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Announcement: The Game Is Afoot!

I have just launched a new blog covering the Gumshoe rpg and upcoming Dramasystem. I hope to be able to provide resources and adventures for those using the system. The link can be found here

Damage Control Issue 2

Head over to Damage Control to listen to the latest podcast about the Marvel Heroic roleplaying system. This episode is framed around the Secret War Event. I had great fun reading the 12 issue story and thought it holds up well. The concept itself is perfect for a roleplaying game. The Beyonder gives you all […]

Actual Play: Civil War, Part 4

For this section of our campaign we switched sides to the Pro-registration side. This is one of the great advantages of troupe play. Not being tied to one particular character allows you to explore much more of the story. We would be playing members of the Thunderbolts, captured criminals tasked to hunt down enemies of […]