They don’t know what it has found in New York but the Master Mold is liable to destroy whatever it is. The PCs must hurry back to stop it, which will be no easy feat. Luckily the Carrier has a teleport device onboard.

First it must be fixed with a tech or science speciality. Then it must be powered by a power source, for which the LMDs volunteer to sacrifice their remaining fuel cells. A small group can then be sent through with those left behind following in the quinjet. If the PCs unlocked the robot Avengers at 5XP they will have to stay, if they were unlocked at 10XP they can come with the PCs back to New York.

If they lack the skill or the resources the PCs can choose to fly back in the quinjet. They will arrive just as the Master Mold is smashing its way into the Baxter Building. Any robot Avengers left behind (aside from Vision) may have been injured or destroyed by this point.

Make it clear to the players that this is going to be an epic fight against a powerful opponent. They will need all the advantages they can if they have any hope of stopping it.


SHIELD INTEL [5XP] This provides a 10D Resource representing all the data that was held in the SHIELD database. Not only might this be helpful in the final act to exploit weaknesses and uncover the truth this can have consequences in the campaign. The PCs will have information about another worlds whole history, whose close parallels with their own might prove useful.

Flying Car [5XP] There is one flying car, appearing as a red sports car, still salvageable from the carrier. It is small enough to fit through the teleport device portal. It provides the following powerset.


Flight D10 Weapon System D8

Limit: Gear Shutdown Flying Car power set to gain a plot point. Recover by rolling against Doom Pool or during a transition scene.

DEATH FROM ABOVE [15 XP] The PCs have access to a SHIELD orbital laser, designed to combat large scale threats such as Galactus. Following a successful physical attack against a target (to mark them for the targeting system) the PC can then fire the weapon. This adds D12 to the roll and allowing three dice to be kept for the result and stepping up the Effect die. It also increases the Doom Pool by D8. This can be done once every 5 turns. 



See act 1.



mastermoldcityIf the PCs teleported to New York they’ll arrive near the Baxter building and where they first arrived in this reality. The Master Mold has come ashore and can be seen in the distant, approaching the area, knocking down buildings in its path. The PCs have 4 rounds before it arrives. If they came by quinjet or other means the Master Mold is already at the Baxter building, attempting to break in.

The PCs can decide whether they are attacking the Master Mold or whether they will join the robot Avengers in defending the building. There is also the mystery of what life form it has detected within the building.

If the PCs recovered Cerebro it will be calibrated and they can use it to locate a mutant life form on the top floor of the Baxter building. Vision will deter anyone from investigating, saying that they should concentrate on fighting the Master Mold.

They can also search the building themselves. If they find Scarlet Witch proceed to the scene ‘No More’.


Affiliations: Solo D10, Buddy D6, Team D8

Distinctions: Prime Directive: Genocide, Sentinels Eternal, One Last Mission


Giant Robot

Growth D10 Godlike Durability D12 Godlike Strength D12

Flight D8 Superhuman Senses D10

SFX: Invulnerable Spend Doom Dice to ignore stress, trauma or complications from mental and emotional attacks

Limit: Machine Gain a Doom Dice when affected by technology milestones and technology

Power Of The Sentinels

Energy Blast D12, Mind Control D10

SFX: Versatile Split Energy Blast into 2d at -1 step, or 3d at -2 steps

SFX: Area Attack Add a D6 and keep an additional effect die for each target

SFX: Afflict Add a D6 and step up your effect die by +1 when inflicting Neutralising Complications

Limit: Exhausted (shutdown any The Power of The Sentinels power to gain doom dice)


Tech Master D10


This scene can occur at the same time as ‘March of the Master Mold‘ or afterwards. By now the PCs should be aware that there is a living being in the Baxter Building. Searching reveals the presence of Scarlet Witch.

She is shocked to see any living beings and is worried that she might use her magic to get rid of them as well. Despite Visions attempts to silence her she will instantly confess, asking for forgiveness.

If asked to bring everyone back she explains that she can’t (and if the PCs recovered the magical texts for Vision this backs this up). Her magic creates reality through her will. To undo her wish would result in a backlash that would kill her and a 10 mile radius. If she were to die from external forces there is a chance that the spell would undo itself naturally.

Vision is opposed to this, explaining that Scarlet Witch is pregnant with his child. A medical examination and scan will confirm that this is correct. She is 4 months pregnant with twins which display both organic and inorganic characteristics. Of course there is the possibility this is a result of her magic.

The robot Avengers demand that Scarlet Witch sacrifice herself. This will agitate matters and could lead to violence. Scarlet Witch will use her magic to defend herself, possibly using too much force and instantly destroying any non-unlocked robot.

Scarlet Witch will say that she has it within herself to make one more wish. Either she could wish herself away or the robots. If she were to use her magic on herself then humanity would be gone for good, leaving the planet to the robots. If she wishes the robots away then when she eventually dies the planet would be left to nature.


The PCs may suggest a third option of removing Scarlet Witch from this reality. This won’t return the population but she could attempt to begin anew elsewhere. The problem is that she could use her powers to depopulate another world and does she deserve another chance?


Affiliations: Solo D6, Buddy D10, Team D8

Distinctions: Most Powerful Sorcerer On The Planet, Genocide Guilt, Mental Illness

Power Set

Chaos Magic

Sorcery Supremacy D12 Hexbolts D8 Flight D6

SFX: Second Chance Spend a Doom dice to reroll when using any Chaos Magic power

SFX: Afflict Add a D6 and step up your effect die by +1 when inflicting Bad Luck complications on a target.

Limit: Uncontrollable Change any Chaos Magic power into a complication to gain a Doom Dice. Activate an opportunity or remove the complication to recover the power.


Combat Expert D8, Mystic Expert D8


How they deal with Scarlet Witch will have huge consequences for the Earth.

If the PCs engineer it so that humanity is returned the heroes of that world are stunned, as from their perspective no time has passed yet and so the city appears to have suddenly fallen into ruin. If the PCs stick around they can explain the situation and possible open up lines of dialogue between realities.

If the PCs decide to leave the world in peace Scarlet Witch and Vision will oversee the birth of a new race. It is possible that they may call upon the Avengers: Infinite in the future if their hybrid children are imperilled.

PCs might remove Scarlet Witch leaving the planet to the robots. The future will tell what kind of world they build together. As above they might need the Avengers: Infinite to help them reclaim the world, especially should Ultron return.

A lasting consequence is that their mission began to find out what caused the event in case it endangered their world. Having discovered that Scarlet Witch has the potential to remove all life on the planet how will they respond?

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aimwildwestOn Earth 9874 the meteor containing Vibranium landed not in Wakanda but in Utah. The year is equivalent to 1875 and Ulysess Klaw had founded Klaw Town at its base, mining the unique metal. AIM from Earth 616 have recently discovered this dimension and sent through a group of 4 Super Adaptoids to take over the town so that AIM might take the metal for themselves.

Avengers: Infinite are alerted to the intrusion and must free the town and prevent AIM from obtaining the minerals.



1xp when you use local vernacular, fire a pistol, ride a horse or use a lasso

3xp when you get involved in a bar room brawl, horse chase or take part in a duel at high noon

10xp when you save an old western town or return the land to its rightful owners


1xp when you stand up or protect local people

3xp when you inspire or convince someone to become a hero

10 xp when you prevent a community from being destroyed or suffer Trauma to save someone else.


1xp when you use an alias or lie about your background

3xp when you defeat an enemy or free innocent people without revealing your identity

10xp when you depart the dimension without revealing your identity or you tell them who you are.




The Town

This is a Wild West Town where the People Live In Fear.

The Desert

This is where Red Wolf and the Wolf Tribe are currently hiding from the Super-Adaptoid that is hunting them. The terrain is Rocky and Rugged and conditions are Harsh.

Hook: How the West Was Conquered

The Bridge alerts Avengers: Infinite to an incursion occurring on Earth 9874. It has processed the data from observing the universe, allowing the heroes to learn a little of its background. The Bridge is able to provide visual images to show the impact of the Vibranium meteor and thousands of years later the establishment of Klaw Town.

Recently four Super-Adaptoids were sent through to establish a beachhead, easily overcoming any resistance (leading to the deaths of the Rawhide Kid and Kid Colt). AIM agents have the town under guard with a super-adaptiod possessing the powers of Thor and the Human Torch floating above, watching for trouble.

A super-adaptoid with the powers of Wolverine and Quick Silver has been sent to deal with the wolf tribe, who revere the mountain while AIM take over the mining operation with the help of the two remaining super-adaptoids.

If there is trouble at the mine they will send a signal for the towns people to be slaughtered, meaning that the Avengers have to free them first (although they can choose to tackle the mine any way, in which case skip to Act two).

Doom Pool: The Pool begins at 2D6 at the start of this act.



Solo D8, Buddy D6, Team D10


Adapt & Conquer, Programmed Without a Soul, Smart Not Clever

Power Sets

Adaptiod Powers

Flight D6, Shape Shift D6, Durability D10, Mimic D10

Limit: Exhausted (shutdown power set power to gain doom dice)

Power Combo

Thor/Human Torch

Hammer D8, Weather Control D8, Strength D10

SFX: Counter-Attack (on reaction to physical stress inflict physical stress with effect die), Burst (Step up or double power trait against single opponent)

Limit: Gear (shutdown Power set to gain doom dice)


Intangibility D10, Reflexes D10, Senses D8, Webbing D8

SFX: Afflict (Add D6 and increase effect dice by +1 when inflicting entangled complications)

Limit: Gear (shutdown Power set to gain doom dice)

Captain America/Colossus

Shield D8, Metal Form D10, Reflexes: D8, Strength: D10

SFX: Area Attack (add D6 and keep additional effect die for each additional target)

Limit: Gear (shutdown Power set to gain doom dice)

Quick Silver/Wolverine

Superhuman Speed D10, Claws D10, Stamina D10, Senses D8

SFX: Dangerous (Add D6 and step back highest die in pool by 1 but increase physical stress effect by +1), Multi-Power (use additional power set die at -1 step)

Limit: Gear (shutdown Power set to gain doom dice)


Combat Expert D8, Science Expert D8, Tech Expert D8

Build Up: Crossing Over

The Avengers have some time before they enter the Bridge. This can give them an opportunity to consult with experts on vibranium, study files on super-adaptoids or get props and costumes appropriate to the era.

They should also discuss what their plan will be. If they go in quiet, dressed in civilian clothes it can give them time to gather information. Alternatively they might want to use the element of surprise and battle the super-adaptoid straight away.

Action Scene: Freeing Klaw Town

The mining town was reaping the benefits of the vibranium before the arrival of AIM. Miners from all over the country were rushing there to make their fortune. Due to this there is relatively large population, with many recently built buildings and small tent city nearby.

People are still going about their normal life, although they are watched both by the AIM soldiers and the floating flaming form of the Super-Adaptoid. If the PCs go undercover in appropriate clothing then it won’t immediately be obvious that they don’t belong.

As long as they keep a low profile they can speak to locals. They can discover that Mayor Ulysses Klaw is being held in the local jail. The sheriff, his deputies and the two vigilantees (Rawhide Kid and Kid Colt) were all killed, meaning that the locals are too fearful to attempt to fight back, but they think if the mayor was free he’d have a solution. He also knows the mines like the back of his hand.

AIM Soldiers D8

Solo D4 Duo D6 Team D8

Rifles D6 Science D8

The AIM soldiers think they have won and are overconfident. Those on duty are watchful and keen to impose their authority. Those off duty are enjoying being in the Wild West and spend much of the time in the saloons, pushing around the locals.

There are 20 AIM soldiers in all, stationed in Klaw Town. 10 are spaced out throughout the town, 1 deals with administration, 2 are at the jail and the rest are off duty (shifts change every 7 hrs).

The Thor/Human Torch Super-Adaptoid floats silently above, glowing like a beacon at night. It is ever watchful for trouble and will respond quickly to sounds of violence or gun fire. Its main priority is to stop those opposing AIM and has little care for property damage.

If violence should breakout it can escalate the Doom Pool, representing the damage it is causing and putting innocent people in harms way. PCs don’t just have to stop the robot but minimise collateral damage.

TRANSITION: Freeing Mayor Klaw And Getting His Gear

The PCs can attempt to rescue Mayor Klaw before or after they have dealt with the Super-Adaptoid. He is recognisable to anyone who met or seen an image of the human form of Klaw. Angry at being disposed from power he is willing to help the heroes.

Mayor Klaw explains that he is a man of science and in his office is a hidden compartment concealing a breast plate from vibranium that makes him bullet proof and a pair of pistols that fire vibranium tipped bullets that can blast through anything (or so he thinks). If they can get him there or bring him the gear he’ll be able to fight alongside them.

He is also willing to guide them through the mines or give them access to his private maps, which show all the tunnels. Using this they should be able to get in undetected, giving them the element of surprise.

Klaw reveals his true nature by musing that the only good thing that will come out of this is that the Wolf Tribe will be wiped out by AIM’s infernal machines. If questioned about this he explains that the Native American tribe revere the mountain with the vibranium. They have harassed the town and the mining operation since the start, their greatest warrior being Red Wolf.

If freed the PCs can pay XP to unlock him to assist them in either one or both acts.



Solo D10, Buddy D8, Team D6


Man Ahead of His Time, Driven By Greed, Mayor of This Here Town


Tools Of Science

Vibranium Breast Plate D10, Vibranium Six-Shooters D8

SFX: Absorption (on successful reaction against physical attack convert opponents effect die into stunt or step up vibranium breast plate power by +1 for next turn)

Limit: Gear (shutdown Power set to gain doom dice)


Tech Expert D8, Science Expert D8, Menace Expert: D8

Note: Should Ulysses Klaw be taken out while he still has his breastplate active it will overload, causing an explosion. There should be few turns for the PCs to realise what is about to happen so they can (a) save Klaw and (b) contain the explosion. If need be this could be a moment of heroic sacrifice for Klaw that will ultimately transform him into a soundbased lifeform (as he is in Earth 616).

There 2 AIM soldiers at the jail and 1 in the mayor’s office.

ACTION SCENE: The Wolf Tribe

AIM, having been told by Klaw that they are a threat, have sent a super-adaptoid with Quick Silver and Wolverine’s power sets to hunt down the Wolf Tribe. Already it has destroyed their village but Red Wolf was able to hold it off long enough for his people to scatter. Although injured he was able to retreat and they are using the terrain to hide from the robot.

If the heroes don’t intervene the robot will use its super speed and senses to track them all down and kill them.

Should the heroes search the area they will at first be attacked by an injured Red Wolf, who mistakenly believes that they are with the robot. If convinced that they are there to help he will be grateful and take them to his people, just as the Super-Adaptoid approaches.

RED WOLF (Injured)


Solo D10, Duo D6, Team D8


Defender of the Tribe, Man of Two Worlds, Wounded In Battle

Power Set

Gifts of the Warrior

Tomahawk & Bow: D6, Wolf: D8

Limit: Gear (shutdown Power set to gain doom dice)

Specialities: Combat Expert D8, Covert Master: D10


Wolf Tribe D8

Combat D8, Covert D8, Weapons (Tomahawks & Bows) D6


[5xp/10 xp] Unlock Klaw’s Gear

Instead of giving Mayor Klaw his equipment the PCs can use them for themselves. At 5XP they can use them for 1 Act and for 10 XP they can use them for both. If they do this then Klaw can’t be unlocked.

[5xp/10xp] Unlock Mayor Klaw

At 5xp Mayor Klaw will aide them for one act but not get involved directly. At 10xp he becomes an active participant in both acts, using his gear to fight alongside the heroes (although with his own agenda).

[5xp/10xp] Unlock Red Wolf and the Wolf Tribe/Towns People

At 5xp the Native Americans will help the PCs by acting as guides, giving advice or causing a distraction. The townspeople can also be unlocked for 5 xp to perform the same function if Klaw isn’t leading them.

At 10xp they fight with them, hoping to save their sacred mountain (a total of 5 warriors along with Red Wolf).



With the town free (and possibly the tribe saved) the PCs can now attempt to stop the mining operations at the mountain. It is easy to get to the mountain but there are various ways in and out so they have a choice of a frontal assault or stealth.

Doom Pool: The doom pool begins at 2D6 this act.


Mine Tunnels

These run through the mountain, to get to the deposits of vibranium (left as the meteor passed through the ground). The tunnels are Narrow and are Unstable as Klaw is more interested in profit than safety.

Transfer Point

This is where AIM have set up their own dimensional portal, allowing them to transfer it back to their base. This area is Heavily Guarded as there is lots of Unstable Vibranium around.

AIM Base

This is where the vibranium is being sent to. This is AIM’s Home Advantage and is filled with Gadgets Galore.

Shaft To The Motherloade

A recently completed shaft that leads to the core of the meteor. It is A Long Way Down and leaves them No Where To Run.

ACTION: The Tunnels

Miners are being forced to dig up the vibranium, which is then loaded into carts and rolled out to the Transfer Point. They are being monitored with a Super-Adaptoid with Spider-Man/Shadowcat powers. It stays in the shadows, passing intangibly through the mine looking for those not working hard or attempting sabotage.

The PCs can attempt to get the miners to safety. The Super-Adaptoid should find them at some point and will perform hit and run attacks. Escalation of the Doom Pool can represent the mine becoming more unstable, possibly resulting in a cave-in.

If Klaw is present he berates his workers for letting his mine fall into enemy hands.

ACTION: The Transfer

Outside the mine entrance AIM have built a large dimensional transfer portal. There are 6 AIM soldiers and a super-adaptoid with the powerset of Captain America and Colossus. If attacked their priority is to get the vibranium which has recently been mined through the portal.

If the PCs are able to beat the Doom Pool with a Science or Tech speciality they can shutdown the Transfer. This can prevent AIM from escaping or receiving reinforcements.

If attacked one AIM soldier will spend a turn sending up a distress flare, alerting any forces in town that they are being attacked. This is a signal to start rounding up the townsfolk to use as hostages. This is why it is important the PCs free the town first.

ACTION: Scorched Earth

Klaw could never tolerate the idea that others might try to take his mine from him. He put in place a plan to drop barrels of TNT on to the mother load and cause an explosion that would bury it (and probably collapse the rest of the tunnels at the same time).

If the PCs have freed Klaw he will try to enact this plan himself. If they keep a close eye on him then one of the miners will already be putting this plan into operation. If the PCs have defeated AIM then Klaw will suddenly ‘remember’ his plan and alert the PCs.

PCs with any knowledge of science or experience with vibranium will know that this will likely cause the whole mountain to blow up as a chain reaction is unleashed. The only comfort is that the vibranium will absorb the sound, making it a very quiet explosion.

When the PCs become aware of what is happening the barrel is already being lowered, with a lit fuse. If they try to pull it back up they find that the rope is snagged and someone will need to enter the shaft to deal with the barrel (rolls versus the Doom Pool).

If Klaw has been sufficiently moved by the PCs he will volunteer for this dangerous task. If Red Wolf has been unlocked he will similarly want to volunteer in order to protect the sacred mountain.

ACTION: Return To Sender

The PCs could decide to pass through the portal and shutdown the AIM operation. They will find themselves at something of a disadvantage as there are a large number of AIM soldiers (enough to present a challenge) and they are ready to repulse any invasion from other dimensions.

PCs might make use of the vibranium to cause an explosion. They need only shutdown or damage the dimensional gate to slow AIMs operations. It will also deter them from repeating their plan on this Earth.

If the PCs are able to deal with this group of AIM the organisation as a whole is not ended. They will, however, now be aware that the Avengers will take an interest in their operations beyond their home reality.


Life will never be the same in Klaw Town (if it is still standing). It is possible that news other invaders from another dimension never reach the rest of the world and even if it is does their technology won’t be able to do anything about it.

PCs can be a force for positive change in the area. It is possible that they could bring out the best in Klaw, turning him away from his destiny as an evil despot. His brush with death and their heroic example could inspire him to be a better man.

If the Wolf Tribe and Red Wolf are involved in the recapture of the mine then the locals will see them in a more positive light. This can improve their standing in the future and ensure that their views are respected.

The PCs could return to this world in the future, as they attempt to rebuild. If Klaw can appear in this era then other figures in the Marvel universe could have counter-parts. This can lead to more western flavoured Marvel games.


When I ran this game we had a team consisting of Nightcrawler, Iron Man and Shang Chi. They decided to go to the saloon first, to gather information from the townsfolk. There they got into a barroom brawl with the AIM soldiers who were drinking and pushing around the locals.

We had one player new to the system and the mob attack seemed to be a good way to teach the rules as putting their dice pool together was simple, allowing the players to concentrate on their own. We had some good examples of stress, complications and asset creation.

I spent a Doom Pool dice to create an Alarm Raised scene distinction but after the team defeat the AIM soldiers they were able to get to the jail to free Klaw (after Nightcrawler accidentally trapped himself in one of the cells).

Nightcrawler volunteered to recover Klaw’s devices while Iron Man and Chang Shi (on horse back) raced to save the Wolf tribe from the Quick Silver/ Wolverine super-adaptoid, cursing Klaw for persuading AIM to target them.

NIghtcrawler was able to use his teleportation to grab the goods but was spotted by the Human Torch/Thor super-adaptoid (who they nicknamed Thorch). The fight was brutal with Nightcrawler desperately teleporting to avoid the fire only to be knocked out.

We intercut with Iron Man and Chang Shi encountering Red Wolf and saving the tribe. Iron Man was able to disable the super-adaptoid with two strikes (one attack and one counter-attack).

Shang Chi futilely tried to save Red Wolf’s life (he failed against the Doom Pool to heal him) while Iron Man race back to town to see Thorch standing over the unconscious Nightcrawler.

Iron Man unleashed an area attack against AIM and the super adaptoid but was forced to turn and run when the robot attacked. Despite weaving in and out between the buildings Thorch was able to bring him down, damaging the armour.

Going into Act 2 Chang Shi was the only hero still free, the others having been captured by AIM and taken to the mine. The players stepped back their stress and they unlocked the Wolf Tribe and the townsfolk.

Escaping their imprisonment Iron Man and Nightcrawler rushed to the transfer point. Night Crawler made short work of the Captain America/Colossus adaptoid by teleporting it into solid rock.

Iron Man attempted a second round with Thorch, wrestling the robot in the sky. Thorch turned out to be too powerful and Iron Man was still suffering from stress. Nightcrawler attempted to use his image inducer to impersonate the other adaptoid as Thorch landed and stab the robot with his sword. A counterattack meant that he too was knocked out.

Chang Shi had entered the mine lower down the mountain, with the Wolf Tribe. He encountered the Shadowcat/Spider-Man adaptoid but was able to kick it down a chasm. He emerged to find the other Avengers fallen.

It was now his turn against Thorch. With a well placed kick he caused the transfer point to fall over and crush the robot. With their means home about to explode the AIM soldiers rush through, leaving the vibranium behind.

As time was against us I didn’t run the ‘Sorched Earth’ scene, instead settling for the miners to have captured Klaw as he attempted to place the charges. The Avengers mediated a peaceful resolution between the Wolf Tribe and the townsfolk, while Klaw faced imprisonment for endangering lives.

The group were asked who they were but they only replied that they were concerned citizens before the Bridge summoned them home.

The adventure ran well and the players enjoyed the chance to try every western cliché they could think off (an AIM agent was slid down the bar and the stand off with Thorch occurred at high noon.)

The dice swung both ways, with some truly great successes for the heroes and some nail biting defeats towards the end. It was amusing that the relatively low-powered Shang-Chi ended up saving the day.